Jan 17, 2016
The Blowies - And The Winners Are....
Here are your winners
Dec 04, 2013
7 Biggest Omissions From the Ballot
Whenever a list of nominations for any particular set of awards are announced there is always an inevitable outpouring of outrage over the lack of recognition for some show or actor/actress. In the spirit of this phenomena I present to you 7 nominees that I would have really liked to see on the ballot.

1. Most Dynamic Duo - Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal (NBC)

Hannibal was nominated for Best New Broadcast Series, Best Drama Series, Most Underrated Series. Much of the critical acclaim directed towards Hannibal focused on the excellent performance given by Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter and here on he has been recognized for his work with his nomination for Best Dramatic Actor and Best Villain. The man often overlooked during award season in my opinion was Hugh Dancy in the role of Will Graham. The entire first run of Hannibal itself was actually ...Read more
Feb 04, 2015
Another 20 TV Questions (Part 4)
It has been eight months without you all having to think that much about the why and how you’re watching your tv shows and if it’s bad for your health. Winter is still letting us hide in our houses (at least for the upper part of the northern hemisphere) and the (centi)metres of snow or ice will have us curl up in front of our fire place with a drink tv with hot chocolate. We northerners are dreaming about the sun peeking over the rim, bringing us the new shows that make us smile, cry, hide behind the couch or run for help. But, before the rampage of Game of Thrones hits us, it’s just the time to rethink who we are. It’s about a few more tv related questions.

It is so important to keep our mind working to assure ourselves that watching tv ...Read more
and your winner is...
Feb 26, 2014
Your Most Emmy-Worthy Moment in Television
It is time for you to cast YOUR ballot. Tell us, or even better, SHOW us the scene that still affects you to this day.
Jul 16, 2014
TV Crushes
Hi! This is my first article on the site so forgive me for my nervousness. Anyways, on with the show. Have you ever watched any one of your favourite shows and loved a character for whatever reasons, someone you wouldn’t mind having for an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend? A TV crush that you can’t seem to get over no matter how bad the writing or the acting is? As a female and an avid TV fan, I have a myriad of them and here’s my list:

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Ok I’m starting off with my ULTIMATE (yes, all-time) TV crush and it’s none other than this badass but lovable hunter. Aside from the obvious jaw-droppingly good looks and physique, Dean is a caring and compassionate brother who’d go to extreme lengths in order to protect his family (especially his brother, Sam). He certainly brought the ...Read more
not-so-sleepy hollow
Apr 07, 2014
Summer Marathons: Why You Should Watch Sleepy Hollow
Another in the group of TV shows you must catch up on this summer!
Dec 25, 2014
TV-shows and characters ruined by fandoms.

I recently wrote a short comment about this on GrumpyClown's Blowies article and I figured to expand it into its own spin-off article. Because what says ”happy christmas” more than whining and complaining about fandoms! This might be the worst idea ever since I'm not actually criticizing the characters/the shows that much, but I am critisizing the fans... And fans consist the majority if not all the readers of these community posts. Basically, there's a small chance that you will recongnize yourself here. If you do, please stop doing what you're doing. You're starting to ruin shows from other people/me.

So in short, I mentioned on that GrumpyClown's article that over time I had grown to hate Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones simply for two reasons: the vocal (minority, I hope) part of her fans think she's equivalent to Jesus ...

Read more
Jul 01, 2015
Which Shows’ Worlds Would You NOT Want To Inhabit?
The many worlds that various shows portray can be beautiful, strange and fascinating. But some of them can be absolutely awful (given the characters’ lives in them) and not worth visiting even for an hour. So here’s the hypothetical question for the day: Which of them would you not ...Read more
Dec 09, 2013
Post Your Complete 2013 Ballot
When it comes to giving out awards (e.g. The Oscars), rankings (e.g. college football), and hall of fame inductions (e.g. baseball) one of the most frustrating aspects is the lack of accountability by the voters. We never get a peak inside the mind of the people who actually end up deciding who is or is not worthy. In the partial hopes to remedy this, I thought I would give everyone a public forum to post their complete ballots here. Also I think it will be super fun for everyone involved to see what everyone else is thinking and it will serve as an interesting double check for the actual polls being conducted that currently have some... questionable leaders.

A quick note for everyone here, while we are celebrating the best of the year here please check in with grumpy and vicky's post about the Blowies (worst ...Read more
Feb 16, 2014
Why All Supernatural Shows Need A "Stiles"
If I was in a position to write this fifteen years ago it would have been titled 'Why All Supernatural Shows Need A “Xander”', but I wasn't, so I decided to use Xander Harris's successor, “Stiles” Stilinski from the brilliant Teen Wolf.

With the high volume, and subsequent turn over, of supernatural shows available to viewers these days there is obviously going to be wild fluctuations in the quality of these shows and due to my dedication to the “4 Episode Test” I usually end up watching some episodes of all of them. One thing I noticed recently whilst watching The CW's The Tomorrow People, and I do not want this piece to become a discussion about that show in particular, was that I had a very hard time becoming a member of their group. The aim of these shows is to have the viewer care for ...Read more
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