Mar 17, 2015
Another 20 TV Questions (Part 5)
So, winter is leaving (or is it coming?) the country. Today temperatures over here reached a whopping 16ºC (61ºF) which is above average. Does this mean that the days of contemplating in front of the fireplace are gone? I so do hope not! Fires can be fun in back gardens as well. Just make sure the wind is not blowing to hard and you’re not living near a forest. Just remember, contemplating is a serious business. One should never be without at least 20 questions to think about.

To make sure you’ll won't be caught without a thought to keep your minds working, I’ve included 20 new questions to think about.

And remember, nothing is impossible. When @donatos said: “most of the questions seem impossible to answer”, the only answer possible was: “To be honest, that is one of my main drives, to get you all ...Read more
Jan 03, 2016
Poll: The Blowies -'s Worst Of The Year 2015
Sorry for the delay, but real life got in the way of posting these polls on time
Snag it, Bag it, Tag it
Mar 26, 2014
Summer Marathons: Why You Should Watch Warehouse 13
We are now in the final push of the standard television season. Thank God much of cable has developed unconventional schedules to keep us engaged during the summer, but if none of the upcoming shows float your boat – what about jumping head first into a show you have heard about but have not had the time to watch on a weekly basis? I know I have had many on my list – finally caving in to the fan acclaim of The Walking Dead the end of last summer. Because of the serial storytelling, TWD was a fun show to watch back to back and not having to wait for the resolution to cliffhangers. I caught up on the first seasons of Lost and 24 the same way – and it is so much fun to be left hanging…but then able to hit PLAY and continue the story.

But let’s not ...Read more
Jan 28, 2014
If You Could Be A Character On A TV Show, Which Would It Be?
Would you be willing to brave the Zombie Apocalypse?
May 19, 2015
What's going on with the communities/promoting
Today is May 19th and the last post promoted was May 8th. We have posts that have been on the front page for two and a halve week where I was happy when they were on the home page for three days some time ago. They now almost look like staff posts who are on the home page for such a long period of time.

Although not completely fitting in the post, I would like to share with you why I stopped posting almost two months ago. It does give an idea about my enthusiasm about what the communities could be.

Two years ago I was a writing virgin. I visited the site for the episode guides and I knew more in my neighbourhood (which is a town in the Netherlands) who did. I had never heard of the forums. Obviously they were not promoted that much (although ...Read more
Jan 11, 2014
If You Could Pick One TV Character to Be Your Best Friend, Who Would You Pick?
Who would you pick to be your TV BFF, and most importantly, why?
Jun 24, 2014
Another 20 TV Questions (part 3)
The tv season is over and some say, even starting again. The summer shows peeked cautiously out of their winter sleeping accomodation to see if someone is still around to watch them rise to the occasion. It gave the reviewers and commenters a lot to talk about and if my earlier posts had been posted later, some might have made the comments. It’s just the time to think about a few more tv related questions

Just like the world keeps turning, time keeps passing, shows keep on being renewed and cancelled and the holiday is around the corner, we need to keep our mind working to assure ourselves that watching tv is still an excellent way to spend time. Time I have used lately to not only process all the answers you gave in the post on my on my first twenty questions, but now also the second 20 ...Read more
Feb 16, 2014
The Biggest WTF/FTW Moment in Television (Season/Series Finale)
The previous discussion posts I have made, which were...
The Scariest Moment in Television History , Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison , and... The Most Romantic Moment in SciFi TV
...were topics that garnered opinion all across the board. When I expanded away from just Sci-Fi, the responses became more and more intriguing. Although Sci-Fi and Genre television is MY thing, I am curious to hear what you folks come up with in regard to all television. It is easier when a show IS a drama to have the more dramatic ending. But when that scene happens in something more sublime like genre TV - it seems to have more of an impact because you're not always used to seeing that kind of depth. But feel free to come with your favorites with no distinction.

And as the title mentioned... stick with season/series finales. ANY show can pump out a ...Read more
Jan 03, 2014
What Are the 10 "Worst" Shows You Regularly Watch?
This may sound a bit daft, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I can admit that I watch some distinctly average (maybe even poor) shows, which got me to wondering what the worst shows were that I regularly watch.

At the end of each year we all list the best shows we've been watching but if you continued that list, which ones would be at the bottom? How bad is the “worst” show you watch? And why do you watch it? Is it just because you like the premise or the music, or perhaps you simply have a crush on Lucy Hale? Whatever the reason please share your “worst” favourite shows and remember that this is just a bit of fun so please don't be mean in the comments (especially to me).

Here is mine for you all to scrutinize (from best to ...Read more
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