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May 10, 2014
Summer Marathons: Experience Lost
In the 4th of my Summer Marathon series, my friends and I are going to try to convince you to watch or rewatch L O S T.
Feb 19, 2014
Which of the New Midseason Shows Will You Continue to Watch?
In the spirit of the 4 Episode Test, here are my reviews of all the mid-season new shows. Which ones do you like or dislike? Which ones surprised or disappointed you?


Pilot 3/5, E2 3/5, E3 3/5, E4 3/5, Overall 3/5 – Pass.
I've enjoyed watching Enlisted. It has that wonderful balance between comedy and emotion, a nice mix of characters, a unique setting and the situations have some originality. I think it's quite well written, the cast do a good job – particularly Parker Young – and it all just seems to be well thought out (unlike some of the shows that I'm currently testing). It might not be the best comedy on TV but it certainly isn't the worst, which makes the shows ratings a real shame, because it will probably be cancelled (although I'm having an outside ...Read more
Feb 13, 2014
The Scariest Moment in Television History
I have done a couple of discussion topics this month. The first was the The Most Romantic Moment in Sci-Fi and the other was Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison.

For this one, I decided to leave the "Sci-Fi or "Genre" off the discussion topic to open it up to all sorts of TV. Some shows that aren't typically scary can just freak you the hell out and I am looking forward to those of you who can come up with the unexpected.

Personally, I peed my pants as a little boy (well - I still do today but its like Walter would say, "it's just a squirt") from reruns of The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Even Star Trek TOS had some moments I had to look between the cracks in my fingers as I held my hand over my eyes.

I decided my examples will come from ...Read more
Mar 13, 2014
Biggest "Game-Changer" in Television History
What is YOUR choice for the biggest game-changer in television?
Jun 06, 2014
Another 20 TV questions (part 2)
Processing, processing, so much data coming in. Time to give my brain a bit of rest as it keeps on processing what is going on. Not only have I been watching the shows and writing down questions that pop up every time something strange happens, but I have also been processing all the answers you gave in the post on my on my first twenty questions. I did get the kind of answers I expected, but to my surprise not all the serious questions got serious answers and not all the less serious questions got less serious answers. It you haven't read and answered it yet, check it out, answer them and see what others think.

I even got asked by @Mey if I could adopt her and I gladly accepted, who would not want to have female family in France?

We’re two weeks further into the season ...Read more
Dec 18, 2014
The Blowies 2014:'s Worst Of The Year Awards (Users Edition) - Time To Vote!
It is time to decide just exactly WHAT were the worst things on TV in 2014.
Apr 08, 2014
The Best Catchphrases in Television
Why is it, that no matter the passage of time and cancelled shows, some catchphrases endure. It doesn't even have to be anything all that clever. But chances are I could name a particular character and before you could even name the show they were on - you could give me their signature line. I don't even necessarily have to be a fan of the show to appreciate a great catchphrase. But it helps to love the character that delivers it.

Villains sometimes get all the good ones, but there are plenty of heroes who make their point with ...Read more
Mar 30, 2014
The Villains That Are Television's Best
It seems that the quality of a show is in direct proportion to the strength of it's villain. It is all well and good to have characters to root for ...but the schadenfreude in all of us wants even more to root against someone or something. Most of all there has to be a person, or race, or organization that has a plan that must be defeated!

This list of qualities is exclusive only to myself and you may have some other qualities that you feel are a "must" My choices are, of course, my own as well and I think I am more excited to read the ones you all will mention. These are the kind of topics that make you slap your head when you read one you didn't think of and shout "YES! How did I not think of that!"
First off, let us be ...
Read more
Apr 04, 2014
The Moments in TV that Made You Cheer!
When Television is able to make you jump to your feet and shout out a string of colorful words in celebration... it has succeeded at eliciting one of the best emotions around: Elation!
Apr 04, 2014
What Are The Best TV Show Titles Ever?
To be honest, I was getting a bit tired off all the posts and reaction on HIMYM. There obviously are people who loved the series final and whole lot who didn’t. Every post I found the same discussion going on between those two groups. In one of the news post by Kaitlin there was a video for the opponents, from someone who “fixed” the ending. In that post she also mentions that ‘The Travel Channel has greenlit 10 new series, including Booze Traveler, which just won the newly invented Award for Best TV Show Title Ever’. Now that is a fantastic award. will do the honours for 2014 I suppose, but let us think back in time who we think should win up to now.

We've got a few categories we all know (with a few examples mentioned):

Place where it happens: where series ...Read more
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