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This is a review based on the BBC UK airing dates. The Honourable Woman will premier on Sundance TV on Jul. 31.

Also it's possible that the Sundance cut will be different like last year's Top of the Lake
BBC has 8 episodes of 1 hour
Sundance probably 10 of 45 minutes

Review of episode one can be found here The Empty Chair
and episode two here The unfaithful husband.

That must be one big secret and Hugo Blink better not deliver some pension nonsense this time to justify that. Nessa just sacrificed a major piece to the opposition. Someone who saved her life for crying out loud. She did it with great reluctance and tried some old fancy seduce to distract them techniques, but Nathaniel was determined to find the kidnappers. That would lead to the secret coming out and that could not happen. Nathaniel we thought you didn't survive the first episode, but you did. You definitely didn't survive this episode and you made me not eat minced meat for a while.

Oh Rachel you are my favorite right now I loved her lashing out to everybody in the last episode which made her look like a right bitch, but she's not a bitch, she's a mother bear protecting her family. She knows there is something not right about Atika being in their household when Atika is forced to tell that she was kidnapped in Gaza she starts to put the pieces together but it still doesn't make sense to her.
Atika was Ephra's translator who went to Gaza working for his sister. When they came back with baby Kasim, she went back to Ephra to become his housekeeper not to Nessa as a translator as she had taken over the company by then. Rachel is suspicious about this and is glad the police are to who want Ephra's DNA to compare with Kasim and Atika.

I loved that bit of reconciliation with Atika, no matter how misguided, after the DNA test made out that Ephra wasn't the father It showed her to be a warm person after all. I'm not gonna think too much about that DNA test as it looked to me a plot hole the size of the death star.
So Hugh is still sleeping with the boss, but the look on her face when Hugh came in the bedroom with a cup of coffee tells me there is a lot of alcohol involved in that relation.
Hughes function in this episodes is to drop little bombs here and there. He meets with Shlohmo to show him documents which prove that his company hasn't been dealing with Hezbollah and later, what's gonna have a greater impact in the immediate future, with Ephra showing a picture of the driver in Gaza, a woman.

The documents given to Shlohmo are not enough yet to convince Nessa, but she does double check with Nathaniel who did the research on the companies.
So Nathaniel ends up in an abattoir with Gail Gatz who told him it was a stone factory and that her mother was working there doing the books, ....at night. I'm sure Nathaniel knew he was walking in to a trap only not the deadly kind. Gail gets her money, but also a bullet and all loose ends are tied up and the secret is safe again.

except Ephra has been shown a photo of the driver and alleged father of Kasim and it's a woman so if Ephra is starting to ask too many questions will he end up in a meat grinder as well?
What was the meaning of Hugh stalking his ex her secretary passed on a message that said that Hugh loved her, but apparently meant something different, Which she didn't get.
What happened with phase 2?
Why did Nessa take over the company after her kidnapping and what does Ephra know?

Rachel: Actually You know what, I'm happy with Mrs. Stein

Shlohmo: Do you ever enter a restaurant from the front?
Hugh: Rarely. Have you been offert anything?
Shlohmo: I didn't ask.
Hugh: It's free.
Shlohmo: I don't think so.
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Aug 16, 2014
I liked Nathaniel and was a little sad he was killed off.

I just watched episode four and lots of revealations in that episode. It got me hooked. I was hoping you would continue to do the reviews but I think you went to do Utopia instead.
Jul 22, 2014
I don't get it. Why does Nessa throw Nathaniel under the bus??? What do I miss?
Jul 22, 2014
The kidnappers know the secret, which seems to be the most important thing in the world. If Nathaniel finds Kasim he will find out the secret.
Nathaniel was following the money and when you do that you always find your target.
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