And so we’re back with "Hope" (TVCom submission approval optional). As I noted seven or so weeks ago, Krypton really isn’t doing anything for me. It’s not bad enough to pick apart, but it’s not good enough to find a lot to praise about it, either. It’s… pedestrian.

And really, how could it be otherwise? It’s set a hundred years before the life of the character we know. It explores a society that there hasn’t been that much coverage of. But there’s a reason for that. Krypton isn’t that interesting, and most of what is vaguely interesting come from its Game of Thrones/Dominion-ish setting. Krypton’s setting has primarily served as a backdrop for Superman. What his parents were like, how it contrasts to his Kansas upbringing, and so on. But without Superman, what have you got?

The main point of interest is the creative team whipping out the elements of Superman. “Ooh, there’s Superman’s cape!” “Ooh, there’s General Zod!” “Ooh, there’s Doomsday!” But like most prequels, it kinda ruins any chance of something changing because we know that everything is going to happen so that the original timeline remains unchanged. Yeah, I’d be interested to see Brainiac and/or Zod actually succeed and wipe Superman from the timeline. But DC isn’t going to let that happen any more than half the cast of Runaways or Cloak & Dagger or Legion or The Gifted are going to disappear because of the events in Infinity War. (Spoiler: it doesn’t end well for a lot of characters.)

For that matter, shouldn’t Supergirl’s cape be disappearing on Supergirl? This inter-universal/network continuity has me confused.

Heck, in one scene, Seg laments that very fact. He tells Vax that it’s his fate to be the grandfather of a character he’ll never meet, who will go on to be the savior of the universe. It’s like reading stories about Joseph’s father in the Bible, before Jesus ever shows up. It’s both an incredibly heavy burden for the character, and some of the most unexciting drama imaginable.

Anyhoo, on with the motley. After seven episodes, we’ve found out that one of the heads of Black Zero is General Zod, who is the son of Lyta and the grandson of Jayna. How he’s time-traveled back a hundred years isn’t explained. As played by Colin Salmon from Arrow back in the good ole days, But 24: Live Another Day, and Doctor Who, and a whole lot more. Zod has come back in time to save Krypton, since that will mean that Superman doesn’t rocket to Earth and becomes the hero of the planet and then the universe. Which would mean that he would eliminate the reason for Zod coming back to alter history, which would mean he doesn’t alter history, which means he doesn’t come back… it’s all very timey-wimey.

And that’s part of Krypton’s problem. It overlooks the bigger ramifications of its basic plot to give the viewers what they presumably want: more Superman references! It’s like they know that the adventures of Superman’s grandfather (woo hoo!) aren’t that exciting so they figure that they have to toss Brainiac, and Zod, and Doomsday at us.

So Zod is prowling around the seemingly endless corridors beneath… the Outlands, I think. Why Val hid Doomsday down there when the place gets more traffic than Grand Central Station, I have no idea. There’s Zod, and Seg, and Lyta, and Jayna, and Nyssa, and the Cythonnites, and Jayna’s father Vidar, and lord knows who else wandering around down there.

So everyone wanders around the catacombs and tries to put together a resistance against Brainiac. Well, technically it’s “Sentry That Has Possessed the Voice of Rao and Brainiac Speaks Through It”, but it’s essentially “Brainiac” and a lot easier to write. So I’m sticking with that.

Meanwhile, Jax-Ur has gotten her hands on Daron. It’s the penultimate episode, and the creative team decides to dump a bunch of backstory on us about how she used to serve on the Council with Daron, and left when it became clear Daron was going to betray anyone who he worked with just like he had Val killed. She also tortures him, but he escapes due to an incredibly sloppy guard. Daron buys a skimmer and flies… somewhere. But Jax-Ur has put an implant torture device in Daron’s neck, activates it as he’s flying off, and he crashes in the Outlands. Oh nose!

After having sex with Seg, Lyta decides to follow Zod after Jayna tells her to exercise her intellectual curiosity and questioning nature, and pick a side. Lyta seems to have only heard the last three words, because she never says why she turns to Zod and betrays Seg in the process after just having had sex with him. Yes, Zod is her son, but the creative team hasn’t made that much of the familial connection. I like Colin Salmon, but he hasn’t been given the opportunity to present Zod as a particularly charismatic individual. Certainly not enough to convince me that he can turn Lyta against Seg.

Meanwhile, Seg and Jayna have (off-screen) taken away Doomsday in his containment cell and handed him over to the Cynthonnites. But they decide to betray Seg, fail to resist so that Brainiac takes Kandor, plant Doomsday in the city before Brainiac takes it, and hey presto! One miniaturized Doomsday running around a miniaturized Kandor, aboard Brainiac’s ship. Which, since Zod said earlier that Doomsday is an apex predator, means he’d go for the now-giant-sized Brainiac. This fall, on SyFy!

