Dec 18, 2014
The Blowies 2014:'s Worst Of The Year Awards (Users Edition) - Time To Vote!
It is time to decide just exactly WHAT were the worst things on TV in 2014.
Apr 08, 2014
The Best Catchphrases in Television
Why is it, that no matter the passage of time and cancelled shows, some catchphrases endure. It doesn't even have to be anything all that clever. But chances are I could name a particular character and before you could even name the show they were on - you could give me their signature line. I don't even necessarily have to be a fan of the show to appreciate a great catchphrase. But it helps to love the character that delivers it.

Villains sometimes get all the good ones, but there are plenty of heroes who make their point with ...Read more
Mar 30, 2014
The Villains That Are Television's Best
It seems that the quality of a show is in direct proportion to the strength of it's villain. It is all well and good to have characters to root for ...but the schadenfreude in all of us wants even more to root against someone or something. Most of all there has to be a person, or race, or organization that has a plan that must be defeated!

This list of qualities is exclusive only to myself and you may have some other qualities that you feel are a "must" My choices are, of course, my own as well and I think I am more excited to read the ones you all will mention. These are the kind of topics that make you slap your head when you read one you didn't think of and shout "YES! How did I not think of that!"
First off, let us be ...
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Dec 28, 2013
20 TV Questions
With some help from Grumpyclown...

With the Best of 2013 poll almost coming to an, the awards for The Blowies given out at the start of the week and all the staff picks popping up, my teeny tiny brain (gee, thanks Grumpyclown) started to come up some other questions that wouldn't really fit in with an end of year article or poll.

To save everyone some hassle, I decided to limit this first post to 20 questions - I have more, but right now 20 seems like a good number.

If you come up with any questions, feel free to drop me a message and I'll do another 20 questions when I have them

Some of these questions are similar or the same as ones previously asked by before we had the communities. Some of the questions are just ones that popped into my mind ...Read more
Apr 04, 2014
The Moments in TV that Made You Cheer!
When Television is able to make you jump to your feet and shout out a string of colorful words in celebration... it has succeeded at eliciting one of the best emotions around: Elation!
Apr 04, 2014
What Are The Best TV Show Titles Ever?
To be honest, I was getting a bit tired off all the posts and reaction on HIMYM. There obviously are people who loved the series final and whole lot who didn’t. Every post I found the same discussion going on between those two groups. In one of the news post by Kaitlin there was a video for the opponents, from someone who “fixed” the ending. In that post she also mentions that ‘The Travel Channel has greenlit 10 new series, including Booze Traveler, which just won the newly invented Award for Best TV Show Title Ever’. Now that is a fantastic award. will do the honours for 2014 I suppose, but let us think back in time who we think should win up to now.

We've got a few categories we all know (with a few examples mentioned):

Place where it happens: where series ...Read more
Dec 18, 2013
An Update on The Blowies: The Worst of 2013 Poll

Well there has been a lot of activity so far on The Blowies Poll, so here is an update on some of the leaders and some of the tighter races. The poll will close after this weekend so there is still a lot of time for things to change -

In the Worst miniseries/event series or “Special” poll, The Sound of Music Special is an early leader, but Under the Dome and The Lady Gaga/Muppets special are catching up.

Worst Drama is being dominated By Under the Dome (which some people have pointed out should not be in the category as its Sci-fi/Fantasy - but members nominated it for this category) and for some reason Homeland and Dexter are really lagging behind here.

Worst Comedy is being led by Dads, but Sean Saves the World and Super Fun Night are gaining support.

Worst Sci-Fi/Fantasy is Under the Dome ...Read more
Jul 11, 2014
Characters You Love in TV Shows You Hate

I got this idea from Who are the Characters You Hate in TV shows you Love? for it kept me thinking about the Regina Mills, Miles Mathesons or Sue Sylvesters that made even the worst cringeworthy moments of shows like Once Upon a Time, Revolution or Glee somewhat bearable.

You know, the characters that stand for something even if the premise does not, the characters that make you reconsider the reasons to quit a show.

I mean, we've all had them: the Bertas that kept you from dismiss Two & a Half Men, the Lafayettes without whom you would've ...Read more
Mar 24, 2014
A Poker Night: Who Would You Invite?
Oh man, I love Tim’s reviews. He has his ups and downs. his fans and haters, shows he loves and shows he loves to hate but he always makes me think about them. One part of his style is to make crazy remarks just a bit out of context to prove a point. So often I immediately have a mental image of what it might be, how it may have come to or what it may become and I start imagining what I’d want out of it. In his last review of The Walking Dead episode "Us" he mentioned: ‘Glenn's the kind of guy you'd invite over for guys' poker night and he'd bring Maggie and then she'd make him leave at 9:30pm’. Been there, seen it, done it. All of them, even the thing where my girlfriend made me leave much to ...Read more
Feb 10, 2014
10 Supporting Characters I Want to Snuggle with for Valentine's Day
In his review for True Detective, Tim said his Pulitzer-Prize winning feature "10 Supporting Characters I Want to Snuggle with for Valentine's Day" will have to wait until tomorrow. Now I do not want to wait that long for something that interesting. I’ve been thinking about my own list and there are so many I would like to snuggle. I could easily have fantasies beyond Valentines day. Some are more or less supporting and might be called leading, but it’s a way of looking at them. I am male, so excuse me for having only females I ...Read more
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