Jun 24, 2014
Another 20 TV Questions (part 3)
The tv season is over and some say, even starting again. The summer shows peeked cautiously out of their winter sleeping accomodation to see if someone is still around to watch them rise to the occasion. It gave the reviewers and commenters a lot to talk about and if my earlier posts had been posted later, some might have made the comments. It’s just the time to think about a few more tv related questions

Just like the world keeps turning, time keeps passing, shows keep on being renewed and cancelled and the holiday is around the corner, we need to keep our mind working to assure ourselves that watching tv is still an excellent way to spend time. Time I have used lately to not only process all the answers you gave in the post on my on my first twenty questions, but now also the second 20 ...Read more
Feb 16, 2014
The Biggest WTF/FTW Moment in Television (Season/Series Finale)
The previous discussion posts I have made, which were...
The Scariest Moment in Television History , Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison , and... The Most Romantic Moment in SciFi TV
...were topics that garnered opinion all across the board. When I expanded away from just Sci-Fi, the responses became more and more intriguing. Although Sci-Fi and Genre television is MY thing, I am curious to hear what you folks come up with in regard to all television. It is easier when a show IS a drama to have the more dramatic ending. But when that scene happens in something more sublime like genre TV - it seems to have more of an impact because you're not always used to seeing that kind of depth. But feel free to come with your favorites with no distinction.

And as the title mentioned... stick with season/series finales. ANY show can pump out a ...Read more
Jan 03, 2014
What Are the 10 "Worst" Shows You Regularly Watch?
This may sound a bit daft, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I can admit that I watch some distinctly average (maybe even poor) shows, which got me to wondering what the worst shows were that I regularly watch.

At the end of each year we all list the best shows we've been watching but if you continued that list, which ones would be at the bottom? How bad is the “worst” show you watch? And why do you watch it? Is it just because you like the premise or the music, or perhaps you simply have a crush on Lucy Hale? Whatever the reason please share your “worst” favourite shows and remember that this is just a bit of fun so please don't be mean in the comments (especially to me).

Here is mine for you all to scrutinize (from best to ...Read more
the leap over a finned fish
Apr 23, 2014
When Did Your Show "Jump the Shark"?
The moment when an established TV show changes in a significant manner in an attempt to stay fresh.
Feb 26, 2014
If You Had Complete Control Over Your Own Network For 3-5 years (& A Really Big Budget), What Would You Do?
I s'pose the discussion itself will be organic and evolve as we go, but ask yourselves... as TV hobbyists and not corporate suits, what would you do within a year? Toe the corporate line & try to keep your job for another year? Or would you program what you would believe the public is really craving to see?

Keeping in mind TV is still ultimately a business, what would you do for a year if it were your call?

Take what's on the air presently as your guide & then go from there. What would you renew? What would you try next?

The sky's the limit, but try to be realistic at the same time.


Wow. Last night, I honestly didn't think this little thread would get any notice. I just threw it out there on a whim before hitting the rack for the night.
Since it ...Read more
Jul 29, 2015
Favourite anti heroes
Its summer time, it’s holiday time. Here in the ‘Netherlands we call it ‘cucumber time’. In North America the period is referred to prosaically as the ‘slow news season’, or with the phrase ‘dog days of summer’, many other call is ‘silly season’. You know, the weeks when there is no real news and we need to fill the columns with questions that should have been asked before.

Our favourite site for communicating with those who have the same feel for tv series (looking at you @ElisaDiaz, we both love strong women) is giving us information these days we do not want to know. Kaitlin told us today Banshee is having its last season, but we also see that ‘Defiance’ seems to get the attention it deserves as Gislef’s community review gets a lot of hearts and comments. Newcomer ‘Zoo’ is trying to be nominated as the domiest ...Read more
Feb 03, 2014
Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison
Humans. Are. Superior!
Aug 20, 2014
Who Do We Miss Most Of Those Who Left Us Last Season
The new 2014 - 2015 television season is nearing. Many of the series we love will start airing an a few months. Some say that the summer season isn’t a summer season any more, but just another periods of time in the year and the series are as good as they are in the usual season. I am not completely convinced as long as series like Under the Dome prove to be summer hits. Check out my post on the 24 most important questions of the series.

One thing we can say about last season is that we had to say goodbye to a few of our most loved characters. I am still pissed of about a few of them. Some actors chose to leave, some characters were just part of the story and sometimes we just don’t know.

Let’s celebrate the characters we loved but have left ...Read more
Jul 03, 2014
5 Questions About Your Favourite TV Show
Hey Guys and Gals!
Since there's not much happening in TV land and it's the 4th of July weekend, I thought it might be interesting to get together and start discussing something that I hope the majority of you will enjoy.

I'm fairly sure that every person in this community watches bad-for-your-health amounts of television, myself included. I can't even begin to list all of the shows that I'm currently watching, whether it's shows currently airing, shows I'm catching up on or older shows I'm watching for the very first time. Let alone listing all of the shows I have watched in my 32 years of existence. I don't have that list and there are shows that have completely been wiped from my memory, mostly because they failed to leave any kind of impression on me. However, there are ...
Read more
Aug 11, 2014
Worst Pairings
Hi! I’m back with another article that I hope you all will enjoy as much as you guys did with my last one. Anyways, this article will be focusing on the worst TV pairings ever made possible. The kind of pairings that audiences/individuals can’t stand due to the writing, acting, lack of chemistry, hotness factor etc. You get the gist. Below, I’ll be sharing a list of what I think are the worst couples that has ever graced the small screen. Before any shippers to these pairings jump on me, let me state that this list is due to MY opinions of them. I’m not stating them as fact; I’m merely just expressing my views on them.

Oliver and Laurel (Arrow)

Putting my allegiance to Olicity aside in favor of objectivity, Oliver and Laurel just don’t work. And there’s a plethora of ...Read more
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