I have done a couple of discussion topics this month. The first was the The Most Romantic Moment in Sci-Fi and the other was Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison.

For this one, I decided to leave the "Sci-Fi or "Genre" off the discussion topic to open it up to all sorts of TV. Some shows that aren't typically scary can just freak you the hell out and I am looking forward to those of you who can come up with the unexpected.

Personally, I peed my pants as a little boy (well - I still do today but its like Walter would say, "it's just a squirt") from reruns of The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Even Star Trek TOS had some moments I had to look between the cracks in my fingers as I held my hand over my eyes.

I decided my examples will come from my experiences with TV from the 90's on, since that was when I became (age-wise) a grown up. My college friends most likely disagree.

I narrowed it down further to shows I like, not just scenes that freaked me out once. I have to give honorable mention to Farscape's "Eat Me." That IS Sci-Fi and not a typically scary show. That episode had my tummy sick from start to finish (think a Sci-Fi version of The Walking Dead - while trapped on a starship). And so many things popped in my head from the 3 seasons of American Horror Story - so that is too hard for me to choose from. The scene with the little girl version of Lilith sitting at the dinner table with family, smeared with her cat's blood - that little girl should have won an Emmy. She was terrifying. Supernatural has had so many. As have Dexter, Buffy, and Angel. I cannot WAIT to see which scenes out of those you come up with.

So....I picked one from my first TV obsession...and my latest TV obsession.

*** And we all love feedback and descriptions - but if you can include a clip that would really be cool. Words don't do scenes of this nature any justice.

The X-Files "Home"

Never before and never since have I seen a show that, from start to finish, filled me with so much, dread, nausea, terror and a "WTF" face that I am glad didn't stay that way like my mom told me it would. From what I have heard, networks won't even show this episode in syndication. Brutal, sick, twisted...and just frelling AWESOME!

That was my first TV obsession. Now to my latest:
I threw this one together when I narrowed it down as to how I would choose. And I immediately remembered this scene - so I created the clip. Incidentally, did any of you L O S T fans notice my little "production signature" at the beginning and end of the clip? I made that so long ago when I used to YouTube the brains out of clips from that beloved show. Incidentally, the scene when Michael shot Ana Lucia gave me one of the biggest "jumps" I can remember.

Anyway, Sleepy Hollow is mystical and sometimes a little gruesome... but it is hardly "horror". It works in subtle and not so subtle (like this one) starts and jumps. This show has impeccable timing with it's humor... and it's scares. The way Moloch moves just freaks me the hell out and the last moment, when he rushes the mirror, I litterally jumped back in my chair.

There are so many guys. I cannot wait to hear (and hopefully see!) your examples of terror! Wait. That's kind of twisted in itself, isn't it? MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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