And we're back to the regular schedule, with no online sneak previews. So now I have to watch the show just like the people who don't want to watch it online or don't have the necessary online speed.

For starters, what's with the title? "Pequod". The only significance I can find to it is that it's the ship in Moby-Dick. Unless they're talking about the Pequot. Either way, there doesn't seem to be any tie-in with either of those. Unless the writers are somehow equating the great white mist with the Great White Whale. The two dork game-store clerks, Vic and Ted, do use a spear gun to hook some shopping carts and pull them in. But one spear gun does not a Moby-Dick allusion make.

Anyhoo, now they split the survivors up even further. Kevin, Adrian, Mia, and Bryan escape the church and discover that cars with circuit boards don't work. They make their way to a nearby gas station, and nothing in the mist attacks them. No shadow figures, no buck-throwing bad guys (they didn't give a buck this week?, no giant moths. We do find out the mist gets thicker when people are around, which... how do you tell?

Our Gang 1 also stumbles across a plot contrivance... umm, I mean, a young boy's body. This will be important later, so take notes, class.

They get to the gas station/mini-mart but find nothing. Then Clay shows up with an older truck and talks about finding his son. Who is turns out is the dead kid they saw in the mist. Kevin, that leader of men and children's book writer, advises everyone not to tell Clay that his kid is dead. Mia has enough of this bullshit, tells Clay eventually, and he goes all berserk on them. And shoots Bryan in the leg, setting up next week's episode "The Waiting Room" where they have to get him to a hospital.

Thanks to a lot of unspoken dialogue, Clay decides to let them use his truck to get Bryan to the hospital. He sets off into the mist to look for Toby, because either a) he doesn't believe Our Gang 1 or b) he's so obsessed with this one family member (what happened to his wife?) that he's going to continue the hopeless search. But that doesn't make Toby the Great White Whale. Although in the comics. Although in the comics, Tobias Whale was a really big albino. So maybe the creative team is trying to do some weird comic book crossover.

But enough meandering. At least on that subject. Meanwhile, at the mall with Our Gang 2a, Gus and Jay break out some games. No Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan as far as I could tell. Cards Against Humanity seems strangle appropriate. Jay decides to pass a football a few times, and Zoe, who is... someone connoted to Vic and Ted, tells him that they only want his opinion if it involves date rape. Alex wanders by and plays a round of catch with him, and then wanders off.

I'd add at this point that we have no idea what the names of half these people are. As a recapper, I really hate that. Vic does eventually mention Zoe's name. But involves a lot of placeholding, so if you ever see an Xxx in my recaps, that's why.

Meanwhile Our Gang 2b is off in their part of the mall. Alex decides to read Generic Young Girl #1 (we eventually find out her name is Lila, and her mother is Shelley) a book and takes her to the bookstore to read what sounds like a really annoying book about an owl that's afraid of the dark written by her father Kevin. Meanwhile, Eve tells her new gal pals Kimi and Shelley that she really doesn't like Kevin because he always gives in to Alex.

Our Gangs 2a and 2b cross paths when Vic decides to reel in the shopping cart corpses from last week, and uses a spear gun to do it. When one of the carts gets stuck, Vic's buddy Ted goes out. Dumb ass. He gets killed, the door gets broken, and the mist spreads in.

What follows is a really confusing sequence where Vic runs through the bookstore. The mist follows him, and shadow figures in it "attack" first Lila and kills her. And then approach Alex and don't kill her. Why? Who knows? When she comes out, for some reason Alex lies and tells Group 2 that she fought it off and nobody asks, "Wow, that would really be useful to know how you did it. How did you do it?"

Group 2b holds a wake for Lila and Alex finally admits that she stood there and did nothing. Shelley is so disgusted that Alex lived (and lied) while her daughter Lila died that she goes to join Group 2a. Oh, and Group 2A votes to exile Vic into the mist because he endangered them. They give him a couple of baseball bats and three days of food, shove him out the door, and he disappears into the whiteness.

And then we have the new Group 3, which is what's left of Group 1 once Kevin and his gang left and became the new Group 1. Got that? Good. It's Connor, Priest Romanov, and Nathalie at the church. With the lead pipe, but no gun because Adrian took Connor's gun. Connor is real broke up about this for about 30 seconds until Nathalie gives him a pep talk.

Romanov tells some dead-eyed teenage boy that he's confronting the Apocalypse and he is determined to save his new parishioners. Nathalie finds a spider and talks about how it's her God. She puts it into a jar and plays a lot of Itsy-Bitsy Spider with it. Romanov tells Dead-Eyed Kid (they never do say his name) that what he did to him was harsh but it saved his soul. And then does something harsh to save Nathalie's soul: he dumps the spider and squashes it, but lots of baby spiders grow in the jar. Nathalie and Connor are both fascinated by this, and see it as a sign of... something. Why we're supposed to care about any of this, I have no idea.

Maybe the spider is some kind of poke at the TV mini-series It, where the creative team seemed to totally fail to get the idea that It only looks like a spider but really isn't. So they ended the mini-series with the adults crushing a giant spider. Heck if I know. It makes more sense than what we see.

And four episodes in, that's the main problem I have with The Mist. There's no one here to care about, and the plot makes no sense. The mist shows you figures from your past. It slams you into doors. It guts dogs and bucks. It manifests shadow figures that turn you into black crispies in a matter of seconds. It makes you moth tattoo sprout wings. It kills you with no marks whatsoever. It does none of above.

Say what you will about Stephen King, but at least his novella The Mist presented some pretty basic ground rules. Yeah, it doesn't say exactly what is in the mist. But if you go out into it, you get killed by something nasty. The end.

As for the characters... I don't mind an ensemble cast. But sheesh, absolutely no one here is likely. I guess that Kevin is supposed to be the protagonist. But he refuses to tell a grieving father that his son is dead. He still treats Mia like crap. Nobody else is any better. He's racing to get back to Eve... who tells her new best buds that she doesn't want Kevin there.

Nathalie is probably the most relatable and sympathetic character. Not because she's likeable or anything. But at least she's doing something proactive, even if it involves playing with a spider and calling it God. And she keeps talking about the Black Spring. It doesn't answer any questions or solve their current problem, but at least she's doing something.

Unlike Zoo, The Mist isn't particularly fun to watch. There's a certain "What the heck is going on?" mystery to wait and find the answer for. If they bother to tell us. Right now it's like looking at a puzzle that is missing a few pieces.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Jul 16, 2017
Didn't know priests kill spiders? WTF? Wonder what else they'll do when big daddy Spidy returns home to a theatre near u inside The Mist.....Zzzzz!
Jul 15, 2017
Yeah, I agree with your conclusions. It's 4 episodes in and as dull as dishwater. I'm unlike;y to see the 5th episode.

Are you watching Cleverman @Gislef? I note season 2 has started.
Jul 15, 2017
I wasn't aware that it had started. I'll check it out. Thanks!
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