Musketeer role call!

Well, sorta. With "The Trojan Horse," we have Ryan Gage (Louis) and Tamla Kari (Constance), at any rate. And we had Matthew McNulty (Lucien Grimaud) two weeks ago. Ryan Gage seems to have made a career of playing a twerp, given that he plays one here.

To recap: Davey Wells (Gage) is an entrepreneur that has invested in a driverless car programmed by Rachel (Kari). The car goes out of control, plunging Davey's wife Mary into the Thames where she drowns. Harry is in charge of the case, of course, and suspects Davey is responsible. Then he suspects that Rachel's co-worker Woody is responsible. Since the killer is always the last place you look, it turns out that Rachel herself is the killer because Davey was going to take her app away from her. But she didn't really intend to kill anyone.

Since Rachel all but worships her app, Leveler, Harry figures that she went to the bank vault where he kept it. It turns out Rachel has made a bomb out of Sentex. Harry bets her that he can open the six-figure dial on the deposit box, Rachel accepts, Harry does it, and that distracts her long enough for Harry to get them both out and close the vault door before the bomb goes off.

Meanwhile, Harry and Isabella continue being an item. However, bad luck starts turning up everywhere. The car only went into the Thames because of an accidentally weak barrier chain. Harry is almost killed in an apartment fire. Davey dies late in the episode by falling out a window. It turns out a) that was an unlucky "accident", and b) a CCTV across the street was "accidentally" pointed in the wrong direction and captured the incident on video.

Eve warns Harry that Isabella used to be her best friend. She gave Isabella the bracelet, Isabella used her luck, and her two children were killed when the bad luck payback kicked in. Or so Eve claims. Harry sticks with Isabella anyway but begins to have his doubts when Davey's "accidental" death coincides with Isabella texting him suggesting that they do something wicked together. At the end, Harry points out that Davey was innocent of killing his wife, but Isabella just smirks and notes that Davey was guilty of something. Which kinda proves Eve's claim that Isabella is Harry's bad luck payoff since she's a psycho.

On the subplot front, Alistair actually treats Harry like a friend for about 30 seconds. He brings takeout to Harry's apartment and they act like actual human beings for a few moments. But then Alistair figures that Harry is up to something and orders him to get back into a 12-step program.

Sneaky Steve gets sick of Harry and Suri treating him like shit, and hands in his transfer request to Alistair.

Harry stops by Rich's place to get some clothes after his are lost in the apartment fire. Rich smiles and says okay, so I guess they're heading for reconciliation.

Anna leaks some important information on the case to Harry. Her new boyfriend Jonny sneers briefly at Harry before getting suspect Davey released after Harry uses his luck to get into Davey's apartment and arrest him for assault.

Stan Lee pops in for about the most unenthusiastic cameo I've ever seen him make.

The funniest scene is the opener, where Isabella and a tuxedoed Harry are out on the town. In what seems like a homage of Bruce Wayne's parents being killed, a mugger confronts them. He takes Isabella's pearl necklace but the pearls falls off. The mugger trips on them and lets go of his knife, and it flies into Harry's hand. Instead of getting gunned down, the couple leave him tied up to a railing with "Not my lucky day" written on his bald head in lipstick.

There was also a brief bit where Suri follows Harry's example and steals some evidence. When she wonders why she shouldn't be more like him, I liked his comeback: "Well, that is a question you can only answer with a very big drink in your hand."

Overall, "Trojan Horse" was a decent episode. I still like the new more confident Harry who uses his luck to get what he wants when it comes to criminal cases. It also gives James Nesbitt the chance to cut loose a little like he did in Jekyll. Cocky Nesbitt is better than Depressed Nesbitt.

The idea that Isabella is his bad luck is interesting, but now on top of all the seemingly good luck flying around, there's bad luck flying around as well. It's hard to tell which of it comes from the bracelets and which of it is just your standard police drama.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Mar 19, 2017
Stan Lee's performance here is on a par with his other cameo's. It often just depends on how the other characters react to him and Deadpool's reaction on the recent trailer is brilliant. Go to 2:01. I would have done it for you but the site has degraded so much that Youtube shaes are not possible anymore.

Mar 19, 2017
I was conflicted by this episode. The main story was a standard 'whodunnit' (computer hacking) where the fact that Rachel caused the wife to be killed was a let down in the end for me as she was a brilliant programmer. The fact that we, the viewers, were told that accident happened because the event was a few minutes dealyed kinda pissed me off. I like my mysteries to be either logical or understandable basd upon what happened in an episode.

Having said that, the main story about the bracelets didn get thet much attention also. Maybe for Harry the story about Isabella was new, but we viewers have know/expected this so no surprise or new development there.

I know you don't like Anna Clayton (Eve Best), but my opinion off her is a thousand times better then Katie Bowman of Colony. As this site does not do any reviews any more I have not been able to express my low opinion about her so I will do it here :-).

And yet, I do look out for the next episode and like to be surprised by it. The 'trailer' we saw looks very interesting and I am curious how Harry will survive and what luck needs to be counteracted by the circumstances he is in.

And, @Gislef, thanks for doing this.

Mar 20, 2017
I don't watch Colony, although my SO does. It's on... Thursday, right? My schedule is kinda busy that night. If Powerless were a 60-minute show, I probably wouldn't have time to do that.
Mar 19, 2017
I did like the notion that Isabella is Harry's bad luck. But my main issue with this season is that now Harry has plenty of free time. His family is no longer in danger, yet he doesn't seem to want to do anything about the bracelet like investigating it?

He doesn't seem to bother asking Isabella or Eve anything about it or question things on his own. Heck, he could just always randomly search books and get lucky, right ? ;)

Last season Harry was "busy" with his family being under attack by Golding, but now that's done with. And he has several people to ask about the bracelet but does nothing with the issue.

I'm also betting on Isabella to be out of the picture by season's end with a potential comeback. She's essentially the "Faith" to Harry's "Buffy" which make a good nemesis but can't stick around too long.
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