Feb 13, 2014
Weigh in: What Shows Were Tough to Let Go and Which Series Finales Are You Dreading?
So with the end of HIMYM rapidly approaching, it got me thinking about what recent shows ended that left a hole in my heart and viewing schedule. These shows are ones that knew the end was coming and had time to wrap everything up (mostly). Abruptly cancelled shows is a whole other topic.


Burn Notice 2007-2013 7 seasons

Had me from the pilot on. It was fast paced and funny. After 7 seasons it was time for it to end and the last season was pretty epic, going very dark but still tying up loose ends and giving a ...Read more
Apr 23, 2015
Introducing Daredevil
Hello Daredevils,

This will be a spoilery introduction/review/a sample of my Daredevil feelings (with cartoon hearts and flowers, just in case any of you is allergic), so beware.

I'd been excited about this show since the first trailer came out but I didn't really have high ...Read more
watch it, dammit!
Apr 16, 2014
Summer Marathons: Why You Should Watch 24
“Ping-Thud Ping-Plop Ping-Thud Ping-Plop”

Any of you that speak Twenty-Four-ese can understand that as easily as you understand “Dammit Chloe”.
Jan 28, 2014
The Most Romantic Moment in SciFi TV
This was really hard. SciFi lends itself to many things - but romance usually feels so contrived. Maybe growing up with Captain Kirk made me cynical to the ability for SciFi to do "romantic" really right. And being a guy - well we do have different ideas of what romance is. But I easily narrowed it down to 2 scenes. Number 2 is from Lost: "The Constant." The phone call from Desmond to Penny in the end - where that love literally saves his life as he makes contact with his constant... well if you do not feel something in that last scene then you have no heart.

But MY Number 1. The one that sends chills down my spine (and other places) is from season 2 of Farscape. Farscape did a great job of doing 3 episode mini arcs during a season. The set up is this - Part one of "Look at ...Read more
Apr 02, 2018
"Divination" – Deception S01E04 Recap
"Divination" – Deception S01E04 Recap (spoilers)
Dec 22, 2013
Which Show(s) Should I Catch Up On Over These Holidays?
So the staff here at recently posted a list shows they suggest we try and watch over the holidays (instead of spending it with our families, I mean, who wants to do that anyway?) while our favourite shows are on mid-season hiatus. It got me thinking of my own list that’s been slowly compiling, not only this year, but for several years, of shows that I’ve really wanted to start watching but haven’t had the time to get to. As you can see, there’s a few there, and I thought what better way than to figure out which to start watching then to ask you, the users. I have come to very much appreciate and respect your opinions in regards to television, so I was hoping you would all help me out.

I was going to write a short description about my ...Read more
Mar 11, 2014
What TV Shows are Your Comfort Food?
I think a lot of people have shows that they always go back to no matter how many times you have watched them. A TV equivalent of Mac and Cheese or peanut butter cups if you will. The box sets you pull out when you can't sleep, just need background noise or are super stressed out that put you in a better mood. Here are some of mine, most of them I started watching before I could vote so that could have something to do with why I find them comforting :-). What are yours?

Gilmore Girls

The small town ...Read more
Jul 15, 2015
Another 20 TV Questions (Part 6)
Let’s play a game! What, you were already playing? With whom? If you weren’t fully clothed I would have thought differently about it, but for now, stop trying on that wig to look like Annie Addison. We’ve got something better to do.

On the other side, now we’re on the subject, why would you want to look like Annie? What is your favourite Annie quote? When did Annie make you cry and or laugh? Which scene with her made you throw your food at the screen? Did you ever try to kiss her while she was on tv? What dress of her can we find in your closet and what would you never do while she was on tv? So many questions that need answering but might be a bit too personal to ask and I would never do that. Honestly, never!

So, now we’re ...Read more
Feb 06, 2014
No Statue. Great Shows.
There are shows that don’t win awards, are not fully recognize worldwide, don’t get all the media coverage as some other show do, like Homeland, Breaking Bad and the excellent and hard working actors and actresses never achieve the big stardom level as (well deserve of course) Bryan Cranston, or Damian Lewis. Correct me if I am wrong and any of the shows I mention below has won a statue.

The Breaking Bad chain of being nominated and wining and being nominated and wining everything, everywhere seems unbreakable. Homeland did follow for a while, but I am not sure after season three they will still be at the top.

How does a show, which I love really, that started with just 7 episodes in it’s first season, filming with little money in Albuquerque, living in cheap hotels and walking around in the city with no one even ...Read more
Nov 27, 2013
Defend It!! Mad Men Edition

*NSFW, contains explicit language and will probably offend*

Mad Men Fans - Defend Your Show

So I noticed there is a lot of good shows on TV right now - Person of Interest, The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire to name a few - and it surprises me that these quality shows garner very little buzz or awards.

And then I got to thinking.


Frankly, it befuddles me. I don't see the appeal.

Mad Men is the Kim Kardashian of TV shows - pretty, with nice boobs but otherwise boring.

For all the people swooning over how stylish this show is, let me just say one thing - the 60's had ugly fucking clothes and shitty fabrics! How much polyester, acrylic and rayon clothing do you own.....none.....and the reason for this....ITS ...Read more
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