And finally the end of the series. And it's a prelude. Kind of like the first season of Preacher, where the season introduced us to the town that Jesse and Tulip came from, before they hit the road in the comics.

So Inhumans is like Preacher. There's a sentence I thought I'd never say.

And you know the best thing about tonight's episode "…And Finally: Black Bolt"? The preview for Agents of SHIELD, starting December 1. It's set in space, and I get the impression that Inhumans was a setup for that series.

But let's recap before examining the gory remains. Attilan is still falling apart because Maximus is lowering the dome. Or weakening the dome. Or something.

Gorgon goes berserk and presumably kills Evan. Nobody on the show cares. Goodbye, Henry Ian Cusick!

An Inhuman who I don't think we've seen before shows up, waves his (her?) hand, and Gorgon collapses. They then toss him in the Quiet Room with Karnak, who they've captured through the incredibly sneaky and super-powered means of... getting the drop on Karnak from behind. Whew, that was tough.

Meanwhile, Triton and Black Bolt take Maximus to the command room to use his palm print to reestablish the dome. Because not only it is on a dead man's switch, but he has to palm print it once an hour or it goes down. So you might say they're all... under the dome. But I'd rather you not. :)

Triton goes off to slaughter some more guards whose only crime seems to be siding with the anti-slavery king. So yay, pro-slavery! Maximus escapes from Black Bolt when they run into Loyolis and his miner bunkies, who seem to be just standing in an alleyway waiting for Black Bolt to come out of the tunnels.

Medusa and Crystal use Lockjaw (remember what I said about him last review?) to get to Earth. How'd they know where she was? Where is she? They ask Louise for help. Louise puts them in contact with her boss, who is still unnamed and who I only know is named George because of the closed-captioning back in episode one. George says that his boss (who may or may not be Bruce Springsteen, because they never actually call him by name like normal people would) is very interested in Inhumans. Maybe his boss is Nick Fury, maybe he's the head of whatever agency the Agents of SHIELD are now working for. Maybe it is Bruce Springsteen. Hint: We won't find out.

Medusa agrees to take Louise's father's ashes to the Moon, probably just to shut Louise up about them. And because Louise seems to think that they're buddies, even though Medusa treated her like garbage 90% of the time that she was around her. Then Medusa goes back to the Moon, and Karnak convinces Auran to let her talk to Maximus and guarantee both of their safeties.

Maximus does mention that Medusa is almost as powerless as he is now. But then he talks about how she was his only friend. And... did I miss an episode (or a season) somewhere? He kinda hit on her in the first episode, before he took the Clippers O'Doom to her. But I don't remember a flashback or any dialogue onscreen to indicate they were anything other than brother and sister-in-law. In any case, Medusa tries to convince Maximus to surrender. But since Maximus is as nutty as a fruitcake, that doesn't go anywhere.

Medusa somehow grabs all of the Terrigenesis crystals, and she offers one to Maximus if he gives up the throne. When he refuses, she smashes the crystal and Auran lets her go since she guaranteed Medusa's safety. I guess Maximus' plan of a second Terrigenesis has gone up in purple smoke.

Black Bolt and the Royals wander in and out of the control room. And the two people in white robes soaking their feet in the Royal Pool, ignoring whatever happens around them, never fails to crack me up. Karnak figures out the flaw in Maximus' plan: he doesn't know how to work the dome, and it's going to collapse no matter what. They order an evacuation of Attilan, and since Lockjaw can't do mass teleporting or teleporting for extended periods, Eldrac agrees to help them for some reason. I have no idea why. A pity, since he's one of the more interesting background characters we've never found out anything about. He seems to be as much a slave as the mine workers, even if it's not clear how or if the Royals ever used him. And yet he seems to be anti-Maximus and pro-Black Bolt. Why? Who knows.

Gorgon smashes out of the Quiet Room by stomping on it real hard, since it was designed to contain Black Bolt's sonic powers and not brute force. Or so Karnak tells us, since he seems to have missed that major flaw in its design even though his power is seeing flaws. And why couldn't Lockjaw teleport out of it again six episodes ago? Who knows.

And Gorgon seems awfully sane here. But in a few scenes he'll revert to the glaring mouthbreathing post-resurrection berserker again.

Once his family teleports away via Lockjaw, Black Bolt goes to confront Maximus in the control room. The two white-robed foot-soaking Inhumans are gone, so the brothers can talk in private. Maximus has already figured out that he can't reestablish the dome. He tells Black Bolt that he faked their parents' signature on an order to have Black Bolt undergo non-elective brain surgery. Which... did we know about that? I don't remember it. And why did they want to do the brain surgery to presumably remove Black Bolt's power, when the first time he really revealed it was when he accidentally killed them?

In any case, it turns out that Icky-Icky Kitant and the Genetic Council made Black Bolt king because they needed his power to defeat some kind of uber evil. What is it? Who knows. In any case, Black Bolt punches Maximus in the face (maybe that's his "Master Blow"), drags him down to the bunker, and leaves him there. He then goes outside and says "Goodbye, brother", which brings the building down on top of the bunker. Maximus earlier had Bronaja describe a future-vision of his being the king of Attilan, and sure enough, Maximus is the king and only resident of the city now, since the bunker survives the dome's destruction.

