recently asked for submissions for the Top TV Moments of 2014... but the thing that a lot of users spend time talking about is the bad stuff.

And we’re here to reward the bad stuff with's 2nd, (and possibly annual), Blowie Awards – the worst moments of TV chosen by users/members.

It’s time to highlight the bad stuff!

The rules are simple:

Nominate the shows that you feel suit the categories.

You can nominate shows and actors in multiple categories.

Multiple nominations will be allowed.

Any shows mentioned on the previous post will be added to the poll.

Only shows that have aired new episodes in 2014 are eligible.

You don't have to nominate in every category - every nomination will be counted.

The 10 most popular nominations in each category will go forward to the final poll.

The nomination process will end on Monday 15th December

The polls will be open soon after.


Worst Drama:
Worst Comedy:
Worst Sci-fi/fantasy:
Worst Actor:
Worst Actress:
Worst New Show:
Worst Season:
Worst Season Finale:
Show that has gone downhill the most:
Character you would like to see die:
Worst miniseries/event series or “Special”
Worst male character:
Worst female character:
Character we dislike that we are supposed to Love:
Worst/Completely Unnecessary Flashback Sequence
Least Intimidating Villain
Character that Complains too much
Lead Character that is terrible at their stated purpose
Worst Action Sequence
Worst guest star male/female
Worst couple
Worst kid
Worst plot twist
Worst Show Overall:
The Vicky Achievement Award (named after the creator of the awards) given for prolonged and outstanding disservices to TV: