And... not much happens. Again.

First of all, Hulu has renewed Runaways for season 2. So there's that. And a good thing, because season 1 acted a lot like season 1 of Preacher. That it was basically an intro to the "real" story.

Let's recap. After the standoff last week, Old Lace (not yet name) comes running up and Dale tranqs it. Chase opens fire on the parents, Tina blocks with the Staff, and Jonah blasts the teens back. Karolina lights up and fights her biological father, generating an EMP, while the other teens run.

The teens discuss what to do and everyone but Alex wants to rescue Karolina. They get some secondhand clothes and camp out near Griffin Observatory. And talk a bit.

Meanwhile, the parents continue to be at least half the story of Runaways. They talk among themselves and realize that Jonah has been playing them, and Frank is now on Jonah's side. Stacey and Dale discover that there's something living down the hole at the construction site. And that the serum from Jonah's DNA somehow holds the key to possibly destroying it and Jonah.

Leslie tells the other parents that she knew that Jonah (presumably) killed Amy, but didn't tell anyone. Tina is ready to kill Leslie, but Leslie points out that if they kill her, they lose the person closest to Jonah who can get them to him. So Tina puts thoughts of revenge on the back burner.

Jonah lurks ominously over the Victor box, and tells Frank that Frank's future looks bright. And Jonah's arm is flaking like it was before he was supposedly restored by the last sacrifice. Ruh-roh!

Meanwhile, Chase and Molly infiltrate the Church posing as runaways. With some help from assistant Vaughn (who is secretly following Leslie's orders, since she doesn't trust Jonah to "care" for Karolina), the two teens get Karolina out. Nico kisses Karolina, Chase tells Nico that he likes Gert, Nico tells Gert that Chase really likes her. Alex makes a secret deal with Darius and gets a gun & a big wad of money in return. They prepare to catch a bus out of LA, but the news reports that they're wanted for Destiny's murder. Yes, Geoffrey has framed the kids so that the police will bring them in and the kids will be safe from Jonah.

The episode ends with the six teens and Old Lace (finally given the name) running off past a newspaper talking about potential earthquakes in LA. And... now they're runaways, if not The Runaways.

Again, the show's focus on the parents is a bit inexplicable. Yes, it presumably develops them more than in the comic books. But it's called Runaways, not Parents of Runaways. The parents just aren't that interesting, and time dedicated to them takes away time from the teens. We still know very little about Alex, and he seems willing to keep secrets from and abandon his teammates. That's after they banded together to rescue him from Darius a few episodes ago. And Alex is now cutting a deal with Darius anyway.

There are still hints of the relationships between the teens. Setting the two romantic relationships aside, we still see some interesting pairings with Chase & Molly, and Gert & Nico. Since the group's friendship lies at the heart of the show, you wish they'd devote more time to it.

There is more of Old Lace, as she tags along with the group. Then Gert is forced to leave Old Lace behind because the dinosaur is too conspicuous. Then Old Lace finds them anyway at the bus depot. Watching Ariela Barer reacting to the dinosaur puppet is always fun.

Basically the first season sets up Runaways with the teens... running away. They're framed for murder and on the run. Meanwhile, we don’t find out much more of what's going on. We still don't know what Jonah and Karolina are. We don't know what's in the drill hole. We don't know what Jonah's plan is. We're still not entirely clear what Geoffrey's villainy entails. Ditto for Alex and whatever he brings to the table. Computer expertise, I guess. With Nico together with Karolina, and Alex keeping secrets from the others, it's not clear what's going on with him. Chase has Gert, Molly and Gert have each other, Nico has Karolina, but Alex doesn't have anything tying him to the group. Which is kind of odd, given that he's the one who brought them (back) together. But there you go.

So the highlights of season 1 have been the teens when the series focused on them, Old Lace, and the Yorkes. The lowlights are the focus on the parents when it wasn't necessary, and the lack of answers that we got about… well, everything. After the introductory "Oh noes! Our parents are killing kids", we only know a little more than we did in episode 1. The parents aren't as evil as they seem, and Jonah is either the Big Bad or the Big Bad's frontman. He and Karolina could be aliens, or faeries, or mutants, or who knows what?

And again, this is disregarding the comic book storyline. Presumably the show is following it, but who knows for sure?

Overall, Runaways is an entertaining show and I'm looking forward to season 2. But I wouldn't call it "must see".

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Jan 16, 2018
This show spits on the book that inspires it (sometimes for the best, since the ending of Vaughan's first arc was extremely weak) but at least the book didn't meander for 10 episodes. This was extremely boring to watch and I'm not sure I'll come back for season 2.
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