"I See a Darkness" - Wynonna Earp S02E10 Review

And you know I have a drive. To live, I won't let go.

Ah, so that's how they're going to extend the season when it seems like last week's episode or tonight's was the penultimate episode. And yet we have three more to go.

First to recap. "I See a Darkness" The Widow Mercedes (not to be confused with the real Mercedes: the Widow took her face) attacks Nicole. Waverly shows up but Mercedes bites Nicole and flees.

The Widow's bite is poisonous, fatally so. So Nicole is dying and Team Earp rallies to find a cure. They go in about three directions at once. Jeremy tries to come up with a cure based on his research into the air-borne venom, and needs Dolls and then Rosita as test subjects. Since the experiments with the anti-venom will kill any human. And Dolls and Rosita ain't human.

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Doc try to track down Mercedes. Mercedes captures Nedley, who it turns out has the third seal because Wynonna gave it to him for safekeeping. Nedley probably gets the best scenes in the episode. And that's one of the reasons I keep watching Wynonna Earp. They manage to give the relatively minor characters their moments along with the four main characters. John Callaghan, who previously wrote "Let's Pretend We're Strangers" five episodes ago, writes this episode and he juggles the fairly large cast pretty well. Besides the regular regulars, Nedley, Rosita, Mercedes (or Widow-Mercedes), and Widow-Beth all get their little bits.

We also get two new characters: Shae, Nicole's ex-wife and a doctor of some sort. And Gretta, the twin sister of the Blacksmith. Who died fairly ignominiously last season, and it turns out is the Iron Witch. Whatever that means, particularly when you have a Stone Witch.

Waverly has a couple of different things going on. Widow-Beth approaches her and offers to save Nicole's life if Waverly gets the third seal from Wynonna. And then Waverly spots Gretta working as a nurse at the hospital, and asks her to do some Iron Witch mojo. Gretta does so but warns that there's a price. The price turns out to be the genie trophy, which Gretta wants to use to get revenge on the Earps for killing her sister. Which seems to be digging a bit far into the past without any foreshadowing.

Anyhoo, Gretta wishes Wynonna out of existence and says that she'll leave Waverly to suffer her sister's disappearance. Which isn't quite accurate, because since Wynonna never existed, no one remembers her. Dolls still has the plate, and Waverly and Jeremy are engaged to be married. Awww...

Since Gretta told Waverly how to find the third seal, Waverly gets it (it's in Nedley's coffee mug, because "No one touches Randy Nedley's coffee mug"). She gives it to Beth, who is now heading out to the altar at the burned-out church to bring back Clootie. Judging from the previews, Beth and Mercedes are working together again. Although they were working separately this episode and the last, and I'm still not quite sure what's going on there. Also, Wynonna and Doc manage to capture Beth, so presumably she gets out. Or was never captured now that Wynonna never existed.

Oh, and Doc ends up back in the well as "collateral damage" according to Gretta. he remembers Wynonna. And since she kinda got him out of the well, or he came out of the well because of her, or something, I guess removing her from existence trapped him as well. Or maybe it's just a side effect of the wish.

As with most "erased from reality" plots, one wonders how everything that we've seen happen still happened in this new Wynonna-free alternate timeline. Wouldn't the Widows have already won if Wynonna wasn't around for the last few episodes to stop them? Is BBD still in Purgatory? Did Bobo ever get sent to Hell and return since Wynonna wasn't around? I suppose that they'll explain this next week, but I suspect that there'll be a few papered-over bits that they toss in even though they shouldn't be possible. Just because they're cool.

As I noted, this week's episode had pretty much all of the recurrings. And tossed in two new characters as well. Gretta was kind of out of the blue. Shae didn't really have much to do, other than ask pointed questions about how Nicole got poisoned and exactly what Team Earp does in Purgatory. But given that they only got a few minutes each, they were adequate.

I talked a lot about Tim Rozon last year. He's been a steady performer this year, since they've reduced the whole "man out of time" angle and given him some subtler places to go with that. Like Doc's old-fashioned attitude toward Wynonna's pregnancy. I liked the poker scene tonight where's he's gambling with a revenant to find out what's going on with Bobo. And the bit where he goes on about his tracking skills and then admits to Wynonna that they're quite virile.

I'm still not convinced that Dominique Provist-Chalkley is quite up to the emotional wringer that they put Waverly through. But she's better than last year.

Next week I'd think Melanie Scrofano gets to take a break as we get an apparently Wynonna-less timeline episode. And figure out a way to bring her back even though nobody remembers her. And then two more episodes to wrap up the whole Clootie Rises main plot and deal with the Widows once and for all. So it should be a busy three episodes.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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