I'm… not sure if I should continue reviewing Wrecked or not. It's an odd sensation, but there just doesn't seem to be much to say about it. It's not good. It's not so abysmal that there's really much to analyze about how bad it is. It's below average, and not in a fun way. More in a drunken The Hangover kind of way

But let's recap "Speed", shall we? The main plot is that Todd and Jess decide to get married and throw a wedding aboard the cruise ship/former pirate ship that the survivors made it to last week. You know, the Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Cruise or whatever the heck it was.

The episode starts with Corey showing up. for those who don’t' remember him (like the other survivors),, Corey belongs to the great unwashed mass of extras that seem to personalities or lives because the main characters and a few recurring guest star (Chet, Bruce, Diane from Toledo, last year's Turdhole) get all the screentime, plots, character development, etc.

That had some potential for metahumor comedy. It could parody the trend of TV shows... well, almost everywhere that have a group of people and most of them ended up as faceless extras and the background. But then they drop that and decide to go with the two main-cast subplots. The first is that Owen is unsure if he and Florence are a couple, and if it will continue once they're rescued. And he uses a Speed metaphor to try and explain.

Florence and Owen have their first fight, and Florence goes to the wedding with Corey. She tries to make Owen jealous, and Owen tries to make Florence jealous by dancing with Karen. Who knows what's going on but is happy with it and kisses Owen. Meanwhile, Danny is even needier than usual and ends up in a drunken stupor.

Meanwhile, Steve and Pack decide to search for suits and find a bag full of $165,000 in pirate money. Steve can't keep a secret (even though, as Pack points out, he's a grown human being), and eventually blurts it out to stoner Chet. Chet immediately sobers up, fakes holding a gun on them, and has them take him to the money. We get a running fight in the corridor, and then Pack grabs the bag and drops it overboard. They all come to their senses, and Steve and Chet go back to the party... and Pack reveals that he took the money out of the bag and hid it before he dropped the bag overboard.

The episode ends with a shadowy figure tossing a grenade into the engine room and blowing it up.

Like I said, nothing really happens this week. There were little bits of comedy: I liked Karen's spasmatic dancing and her reaction to finding out that Owen was using her to make Florence jealous. Imagine Locke on Lost doing the same thing.

And I liked Corey's weird "psych!" threats to Owen where he'd praise him when everyone could hear him. And then insult him under his breath so that only Owen could hear him.

Like I said last week, the creative team doesn't seem to have any particular destination in mind at this point. Unless they do some kind of weird crash thing that puts the survivors back on the island, it's not "Wrecked" anymore, is it?

Otherwise, how long can they wander around the Pacific on an ocean liner? It's already getting kind of tedious. Watching Florence and Owen work out their relationship issues while a drunken Danny looks on and tries to break them apart? Not so funny. Anything with Chet? Not so funny. Steve acting like an idiot? Not so funny.

I can't work out what made Wrecked watchable in the first place. The promise of a Lost parody, I guess. But what little spark it had seems to have left now that they're off the island. It's like watching Gilligan's Island after the castaways leave. Which might explain why the TV movie sequels were so unsuccessful.\

So will I continue reviewing Wrecked? Sure, why not. Two more episodes in the current season to go, and I don't have anything else to watch on Tuesday nights this summer. Next season, if there is a next season, we'll see. Because I sure don't see where they go from here, unless they either end up back on the island. Or they cruise the seas like some weird Flying Dutchman.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Aug 11, 2017
I can't believe this got a second season and Powerless got the shaft :(

I agree with you. The show is bad and not even in a trashy let's make fun of it bad.

There was just so much fail on this episode. First, Steve can't keep a secret? That's the same guy who was banging the pirate queen without telling anyone, right?
And isn't he the guy that wanted to keep quite about him killing a guy? So he was going to confess once they are off the island?

And Pack now has the money and has a secret he is hiding from other people? Hmm... So we're basically going to rehash the cannibal sub plot from last season? Where he keeps it in the dark?

Also while we're at it, wasn't the whole point of last episode that the cast can't shower anymore? How are they so groomed?

The only thing this show knows how to do right, is the pop culture references - Like the Selma \ Titanic things last season and even that was a fail this episode.
The Speed analogy is actually a clever one. Yes, it's quite often that we see in movies people in a horrifying or action packed situation get it together but when you think about it, the next day they'll actually have to go on a proper date which would probably fail.
I admit it, I'm biased cause I actually wrote a short script about the situation.

But the problem here is that while the analogy is good, how did it get resolved in the episode? By Owen learning that the actor was replaced? Doesn't he already know that? It's not the same character as what Reeves played, that's the whole point of the analogy!

And while they are at the analogy, doesn't the same apply to Danny? Shouldn't he start realize that even if Owen and Florence break up, once they are back at home he and Owen won't see each other again?

This show simply fails as both drama and comedy.
The writers clearly have no idea what they are doing and randomly shoot everywhere. A lot of shows had a tough time finding their niche and take a while to do it.

But Wrecked seems like a hopeless cause and frankly doesn't seem like they are even trying.

Aug 11, 2017
Florence it fine! I might feel a bit sorry for Corey, if he wasn't such a tool.
Thank god Owen came to his senses.
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