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Shall we begin?

A Title Sequence is simply a few seconds to a half a minute of introduction with the show's title (I know, DUH!). But TV does it in a couple of different ways. Back in the day, a series had a lengthier bits including a recognizable theme and a cast introduction. Like Star Trek, for example. Some of my current favorites that still do that are Sleepy Hollow and NCIS. A trend that appeared with L O S T and others about 10 years ago, was a Title Sequence that are really nothing more than a very cool smash cut. Just like The Blacklist incorporated and Supernatural does with a new version for every season. The cast is then introduced during the episode proper.

Listing these clips of perfection would not do them justice, so I spent a good deal of time editing a video of my favorites. Some are iconic, some have catchy themes, and some like Supernatural are just awesome. I ask for 3 and 1/2 minutes of your time to give it a watch, if nothing else but for the 9 seasons of Supernatural smash cut Title Sequences I compiled. Even on a rewatch, I can't help but think they are each and every one just the coolest.

And just as an aside, which are your favorite Supernatural Title sequences? You have all 9 to choose from. Personally I am going with the bloody credits of the amazing season 5, the shattering glass of Season 6 and this season's burning angel's wings.


So, what are your best Television Title Sequences? List them by themselves if you must, but if at all possible include a clip if you can find one. Feel free to PM me if you need to know how to embed a video clip. YouTube has more than you may think. Easy Peasy. And check back - I will do a poll when I get your suggestions and WE will determine together Television's Best!

As always, I am eager for y'all to show me the error of my picks and amaze me with you own!

- Edshinker

HERE is the Poll based upon all the responses I could fit on the page:

Television's Best Title Sequences (POLL)

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