Over the last few weeks we the users and staff have submitted our complete Best of 2013 ballots here and here in an effort to see what the results would be if users could only vote once and were willing to be open about how they voted. Good news - there are very few, if any, categories in which there should be much grumbling about the winners (even Banshee won something guys). There are a few shows that were shut out that may have been deserving of an award somewhere (The Americans and Masters of Sex perhaps as the most deserving). A quick note - nominees that are bold received multiple votes, nominees in italics were write in (not in the official tv.com ballots). At the end of the article are the complete winner and nominee lists. Nominees are listed in order of most votes received and then alphabetical order. And now without further ado here are your Best of 2013 winners.

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Winner - Best Overall Series
Winner - Best Drama Series
Winner - Best Series Send-Off

No big surprise in any of these categories Breaking Bad finished its final season to almost unanimous critical acclaim. With multiple iconic moments and staredowns (Hank vs Walt in the garage, the shootout in the desert) we will never forget this cinematic masterpiece brought to us by Vince Gilligan and Co.

Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Heisenberg
Winner - Best Dramatic Actor
Winner - Best Villain
Winner - Most Lovable Monster

When I first heard about Breaking Bad and I learned that the dad from the Malcolm in the Middle was the main character I automatically assumed that this show must be a bit of a joke. Clearly I must have been out of my mind. Bryan Cranston showed us all that he was far from a one trick pony with his epic portrayal of Walter White that even at his most evil genius Heisenberg levels you could not help rooting for.

Orphan Black (BBC America)

Winner (*TIE*) - Best New Cable Series

Did you guys even know that BBC America makes original content before this year? Unlike Copper (which was a great show people, which was cancelled far too soon) there is little chance that BBC America will let go of Orphan Black in the near future. The twisting sci-fi tale of a group of clones with their best friend Felix (he is the best) kept us on the edge of our seats through the end of Season 1 thanks in large part to the performance of:

Tatiana Maslany as the Clones
Winner - Best Dramatic Actress

Tatiana Maslany came out of nowhere to win all of our hearts as the downer Beth, streetwise single mother Sarah Manning, genius Cosima, and suburbanite of the year Alison Hendrix. Not to mention her insane clone role as (spoiler redacted). Maslany took this dream role where she had a chance to play several characters and ran with it. Never once in the season do you get confused which clone Maslany is playing at one time - which takes some pure acting chops especially when Sarah has to step in for Alison midseason. Imagine that you have a clone playing another clone and you can still tell the difference (does that make sense? because if it wasn't for Maslany that never would have worked as a concept).

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Winner (*TIE*) - Best New Cable Series

Orange is the New Black was the breakout hit of Netflix's first full season of original content (Lilyhammer is actually a pretty enjoyable show). My only concern for the future is that by the end of the first season I was starting to kind of intensely dislike Piper and not in a good way. Aside from that one little qualm I have little doubt that Orange will continue to be an enjoyable series in Season 2.

Hannibal (NBC)

Winner - Best New Broadcast Series

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Winner - Best Comedy Series
Winner (*TIE*) - Best Comedy Ensemble

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson
Winner - Best Comedic Actor

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
Winner - Best Comedic Actress

Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope
Winner - Best Couple

Arrow (CW)

Winner - Best Sci-fi/Superhero Series
Winner - Most Improved Series

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak
Winner - Most Charming Geek

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Winner - Best Fantasy/Supernatural Series

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
Winner - Best Kid Character

The Lannisters
Winner - Favorite TV Family

The Red Wedding
Winner - Most Tragic Character Death

American Horror Story (FX)

Winner - Best Horror Series

Person of Interest (CBS)

Winner - Best Procedural

Harold Finch and John Reese
Winners - Most Dynamic Duo

Archer (FX)

Winner - Best "Adult" Animated Series

Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Winner - Best Period Piece

Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Winner - Best Variety/Sketch Show

Banshee (Cinemax)

Winner - Most Underrated Series

Nashville (ABC)

Winner - Best Primetime Soap

Dr. Who (BBC)

Winner - Best Imported Series

Community (NBC)

Winner (*TIE*) - Best Comedy Ensemble

Arrested Development (Netflix)

Winner (*TIE*) - Best Comedy Ensemble

The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver
Winner - Funniest Late Night Host

Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane
Winner (*TIE*) - Best New Character

The Blacklist (NBC)

James Spader as Red Reddington
Winner (*TIE*) - Best New Character

Justified (FX)

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens
Winner - Biggest Badass

A quick note - nominees that are
bold received multiple votes, nominees in italics were write in (not in the official tv.com ballots). Nominees are listed in order of most votes received and then alphabetical order.