Black Bolt teleports away via Eldrac, who dies with the city since he's a wall in the city. Which makes sense, I suppose. On Earth, Black Bolt graciously lets Medusa speak for herself for once, and she tells the Inhumans that they've come to Earth as friends rather than as a conquering army. Who "the boss" is or what plans he has for Inhumans or even where they are, I have no idea. There's also brief cutaway to a wall in Attilan that is standing among the ruins (I think) and is glowing with blue runes. So presumably that's the Big Bad. Whether it can team up with Maximus, or it's going to fight the Agents of SHIELD now that they're in space, I have no idea.

What happened to the surfer soldiers, or Jen, or Dave, or Sammy, who knows? Who cares?


So let's take a look at the series as a whole. Was it the worse of the current Marvel generation of shows? Sure. Admittedly, it had some tough competition from Iron Fist. But at the end of the day, Inhumans had all of the flaws that I've mentioned before. It spent way too much time in Hawaii. It didn't give us any backstory, or it waited until the last episode to give us some backstory. it made references to backstory that seems to contradict stuff we had seen earlier, like the Maximus/Medusa "friendship". It gave us a series of protagonists who were pro-slavery, and a supposed bad guy who at least initially was anti-slavery.

And one of the better moments of the last episode were when Maximus pointed out to Triton that Black Bolt had basically enslaved Triton. You basically had the same situation that you had with Flora: a character that was suited to not being on the Moon, stuck on the Moon by essentially royal decree. Triton being an amphibian in a pretty much waterless environment seems to be even more useless than Maximus having no powers. But Triton seems to be a trusted member of the Royals, while Maximus is a black sheep.

It was an ensemble where the individual members never did anything that useful. Karnak fights ganja gangsters and has sex! Gorgon meets with surfer soldiers! Crystal falls in love with a hunky farm guy! Medusa teams up with a woman from a private space agency but they don't need her to get to the Moon! Which meant that they all kind of blended together after awhile.

And as I've mentioned before, the whole Inhuman society doesn't seem to make any sense. Why is Triton loyal to Black Bolt, but Flora isn't? Why are people with superpowers (like Loyolis and his "level 7 strength") miners? Black Bolt is apparently king because he's the most powerful guy, but then why are his close relatives like Medusa and Triton so relatively powerless? Why was Mordis locked away? Couldn't his power have been useful against the Big Bad, too?

And there were characters who were never that well developed. Medusa, Karnak, and Gorgon probably came out the best. Black Bolt is still an enigma. Auran switched sides a half dozen times, and doesn't seem to have any motivation for doing so. She seems to have a pretty major power: she can't die. Except when her powers were failing, in a subplot that went nowhere. Basically she ended up as a plot device: she provided regenerating DNA so that Karnak could bring Gorgon back, and she seemed to be vague enough that the Royals could decide to ask for her help once or twice.

And it still bugs me that Medusa didn't know that Auran couldn't be killed. But Medusa "killed" her and left her for dead.

Bronaja was another character who went nowhere. He could see the future, but he didn't seem to provide any information that was helpful. All he really did other then tell Maximus things that were going to happen no matter what, was tell Maximus that Tibor was a traitor. But Tibor was never a strong leader, and Maximus didn't trust him anyway. Much like Bronaja's powers... everything that happened happened whether he was involved or not.

Say what you will about Iron Fist, but you had one main character. And one main enemy. And the lesser enemies that Danny fought who were agents of the main enemy. And it tied in with the other Netflix Marvel shows without tons of exposition. Unlike Inhumans, which never seemed that interested in tying into the Marvel Universe, even Agents of SHIELD. Terrigenesis has pretty much been connected only to Agents of SHIELD, but the Inhumans creative staff seemed to assume that we'd know it like the back of our hands and never even bothered to explain it, or cross it over, or... anything.

I know Agents of SHIELD isn't the biggest hit in the world these days. But sheesh, would bringing in Daisy or Mack really have killed them?

At least on Iron Fist, they explained what the heck was going on, where Danny came from, and so on. Heck, they overexplained it. I don't expect them to explain everything on Inhumans. But it was like someone flipped through one issue of the comics, said, "Wow, these people are cool, Marvel wants to push the whole Inhuman things, and we've got an Imax-sized budget. And Game of Thrones and royal intrigue is big. Let's diversify them a bit for 2017 and kick out a TV series."

I'm also still trying to work out some the racial issues involved. Okay, yeah, the comics had the Inhuman Royal Family as lily-white. And that wasn't going to fly on 2017 TV. So we had a black family member, and an Asian family member. But how were they all related to each other? Or did Terrigenesis not only give powers but change race as well to make the population more diverse? Then you had a woman and an Asian stripped of their powers, Medusa in a vaguely rape-like scene. Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, and Eldrac all ended up as minorities used and abused by Black Bolt the white head guy. And Black Bolt who until the last episode seems to be in charge because of his birth and no other reason and perpetuated a system of what was essentially slavery. Yeah, nothing racist there.

