Apr 25, 2014
The Worst Mistake by a TV Character
Mistakes are a part of life, but in television they are a major plot point. Where did a character in television just totally drop the ball?
Have some fun!
May 22, 2014
Another 20 questions (part 1)
Tell us your answers (sex, drugs and rock'n roll not all included)
Jan 20, 2015
The Man In The High Castle: Pilot Review
Now keeps losing a bit of its grip on the online market, it keeps on trying to get a bigger hold on the television market. Last week they released their first pilot season for 2015. Of the thirteen new pilots, six are for kids and of the seven for adults, especially one seems interesting enough it has a chance to be made into a whole series: The Man In The High Castle.

It is based upon a Hugo Award-winning alternative history novel by Philip K. Dick (PKD), the masterful writer who became more recognised after the film Blade Runner. Beside the thirteen movies and now two tv-series and a pilot based upon his stories, he had a huge influence on a lot of other films and tv-series. He has been dead now for over three decades, but his grip on and prediction of our present and possible future ...Read more
Dec 04, 2015
The Blowies 2015:'s User's Worst Of The Year Awards - Nominate Your Least Favorite TV Of 2015!
Usually around this time of year asks users for submissions for their Top TV Moments of the year....and I ask users for their WORST moments.
What character annoyed you, what plot line appalled you....What TV pissed you off!!!

It’s time to vent all your frustrations from the year, (and have some fun doing it)
Feb 18, 2014
What TV Series and Episodes Do You Re-watch?
For lots of recent posts I had to think back about series and episodes I have watched and re-watched over the years. In a short discussion with @edshrinker we seem to have re-watched a few series in our times. I've either re-watched series on television (like the original Star Trek), alongside my kids when they discovered a series (like Deep Space Nine), parallel to them being discussed at (like Farscape) or just because the DVD’s were on sale (like Thunderbirds).

As I have a pretty good memory, so these series had to bring something extra to the table to have me enjoy them for a second, third or even fourth time. The series that have done that best for me are, in no particular order:

Married With Children, the comedy show that follows the lives of Al Bundy, a once glorious high school football player turned ...Read more
trek you
Mar 16, 2014
How Star Trek Brings the Reboot to Television
Let's set aside debate on whether JJ Abrams' Star Trek is really Trek (what ever that means). As a kid, I grew up with the 70's repeats of the Original Series (TOS) and I am also an unabashed fan of the vision Bad Robot has brought to the series. I have enjoyed that a "little Star Wars" was injected into the concepts and characters of Star Trek. There aren't many who could argue that, after Enterprise, the Star Trek Universe was essentially dead in the water. Choosing to reboot the series via a Feature Film instead of through television, something had to be done to make Star Trek attractive to the general movie-goer as well as to Trekkies (Trekkers. Whatever. I just go with "Trek Fan").

And regardless of how you feel about how the two movies' stories unfolded, even most critics recognize that the cast is ...Read more
Mar 25, 2015 READERS TOP 30 shows of the PAST five years - A Prelude

Fellow readers and contributors

By now I guess most of you have read 's Top 30 shows of the past five years (the writers version) by Cory. If you have not, you can read it here.

Here is your chance to make your own list and have a say to decide the BEST shows of the past five years. Whether you disagree or agree with the writers, you can still make your own list.

I will be compiling our own list - readers top 30 shows for the past five years and see how our views differ from those of the writers.

If you would like to participate please read the rules below on how it works. It is important you read the rules.

1) Each of us list our TOP 20 shows and points are allocated to the show. 20 points for your ...
Read more
Mar 21, 2014
Those Moments in Television That Made You Cry
An emotional response is the gold ring television reaches for. They seldom succeed, but the times that they do are ingrained in our memories. Nothing stimulates the remembrance of a television scene like something that has bonded to us emotionally. Well, maybe smell…but since scratch and sniff television is not within current technology, we will have to go with a more abstract angle.

Happiness? We have all let out a little cheer when the good guys win. Or the bad guys. I guess it depends on how we view the characters. Laughter? We already covered some of the funniest moments with Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison. Most frightening? Right here (The Scariest Moment in Television History) . And if you missed it – here you will find the discussion on The Most Romantic Moment in SciFi TV with the click of a mouse. But IMHO, what cements a scene in ...Read more
Aug 18, 2014
When "Endgame" couples fall short; Dawson Syndrome VS The Pacey Solution
Is there hope when a show's "One True Pair" falls flat??
marathon series
May 10, 2014
Summer Marathons: Experience Lost
In the 4th of my Summer Marathon series, my friends and I are going to try to convince you to watch or rewatch L O S T.
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