Well, "Shed Your Skin" was a great episode. Well, a good episode. As a relatively low-budget SyFy show, I'm not sure that Wynonna Earp does "great episodes." But it was better than last week's.

So what does that mean? Girl power! Girl angst! Shooting. Demon-chasing. TV-naked women. Inappropriate sexual dialogue. Wynonna drinking a lot. Everything that makes Wynonna Earp "great."

"Shed Your Skin" was basically the reintroduction to the series we possibly should have got in the premiere episode last week. I guess that episode was to get all of the running and yelling and Black Badge shenanigans out of the way so that they could settle down this week.

The plot? There's several. The basic one, which is more set-up, has an old high school friend of Wynonna's and/or Willa's coming to town to pick up cheap land after last year's events. It turns out the Catholic school that she's renovating into a condo is built on the site of something really really old. And a spider creature and its little spider hatchlings are... protecting it. When Wynonna and Waverly eventually kill them, something else big comes in, kills a demon named Earl that everyone talks like he's been on the show before, leaves a big glowing-red crack on the floor, and... disappears.

There's no sign of Dolls, although he gets a lot of mentions. Meanwhile, the team, such as it is, has Lucado bossing them around. Doc is AWOL setting up at Shorty's Saloon and building a chem lab in the basement to have a woman named Rosalita reverse-engineer... something. Presumably the drug that Dolls was taking.

Waverly and Nicole have their first fight, over Waverly not wanting Nicole involved with Black Badge. Wynonna is having angst about killing Willa, and at least one female black wraith is floating around which may or may not have anything to do with the crack mentioned above. Waverly is angsting about not being a "real" Earp. And Waverly is still going all black-eyed and eating spider embryo. So yum.

So quite the busy episode. Without all the Black Badge shenanigans, we got more of Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc. We got a Doc hat joke and a running joke about his inability to process voice mail. And he's back to his old sneaky ways, since the whole chem lab thing is going on behind the Earps' back. Doc is also blackmailing Lucado into financing Shorty's for him, by stealing the papers showing that she secretly hired mercenaries to kill Dolls. Tim Rozon gets to play more of the scoundrel/anti-hero then he did last week, and Doc and Wynonna have an argument and then

Varun Sarunga is still around as Jeremy the Black Badge tech. He gets most of the sexually inappropriate dialogue, whether it's asking Wynonna if she's "wet" after killing the spiders (they normally live underwater), or blurting out that he has an inverted nipple after Wynonna threatens to catch him in the shower after he walks in on her a time too many. There's some iffyness as to whether he's on "the team" or not: Waverly wants him, Wynonna doesn't.

Lucado tries to seduce Doc, and it's not a pretty sight. He doesn't have any trouble resisting her "charms".

Melanie Scrofano gets to do drunken Wynonna. And kickass Wynonna. And defiant Wynonna. And angsty "Oh nose! I killed my sister Willa" Wynonna. And "I'm still mooning over Dolls" Wynonna.

Dominique Provost-Chalkey (say that five times fast) is still running with the peppy Waverly who gets to go all demonic and eat spider bits when no one's looking.

We also got the wraith creatures and the "big bad", at least for the next few weeks. As I noted last review, Wynonna Earp likes to switch its villains in and out on a dime. So whether they'll hang around or not, or we'll get another big bad in a few episodes, we'll see. I'm still not hugely impressed with the CGi and FX bad guys: say what you will about Michael Eklund, but his fur coat-wearing Bobo last year at least brought some presence to the show.

So overall, "Shed Your Skin" was a nice comeback episode. It was certainly better than last week's episode, but then again, it didn't have to do all the heavy lifting of wrapping up the season 1 finale stuff.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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