Best Overall Series:Breaking Bad (AMC)
Nominees: Game of Thrones, Arrow, American Horror Story: Coven, Justified, Orange is the New Black, Person of Interest

Best New Cable Series
: *TIE* Orange is the New Black (Netflix) and Orphan Black (BBC America)
Nominees: Masters of Sex, The Americans, Banshee, House of Cards, Mob City, Rectify

Best New Broadcast Series
: Hannibal (NBC)
Nominees: Brooklyn 99, The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, Almost Human, The Originals, The Tomorrow People, Trophy Wife

Best Drama Series:
Breaking Bad (AMC)
Nominees: The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Boardwalk Empire, Call The Midwife, Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, Justified, Mad Men, Masters of Sex, Orange is the New Black, Parenthood, Shameless

Best Comedy Series
: Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Nominees: The Big Bang Theory, Arrested Development, Orange is the New Black, Veep, Archer, Community, Happy Endings, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Brooklyn 99, Derek, The Goldbergs, The Goodwin Games, Hello Ladies, The Mindy Project, Mom

Best Sci-fi/Superhero Series
: Arrow (CW)
Nominees: Orphan Black, Dr. Who, Agents of SHIELD, Almost Human, Black Mirror, Continuum, Falling Skies, Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, Utopia

Best Fantasy/Supernatural Series
: Game of Thrones (HBO)
Nominees: Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Grimm, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, The Originals, The Returned, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead

Best Horror Series
: American Horror Story (FX)
Nominees: The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, Hannibal, Hemlock Grove, Sleepy Hollow, Under the Dome

Best Procedural
: Person of Interest (CBS)
Nominees: Elementary, Law and Order: SVU, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Atlantis, Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Hannibal, NCIS, The Blacklist, The Bridge, The Following

Best “Adult” Animated Series
: Archer (FX)
Nominees: South Park, Family Guy, The Simpson, Axe Cop, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama

Best “Kid” Animated Series
: No consensus

Best Period Piece
: Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
Nominees: The Americans, Masters of Sex, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Spartacus, Vikings, Call the Midwife, Reign, The Goldbergs, Vegas

Best Variety/Sketch Show
: Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Nominees: Key and Peele, The Daily Show, Drunk History, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Comedy Bang!Bang!

Best Reality Series
: No consensus

Best Reality Competition Series
: Survivor (CBS)
Nominees: Master Chef Junior, America’s Got Talent, Apprentice UK, Big Brother, Face Off, The Voice, Top Chef

Most Underrated Series
: Banshee (Cinemax)
Nominees: Hannibal, Shameless, Arrested Development, Arrow, Orphan Black, Rectify, Southland, Bates Motel, Boardwalk Empire, Fringe, Nashville, Nikita, Parenthood, Person of Interest, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Utopia

Best Series Send Off
: Breaking Bad (AMC)
Nominees: Fringe, Spartacus, 30 Rock, Happy Endings, The Office

Best Guilty Pleasure
: No consensus

Best Primetime Soap
: Nashville (ABC)
Nominees: Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, Scandal, The Americans, The Vampire Diaries

Best Imported Series
: Dr. Who (BBC)
Nominees: Luther, Downton Abbey, Atlantis, Black Mirror, Family Tree, Lost Girl, The Fall, The Returned, Utopia

Most Improved Series
: Arrow (CW)
Nominees: Revolution, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Good Wife, True Blood, Greys Anatomy, Homeland, Justified, Once Upon a Time, The Neighbors, The Newsroom

Best Dramatic Actor
: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Nominees: Stephen Amell, Charles Darce, William H Macy, Richard Madden, John Noble, Cliff Parisi, Aaron Paul, Mark Pellegrino, Kevin Spacey

