Merry Christmas to everyone ! This would be my last post of my favorite episodes list for 2013. See you in 2014 !

The list included short descriptions that might contains spoilers. I tried to keep it to the minimum though.

1 NIKITA S4 E5 (FRI) (CW) 8.2/10

I am very happy that the show was willing to let Nikita come out into the open and tell the truth. Nikita was no longer a fugitive but a hero.

It was short-lived but I am still happy. Most shows would not have come to this point at all. The writers have done justice to this show with this final 6 episodes and is ending the show with a bang.

I am not complaining but they just could not miss the chance to ask Maggie Q to be in her underwear one last time. I am happy she is currently filming in the big Hollywood movie Divergent.

2 Homeland S3 E12 Finale (SUN) (SHOWTIME) 8.1/10

I like last week episode better but I am quite happy with this finale. I am one of those who feel Brody the character should die so that Homeland can do a reboot and give us a new story as exciting as season 1. I hope they do in season 4 or Brody's death would be in vain.

3 Mob City S1 E5 and E6 Finale (WED) (TNT) 8.0/10

If you want to read the review, CLICK HERE. Overall it was a good series though I like last week's episodes better.

4 Masters of Sex S1 E12 Finale (SUN) (SHOWTIME) 7.9/10

I liked the way the series ended. The writers finally gave us what we wanted. The research is "OUT" to the hospital and William Masters is "OUT" about what we knew all along. It should set us up for a good season 2.Poor Libby though.

5 The Carrie Diaries S2 E8 (FRI) (CW) 7.8/10

Last week's episode was good so I was surprised that this one was even better. Are the teenagers more mature in the 80s? I really liked the character of Mouse. Too bad she never appear in the original sex and the city before.If they ever do a 3rd movie, they totally must bring the adult Mouse and Walt into Carrie's life.

My predictions are the cast (main and supporting) all have very bright futures in store for them either in TV or films.

6 Hostages S1 E13 (MON) (CBS) 7.7/10

6 Almost Human S1 E6 (MON) (FOX) 7.7/10
8 Survivor S27 E15 & 16 Finale and Reunion (SUN) (CBS) 7.6/10
Not the winner I want hence the lower rating but the finale and reunion was fun to watch.


I found this 2 days ago. It is done by Crackle who is slightly lesser known than Netflix and Hulu but they do original shows. The comedians getting coffee in a car show is done by them.

It starred Milo Ventimiglia which I did not know I missed till I watched Mob City. The second season had been released. I have just finished season 1 six episodes of 22 minutes each. The premise is a bit far fetched but quite exciting nonetheless. It is like a thriller movie. The way season 1 ended was with a cliff hanger. I am happy there is a season 2 or I would have been pissed ! I recommend it for those who liked Milo and those who got nothing to watch this Christmas. I would be watching season 2 this Christmas if I can find the time.

10 Getting on S1 E3 (SUN) (HBO) 7.4/10

11 Mom S1 E 12 (MON) (CBS) 7.1/10