Weddings can be a blissful event. But, they can also be preceded by a ton of stress as the planning can often get crazy.

It’s usually the Bride who takes on the brunt of all the details and sometimes even go a little nuts – you’ve heard the term: Bridezilla.

Well, what if the tables are turned and a groom-to-be becomes intolerably demanding?

That’s the basic premise behind the new rom-com TV movie, Groomzilla. The film stars Darin Brooks and Elizabeth Rice and recently premiered on PixL TV and is currently streaming on Amazon.

Groomzilla was co-written by Darren O’Hare, who came up with the idea after getting married himself – who is still happily married and now has 3 kids.

Previously, Darren wrote the TV movie drama The Mechanics of Love and co-wrote TV comedy movie House Husbands. Audiences will recognize Darren from his work as an Actor appearing on the television shows in The Last Ship, How I Met Your Mother and most recently the finale of Lucifer. He also had roles on the big screen in Transformers 3 and The Chaperone alongside WWE Star Triple H. His voice can also be heard in the mega hit game franchise HALO, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Call of Duty, GTA V; and in commercials and narrating TV shows on HGTV, SyFy, Discovery Channel and more.

I recently caught up with Darren O’Hare to talk Groomzilla.

What can you tell us about the new TV movie Groomzilla?

DARREN O’HARE: Groomzilla is a romantic comedy from PixL Entertainment about a newly engaged woman, Allysa (Elizabeth Rice), making a wish that her fiancé, Tucker (Darin Brooks), would take their wedding planning seriously, and to her surprise and dismay, her wish comes true.

How did you come up with the idea for it?

DO: It’s loosely inspired by some things that happened leading up to my own wedding. Early on I was pretty laid back during the planning, but then one day we were meeting up at a wedding expo and she was running late…like really late. I ended up wandering around and got overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made. That’s when my Army background kicked in and I started planning out our wedding like a Military operation. I may have gone a little overboard.

Any interesting stories from production you can share with us?

DO: I never wrote the movie for myself to act in, but when production started and a Casting Director came on I thought it might be fun to do a part in it. I asked my manager to see if I could read for the role of Scoot, but he was told they had someone in mind already. And they (Perry Reece Casting) nailed it, because they cast Eric Peterson and he’s amazing. I would have cast him instead of me as well. All of the casting was perfect and seeing the chemistry everyone had together on set was a blast.

What do you hope audiences take away from the film?

DO: Ya know, I have a lot of nostalgia for some old-school feel good rom-coms, so I’m just hoping they enjoy it.

Do you find your experience as an actor has helped you as a writer?

DO: I actually began writing to become a better actor. When my wife and I quickly had a bunch of kids, it made more sense for me to take a break from on-camera acting and be home with the kids so she could continue working full time. She’s won three Emmys since then, so (laughing) we made the right choice.

What’s been the biggest lesson for you in working on the project?

DO: The movie you make is going to be different than the movie you wrote…and that’s cool. Another writer, Cara J Russel, did some revisions and I love everything she contributed. As a writer for movies, you are creating a blueprint of the movie for everyone involved in the process (the director, the actors, wardrobe, sound, etc,). Then they take the script and infuse their own creativity and vision. It is truly a collaboration amongst so many talented people.

Got anything else coming up we can watch for the near future?

DO: I have a few acting and writing projects that I’m really excited about, but as things go in this town, nothing I can talk about yet.

Thanks, Darren – and when you’re ready to talk, we’ll be listening!

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