It also hurt that the show seemed to be intent on presenting people with powers. Big bold great powers. None of this "squibs under my shirt" and "I break a doorknob by twisting it" and "My fist glows bright yellow." But Medusa's CGi wig looked cheesy before it got cut off in the first episode. When his power worked, Karnak was doing the mental projection stuff that they mastered on No Ordinary Family seven years ago. Gorgon mostly hit people. Crystal used her powers... what, three times in eight episodes? Black Bolt couldn't use his powers. Maximus had no powers. Auran's power was laying around until they could wipe her scar makeup with CGI. Lockjaw was probably the most pro-active and... well, powerful of power characters. And he was a frickin' cow-dog.

Although I'd watch a show centered on Lockjaw. Let's face it: he seems to be the unsung "power" of the Royal Family. Without him, Black Bolt can't sent Triton to Earth. The Royal Family can't escape the coup. They can't reunite in Hawaii. They can't blip up repeatedly to Attilan and/or the bunker. But even then, we're left with unanswered questions. How did the Royal Family end up with a.. well, Terrigenesised dog? Are there other dogs in Attilan? if there are, do they all undergo Terrigenesis? Is Lockjaw a human Inhuman who was transformed into the dog by the Terrigenesis mists? (As they used to suggest was the case in the comics.)

They'd also have to lose the cheesy opening animation, that looks like a producer's kid produced it on their iPhone.

So overall, Inhumans was a great but fundamentally flawed experiment. They might have been to pull out it out with backstory building and a commitment to the concept and the superpowers. Cross it over with Agents of SHIELD, since that's where they got the whole Marvel TV Universe concept of Terrigenesis from.

The best that can be said is that it felt like it was just getting started after the sidetripping to Hawaii.. There's a Big Bad, the Royals are together, the Inhumans are stuck on Earth, there's a mysterious corporation head who controls their future. And then they ended the season and probably the series. This ain't Preacher, folks. ABC isn't so forgiving about letting a show take a season to develop. Burying it on Friday nights didn't help.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?


I'll only be doing MacGyver reviews for a while, at least until Stan Lee's Lucky Man starts back up. As well as my other award-winning *heh* reviews on stuff like DC's Legends of Tomorrow. But rest assured, wherever there's crappy superhero stuff that staff isn't reviewing, I'll be there. :)
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Nov 12, 2017
I couldn't agree more. If I understood correctly, the main budget for this show came from IMAX and they already said they're not interested in continuing so season 2 ain't happening.

And the fact that there were virtually no powers on this show makes me think that they really ran out of money after the premiere.

Either way, the show made very little sense in about anything. The was virtually no build up and stuff just happen because - well, why the heck not.

None of the characters were interesting, Blackbolt was terrible.
I also loved the fact that Maximus surprises Blackbolt by telling him that he learned his sign language.

Wait... Umm... shouldn't that be mandatory requirement for every citizen in Attilan? How the heck does he give orders if Medusa is not near him?
Plus they said they learned English because they speak tons of languages but... not their king's sign language.

And of course, such an advanced alien culture never heard of PEN AND PAPER so he could write stuff down.

This really was the worst of the marvel shows, I agree that Ironfist was better - that says a lot.

The only way I could think to salvage this mess was to fire everyone, and just do straight out Lockjaw with the Pet Avengers getting their own show.
Nov 12, 2017
But how were they all related to each other?

Yes, they are. They said that Gorgon and Karnack are cousins.
Makes little sense, I know. But I'm assuming that if Lash was an inhuman that got blue skin, then they could have changed skin colors.

As for Lockjaw, Medusa mentioned that they were originally on earth, so maybe he went through with it while on earth.

Who knows when it comes to this show.
Nov 12, 2017
Yeah, I know they're related. The fact that they kept getting called the Royal "Family" was kind of a clue. :)

But while Medusa and Crystal married into the family, and Triton who knows what he looked like pre-Terrigenesis, Karnak and Gorgon are presumably Black Bolt's blood relatives. Do they look at all related to each other, even as cousins?

I thought they were on Earth at least a few hundred years ago. I never got the impression that they moved to the Moon within the last generation or so.
Nov 12, 2017
They could be family by marriage or adoption and not blood.
I meant that specifically they mentioned that they are cousins - which is indeed really weird.
Nov 12, 2017
Well, if they're all adopted, that doesn't seem like much of a "Royal Family".

Although the line of succession would have been another one of those "back story" things that might have been interesting to explore. Black Bolt and Medusa didn't have a child, so who would have become king if BB died? If it was Maximus, why didn't he just arrange an "accident"? Does the Genetic Council have the final say (as they seemed to do when we saw Icky-Icky Kitang "approve" BB as king?), or are there royal lines of succession, or what?
Nov 13, 2017
Well, the creative team didn't seem to value Medusa much. Nor did Black Bolt, who seemed to use her basically as a translator. Until the end, she doesn't act very... queenly. And even then, it's with BB's permission, judging from the head nod.
Nov 13, 2017
Well, you're assuming that Inhumans don't value queens as much. I'd assume that Medusa would be next in line. Hence why Maximus tried to get things going with her.
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