Severe storms are a regular occurrence for people living in coastal cities these days. Well, it’s no different on TV for the Virginia Beach residents of the hit CBS Saturday morning drama The Inspectors.

Actress Karah Donovan recently joined the cast for the two-part Season Three finale episodes as Mary Fox – a worried mother who is frantically searching for her lost daughter during the storm. To make matters worse, the 7 year old has asthma and they were waiting for a delivery of her medicine when the storm hit -- insert cliffhanger music here!

Although this stormy situation wasn’t real, Karah probably has reported on storms just like this one when she was a real-life Weather Broadcaster for AccuWeather and Bloomberg Television. Since making the move to acting, Karah has appeared in the recurring role ‘Bethany’ on Hart of Dixie as well as stints on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rizzoli & Isles, 90210 and recurred on the daytime soap, Day of Our Lives.

I caught up with Karah Donovan to find out more.

What can you tell us about your role in The Inspectors?

KARAH DONOVAN: From the moment I read the script, I knew this was a special episode for the show. While on set you could feel the energy and excitement. The episode centers on my character, Mary Fox and my daughter, Helen who goes missing. While it was an emotionally tough role- embodying what it would feel like to not know where your child is, during a storm no less- having Jessica Lundy as my scene partner was a such a gift as she was so present and connected.

How was it working on such a kid-favorite show?

KD: The Inspectors is a show that the whole family can sit down and watch together. So, it was special for me that I could share with my family, friends, and fans with kids about this particular show and role. I'm most looking forward to seeing my little niece, Laney's reaction to watching her auntie on TV for the first time!

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

KD: When the cameras were rolling everyone was serious and emotionally connected, but in-between takes, Erica and Harrison would break out in song and dance, lightening the heavy mood. They're so talented; I never wanted them to stop! Also, it was such a treat to work with Harrison on set- we were classmates at The Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles.

Do you think your character might come back?

KD: I'd absolutely love to be back on the show! I'd like to think there's a possibly for my character to return. To see how the writers would continue to develop and incorporate my character with the rest of The Inspectors team would be really interesting. Not to mention that I loved Charleston (where it's filmed), so being able to return would be amazing. Sign me up!

What’s been the biggest lesson you took away from the opportunity?

KD: Oh, I love that you asked this! I always think it's important to reflect back to see how far you've come and to see what takeaways there may be. I've auditioned for the show multiple times over their three it became about finding the perfect fit. I was delighted to land this role because of the emotional content and storyline. That's a great reminder to always work hard and to be persistent!

Got anything else coming up we can watch for the near future?

Yes! I'm currently in-production on a mid-1800's period drama, Heartwood. I love period pieces, from westerns to 1960's. Pick pretty much any decade and I'm all in!

Keep up with Karah at: or on Instagram: @KarahDonovan
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