Bravo Media's new original scripted series Imposters, follows Maddie (Inbar Lavi, Gang Related), a persona shifting con-artist who is as beautiful as she is dangerous.


A master-of-disguise, she gets men and women to fall in love with her, marries them and then disappears with their money and just enough dirty inside information to guarantee they will never go to the police. Leaving her unwitting victims tormented when they realize they have been used and robbed of everything – including their hearts, things get complicated when she falls in love with her latest mark, and three of her last victims join together to track her down.

The cast includes: Aaron Douglas, Marianne Rendón, Chastity Dotson, Samuel Patrick Chu, Uma Thurman, Parker Young, Brian Benben, Megan Park, Rob Heaps, Mark Harelik, Inbar Lavi, Katherine LaNasa, Stephen Bishop, Adam Korson

Imposters airs on Tuesdays @10/9c on Bravo. Will you give it the 4 episode test? Vote in the poll below.


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Apr 12, 2017
What did you this of it, now the season has finished?

I should say that I have a big problem with con artists going after normal people, so I had very little, if any, sympathy with Maddie. In fact I was hoping there would be an episode of the 3 victims just bashing the 3 con arts with baseball bats. Sadly that never happened. Ah well.

But, despite that, I did enjoy this. I found it well written and acted. The only member of the cast I knew was Richard, from Suburgatory. Oh and I suppose Uma Thurman, but she was hardly in it.
Apr 13, 2017
Just caught up with it!

Yeah, I get what you mean about the choice of mark. I suppose it's the ethics of affordability and loss. We feel less sympathetic about cons targeting a faceless, wealthy corporation as opposed to the ordinary, human, hardworking person paid pittance in comparison.

I liked it okay, you know...watchable. I wasn't so into the three marks though. It was like the cast of Friends or HIMYM deciding to do a crossover with Hustle and I'm not really into shows like HIMYM/Friends etc.

i didn't know the cast either except for Uma Thurman. She seemed a bit old for the stereotype she tends to play, so she didn't really work so well for me in the role. Just as well she wasn't around so much!

Inbar Lavi is a real find though. I'm enjoying her in Prison Break.

The tie-up was nice with Ezra & Co getting the ring, so I'll tune in if it gets season two otherwise I won't miss it if it doesn't get renewed.

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