Eventually, Seg goes to Black Zero while Nyssa talk to the remaining Sagitari. They convince them to join forces against Brainiac. Meanwhile, Jax-Ur has extracted the location of the “Vara Protocol” from Daron before he escaped. She goes to the Genesis Chamber (Saavik and Young Spock action figures sold separately) with some of her bunkies, opens a secret panel, and reveals a bunch of vague FX. But Jax-Ur says that it’s a bunch of clones the ruling elite have created so that they can effectively be immortal. Sure, lady, whatever.

And isn’t it a bit late to be introducing the whole elite/clone thing in the penultimate episode? They’ve got Brainiac preparing to take off with the miniaturized Kandor, while some lady we just met last episode is stealing the elite clones. And we heard earlier that Brainiac has been killing off the elites. Shouldn’t the clones have activated? What are they waiting for?

In the catacombs, Jayna tells Lyta that she loves her and should question her allegiance to Zod. Then Zod challenges Jayna to a Kryptonian unarmed-combat duel. When Jayna looks ready to win, Lyta shoots her mother in the side and Jayna crawls away. That skilled tactician, Zod, tells Lyta not to bother with Jayna. And someone who I think is Vidar, Jayna’s father, finds her in the catacombs as she lies dying.

Seg gives a heroic speech, and Black Zero and the Sagitari decide to join forces. Jax-Ur also said she’d help, so why she isn’t with them instead of stealing clones, nobody seems to wonder. Brainiac is tapping into the generator that keeps the dome over Kandor, which seems to involve the shield generator from Highlander 2. When the combined forces shows up, Brainiac demonstrates his mind-control and telekinesis powers (??), by first making the Sagitari and Black Zero shoot and kill each other. Seg takes cover, so Brainiac TKs him over and prepares to shove him into the beam. Which, judging by the speed that that Brainiac is TKing Seg (hint: very slowly), Seg will get there in about six months.

Nyssa shows up and rams the El crystal that Seg gave to her earlier into Brainiac’s head. This causes his Voice body to blow up for some reason. Seg and Nyssa kiss, even though Seg and Lyta were having sex 40 screen-minutes ago. Brainiac reassembles himself and the couple runs. And that’s it.

Given that next week is the season (series?) finale, it’s hard to imagine that they are going to wrap everything up. Since Shaun Siphos isn’t in the episode, who knows what’s going on with Adam Strange. Rem and Dev-Em get a mention, but the former is off to Kryptonopolis, and the latter is recovering from his Brainiac possession last episode. Daron is in a near fatal crash and no one likes him. Zod doesn’t look like he’ll be captured anytime soon. Jax-Ur is preparing to do… something with the clones.

And that brings us to the main plot: Brainiac. I could see them defeating him in the finale. But… then what? They can’t kill him since that would alter the future. And Brainiac is pretty hard to permanently kill anyway. Once he knows about Krypton, there seems to be every reason to keep trying and trying and trying.

Doomsday is also floating around. His containment cell is malfunctioning. But he charges at people and kills them. Not exactly what you want in a season-long Big Bad, is it? Nobody on Krypton has superpowers, so if Doomsday cuts loose, whose to stop him? So presumably he’ll be staying in his containment cell for the foreseeable future.

So I strongly suspect the Krypton season finale will end on a half dozen cliffhangers, and the show won’t get renewed. Designated Survivor and Lucifer get cancelled, but Krypton doesn’t? But it’s SyFy, so who knows what they might do. “Ratings? We don’t need no stinkin’ ratings!” Granted, they canceled Blood Drive last summer.

So if I had to put on my prediction hat, I’d say that Seg & Co. will somehow drive off Brainiac, he’ll fly off to find easier prey, Jax-Ur will start putting the clones in place, Zod will do… something. And Daron? He’ll survive the crash, no doubt, and maybe they’ll do an end-of-season reveal that Brainiac put a backup of himself in Naron in case of defeat. Zod and Doomsday? I have no idea. We’ve never found out how Zod time-travelled back a hundred years. So who knows if he can go back to Earth, or if it was a one-way trip, or he’ll join forces with Jax-Ur, or what.

Next week’s episode is titled “The Phantom Zone”, so maybe they’ll duck into there. Zod also says that the real Val is alive, so maybe Val is in the Phantom Zone. There’s all kinds of directions that it could, but I suspect cancellation and lots of dangling plotlines.

But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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