The idea to have the bad parts removed, much like Jerry was removed from the family, takes front and center in "Rest and Ricklaxation". A Sci fi machine removes the toxic side of Rick and grandson after a self destructive adventure that lasts 6 days.

The results are amazing, the paranoid and narcissistic side of Rick is left behind. So are Morty's crippling anxiety and self loathing. But this isn't a tool like Armthony, Morty can't really work his issues like this and becomes a full blown sociopath.

Turns out the machine works based on each individual's definition of toxicity, so Rick's crippling loneliness and irrational attachments are stuck on his toxic self, a toxic self that can't see the bigger picture and is desperate enough to merge back just to save the toxic side of his grandson.

We have seen Morty jealous, we have seen him deeply hurt and not wanting to give Rick the satisfaction to know it, but we have never seen him healthy enough to admit his grandpa is the better man. He doesn't want to merge with his toxic side. It takes Jessica, an elaborated trap and several weeks to get Morty to do the healthy thing and retoxify himself.


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