Not even the Batcomputer can figure out when Cartoon Network is airing my show.

So... for those who have been waiting for new episodes of Beware the Batman, the wait is finally over. Cartoon Network will be showing the new episodes (that have been available overseas for awhile in various countries) starting this Saturday night/Sunday morning. Zap2t lists 2:35 a.m. eastern (??). That's technically Sunday morning, but is considered a Saturday airdate. Try to rely on your built-in program schedule if you can when recording.

For those who haven't been following the history of Cartoon Network and Beware, they started off by airing it on Saturday mornings back in July 2013.

But after a run of 11 episodes, hey, CN decided to screw with it and took it off the air. Fans of Green Lantern, Young Justice, and even Justice League Unlimited know all about CN screwing with superhero cartoons. There were hints it would air a few weeks later, then CN would postpone it, then more hints. But nothing. Heck, the DVDs of the first batch of episodes was released in February 2014, and you could see some of the new episodes on those.

So finally Adult Swim decided to air the episodes from the beginning, in the ultra-popular Saturday night/Sunday morning timeslot. So those first 11 episodes have been airing for the last 11 weeks.

And now, finally, they're going to show the episodes that they dicked with the first time. So what people can expect?

This week's episode, "Attraction," features the full-blown return of Magpie. She's more obsessed with Batman than ever, and wants to become his new partner. Which requires killing his current partner...

After that, we get a three-episode storyarc, "Fall", "Darkness", and "Reckoning." Ra's al Ghul finally shows up in Gotham (voice of Lance Reddick, Fringe), and the Jason Burr subplot of his being a League of Assassins infiltrator pays off. Ra's plunges Gotham into darkness with the Ion Cortex and demands control of the city. We also get the subplot of Alfred's culpability in the death of Katana's father. And the third part, "Reckoning", features the return of some old villainous faces as Ra's opens up the cells at Blackgate Prison to deal with Batman. And Barbara Gordon starts to take on the mantle of Oracle.

Future episodes feature the introduction of Harvey Dent ("Nexus"), the return of Metamorpho ("Golem"), the return of Humpty Dumpty ("Games"), Batman in prison ("Animal") in part 1 of a two-part storyarc, and fighting The Key in part 2 ("Doppelganger").

So... watch it quick before Cartoon Network preempts it again!

Please note: Zap2it's schedule is royally messed up. They have the next two upcoming episodes listed correctly, but after that they seem to think that the other episodes aired back in March and April. Maybe in Canada or New Zealand, but definitely not in the U.S. Hopefully they will get their schedule fixed as the airdates draw closer. is following Zap2it, apparently, so since Zap determines airdates, the airdates here are screwed up as well. But really: This Saturday night/Sunday night, and then once a week after that.
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