Best Comedic Actor
: Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation)
Nominees: Lamorne Morris, Chris Messina, Jim Parsons, Danny Pudi, Max Greenfield, Will Arnett, Simon Helberg, Jake Johnson, Joel McHale, Karl Pilkington, Andy Samberg, Adam Scott

Best Dramatic Actress
: Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)
Nominees: Anna Gunn, Juliana Marguiles, Lana Headey, Emma Rossum, Claire Danes, Sarah Jones, Jessica Lange, Sandra Oh, Hayden Pannetierre, Judy Parfitt, Lana Parrilla, Amy Poehler

Best Comedic Actress
: Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)
Nominees: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Malin Ackerman, Mayim Bialik, Uzo Aduba, Alison Brie, Zooey Deschanel, Kerry Godliman, Allison Janney, Mindy Kaling, Laura Linney, Becki Newton, Nasim Pedrad, Taylor Schilling, Casey Wilson

Best Comedy Ensemble
: *TIE* Arrested Development (Netflix), Community (NBC), and Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Nominees: Brooklyn 99, New Girl, Orange is the New Black, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Big Bang Theory, The League

Best Reality Show Judge or Host
: Blake Shelton (The Voice)
Nominees: Tom Colicchio, Gordon Ramsay, Holly Willoughby

Funniest Late-Night Host
: Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver (The Daily Show)
Nominees: Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brian, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert

Best Kid Character
: Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
Nominees: Carl Grimes, Bert, Barry Goldberg, Bran Stark, Curious George, Debbie Gallagher, Joffrey, Lily, Lip Gallagher, Sansa Stark

Favorite TV Family
: The Lannisters (Game of Thrones)
Nominees: The Gallaghers, The Starks, The Whites, The Belchers, The Bishops, The Bravermans, The Chances, The Dunphys, The Goodwins, The Harrisons, The Jennings, The Marshes, The Michael J Fox Family, The Millers, The Morgans, The Shepards, The Winchesters

Best Villain
: Heisenberg (Breaking Bad)
Nominees: The Governor, Joffrey, Valentine Narcisse, Hannibal, Pennsatucky, Root, Tywin Lannister, Clay Morrow, Deadshot, Dracula, Jedekiah, Kai Proctor, Klaus, Mr. Rabbit, Todd, Uncle Jack, Walder Frey, William

Best New Character
: *TIE* Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow) and Red Reddington (The Blacklist)
Nominees: Alison Hendricks, Charles Barosky, Coach, Crazy Eyes, Ferguson the Cat, Gina Linetti, Hannibal, James Franco, Lucas Hood, Peter Pan, Phillip Jennings, Queen of Thorns, Ramsay Snow, Russel Kwon, Samantha Shaw, Sarah Manning, Valentine Narcisse

Most Dynamic Duo
: Harold Finch and John Reese (Person of Interest)
Nominees: Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson, Oliver Queen and John Diggle, Troy and Abed, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Jess and Nick, Mindy and Danny, Archer and Lana, Oliver and Felicity, Monroe and Charlie, Conan and Andy, Arya and Sandor, Shawn and Gus

Best Couple
: Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)
Nominees: Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop, Maggie and Glenn, Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, Sheldon and Amy, Nick and Jess, Nucky and Sally, Walter and Skylar White, Jim and Pam, Abed and Troy, Oliver and Felicity, Mindy and Danny, Nikita and Michael, Ted and the Mother, Lucas Hood and Carrie Hopewell, Nolan and Patrick, Hook and Emma, Jaime Lannister an Brienne of Tarth

Most Lovable Monster
: Walter White (Breaking Bad)
Nominees: Crowley, Helena, Katherine Pierce, Monroe, Rumplestiltskin, Damon, Eric Northman, Frank Gallagher, Hannibal, Jessica Hamby, Josh, Peter Hale, John Reese, Shelly Godfrey, Violet

Most Charming Geek
: Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
Nominees: Abed, Fitzsimmons, Ben Wyatt, Birkhoff, Cosima, Harold Finch, George Michael Bluth, Leonard, Rudy, Walter Bishop

