Whether you’re stuck in the “no sleep” baby stage, or barley hanging on during the “testy teen” phase -- parenting can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Now, imagine if you were part of a support group to help you survive parenthood.

This is the premise of the new digital comedy series, Mom’s Anonymous, from co-creators Allie Rivera and Bryan Brewer of Lesson 1 Entertainment. Allie directs the 10-episodes and co-stars with Bryan and a talented ensemble cast that includes Tawny Kitaen (who also exec produces), Ginger Pennington, Raphaella Dreyer and Laura Malone Hunt among others.

I had a chance to ask Allie Rivera and Bryan Brewer a few questions about their new series:

What can you tell us about your new digital series Mom’s Anonymous?

ALLIE: Moms Anonymous is a fun, easily digestible, sitcom-style web series with a whacky cast of characters who are dealing with typical issues that plague the contemporary parent.

Where did you get the idea for this new parental comedy?

ALLIE: I had friends looking to online groups for parenting support, and some of the personalities they would tell me about were not always, well, supportive! I couldn’t help but think about putting a comical spin on this sourcing of parenting advice, and how funny it might be to actually have all of these quirky characters meet up in one room. Of course, we amplified the stereotypes a bit for comedic effect, but ultimately we wanted to create a show that would be a heartfelt, female-centric comedy that was positive, inclusive and supportive of the modern parent.

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

BRYAN: We only had the “Mom Room” for four days, and we only had two of those days with all 9 characters available to shoot in the same room. So we had to get creative with how we filmed the group all together. We spent the entire last day shooting every episode handheld and had a short window of light to make it all match.

ALLIE: Not to mention it was was a wardrobe and continuity nightmare to run through all 10 episodes in a row after already establishing everything in the previous days!

BRYAN: One of our writers and main actresses, Ginger Pennington was actually pregnant with twins at the time, so we were also up against the clock to make sure we could still shoot with her.

ALLIE: She was really incredible-I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role (Claire).

What do you want audiences to gain from watching it?

BRYAN: Honestly, we just want the audience to take the journey with our characters and enjoy the ride!

ALLIE: There’s a lot of “funny” and a lot of heart. Our actors really created these incredibly relatable characters and we hope that audiences find them as endearing as we did!

What’s been the biggest lesson for you personally from creating this project?

BRYAN: Anything is possible! We had a small window of time and an even smaller budget, but I was really inspired to see how everything comes together when everyone onboard shares your vision.

Are you considering a second season or what’s next?

ALLIE: Yes! We are definitely thinking ahead to a second season. We would love to see what happens next with these characters, and we hope our audience does too!

Watch Season 1 of Mom’s Anonymous on YouTube now at: CLICK LINK
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I love parenthood series.. but I cant watch season 5. Can someone provide the link?
Nov 27, 2018
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