The beloved Will & Grace sitcom has proven a worth reboot for NBC. The characters all picked up right from where they left off without skipping a beat, especially Grace. Don’t you just love it when she gets caught doing something ridiculous?! I mean, that’s what makes Grace so…well, Grace.

In the recently episode “Supreme Courtship,” Grace tries to hide from pushing aside our beloved Supreme Court Justice RGB in order to catch a cab – and she almost got away with it. But, her brash neighbor from downstairs, good ol’ Mrs. Timmer, returns to call her out after seeing the entire incident.

I must admit…Mrs. Timmer or I should say actress Livia Treviño, is quickly becoming one of my favorite things about the show. But, this isn’t the first time audiences have seen Livia. She was the frightened Latina cleaning lady on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, the crying lady on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, the straightforward medical examiner on NBC’s Criminal Minds and the no-nonsense desk cop on FOX’s Lucifer.

I recently caught up with Livia Treviño to find out more about Mrs. Timmer.

What can you tell us about your role in Will & Grace?

LIVIA TREVINO: I play Mrs. Timmer—Will and Grace’s gruff-but-with-a-heart neighbor of 19 years—who Grace can’t remember even though Mrs. Timmer once took her to Urgent Care after a spider bit Grace’s neck! She’s not too fond of Grace, let’s Will know it, but she adores Jack. She’s loud, bossy, the all seeing eye of the building constantly in Grace’s face—with an uncanny sixth sense for pushing Grace’s buttons.

(image courtesy: Will & Grace photo by Chris Haston_NBC)

How has it been working on such a fan-favorite show?

LT: Amazing! Multi-camera comedy, live audience who adore Will & Grace—I mean, the crowd goes nuts—with instant rewrites, reshoots, crew buzzing about, hilarious outtakes, audience howling. Talk about a high-wire act over a volcano! There’s nothing like it. I’m hooked!

Did you feel a little intimated about working with all these comedy legends?

LT: Of course! But from the first table read on, everyone was so kind. Here I was in what started out as a small role, with some of the biggest names in the business—creators Max and David, stars Debra, Eric, Sean, Megan. All of them were so welcoming and lovely to work with. The cast and crew have such great heart—a real family feeling, if you will… and Grace! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

LT: My original part was just a few lines, only one episode. But in rehearsals everyone said Mrs. Timmer was hilarious and Max said “Livia, you’re doing a fantastic job!” Well, you can imagine the thrill! Then on taping night, my scene with Debra got great laughs from the studio audience. We finish, I think, well, that’s it for me—suddenly the writers, creators, and cast all huddle on stage, they call me over to the “inner circle”—next thing you know they give me another line, which Eric quickly rehearses with me to help find the rhythm. We immediately reshoot—to even bigger laughs. Later backstage, I learn that the producers want to have Mrs. Timmer back! A magical night—I practically floated all the way home.

What’s been the biggest lesson you took away from the opportunity?

LT: An old lesson relearned—you never know when a few lines can grow into something bigger. And seeing Debra, Eric, Megan, Sean, work with James Burrows, is a sit-com master class. The pace is furious—instant rewrites, reshoots, the pressure intense. But they’re all such pros they roll with it. My scenes are with Debra, who I’d seen on the show a zillion times. However, working on set with her, her talent is a marvel to behold—what a creative and comedic force of nature she is.

Got anything else coming up we can watch for the near future?

LT: I’m appearing on the comedy reboot One Day At A Time, currently on Netflix, as Tia Inez, in the season #3 finale. Then on April 1st, I appear in the Fox drama-thriller series 9-1-1, where I worked alongside Angela Bassett. And, I’m currently shooting the independent film Killing Your Daughter.

Thanks, Livia – keep on pushing Grace’s buttons!

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(image: Livia Trevino photo by Robert Kazandjian)
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Mar 26, 2019
OMG Mrs Timmer is hilarious!!! I can't get enough of her!!!
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