Biggest Badass
: Raylan Givens (Justified)
Nominees: Walter White, John Reese, Fiona Good, Oliver Queen, Banshee cast, Carol Peletier, Daenerys, Damon, Daryl, Gannicus, Hank Schrader, Jax Teller, Jim Moriarty, Mac, Marcus Chaplin, Orphan Black clones

Most Tragic Character Death
: The Red Wedding (Game of Thrones)
Nominees: Joss Carter, Richard Harrow, Hershel, Tommy Merlin, Hank Schrader, Gannicus, Justin Ripley, Walter White

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So did those who nominated Call The Midwife see the CTM Christmas Special? Per Metro:

Call the Midwife Christmas special had bombs, babies and Miranda Hart – it was the most Christmassy thing on TV

I love all the love for Parks And Rec
Thanks for putting that together – great choice of pictures, btw!
I can totally live with those results (let's see if the Golden Globes turn out just as reasonable ;-) ).
Interesting that Call The Midwife was nominated in so many categories. It wasn't that good. Now Broadchurch, that was good.

ITV's poll named it best TV show of 2013, even over the beloved Breaking Bad, which you across the pond saw via Netflix, it seems.


I know, I know, Broadchurch and BB were up against a Bake-Off, but what can I say.
That sounds very odd. Broadchurch is pretty good, but it's just a whodunnit. There's nothing really special about it. I guess a lot more people have seen Broadchurch than Breaking Bad in the UK.
That they had Homeland at 6 above BB dents the credibility of the critics in my opinion. However, leaving that aside, the top 5 was very much slanted toward home grown content (3/5), hence why Broadchurch could pinch the top spot.
Can't argue with Les Revenants at #2 though.
Are they perhaps a season behind? I would guess that they're not, but it's easier to see Homeland season 2 beating Breaking Bad season 5a than Homeland season 3 beating Breaking Bad season 5b.

Of course, tv.com has taught us that the result of an online poll doesn't have to have anything to do with the voters' opinions. So it's probably pointless to try to analyze the results.

I really disliked Les Revenants. It's #2 on my worst of 2013.

I haven't seen Educating Yorkshire, Top of the lake or The wrong mans. Isn't Top of the Lake another whodunnit? Maybe they're obsessed with whodunnits.

Can someone explain the word "mans" in the title? Is that a word? Is there a character named Mans? Is it a deliberately incorrect version of "men".
Yes. From Wikipedia:

Regarding the apparently awkward title, Corden explained that the extra, ungrammatical 's' was deliberately placed "to let you know it's a comedy show. If it was a drama, it'd be called The Wrong Man."
Do I get an award for never having seen the winning shows? No? Okay.

Poor The Middle.

Ack, Justin Ripley, still can't get over that one.

Very nicely formatted, tgl. You should make extra money consulting with the idiot internet sites that post the award winners next year. Some of them are a Where's Waldo mishmash of data.
Felicity Smoak winning Most Charming Geek just makes me grin so wide, especially since she wasn't even originally on the ballot! Now, that's a deserving win. You go girl!
Hey that's a pretty amazing line-up, well done voters you have great taste.
Awesome! I'd say I voted for a great majority of the winners. And the ones I didn't are just as deserved.
Hey, thanks for putting this together, a lot of work! And it is great to know what people actually think without the multivote system. These results make sense to me.
Might get into Banshee and Archer even though I have no clue what Banshee is about
A guy recently released from prison working as a sheriff in a town called Banshee, after taking over someone else's identity. Lots of good fights and boobs.
I choose to accept this as the official results of the 2013 awards. This is much more consistent with the TV.com character than the so-called official awards.
No love for Treme at all?
Wow, what a great list! There's almost no undeserving winners here. This post sums up a lot of what was fun on TV in 2013.
Wow thanks man. Good job!
This is the best user post i have seen on this site.And by the way this is way more accurate than the official tv.com competition.
Great work! Thanks! I can live with all the winners.
Great work, thank you
Thanks for this theguylafayette. Great work!
Cool, that's a vote a can finally relate to! Thanks for putting it up!
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