An emotional response is the gold ring television reaches for. They seldom succeed, but the times that they do are ingrained in our memories. Nothing stimulates the remembrance of a television scene like something that has bonded to us emotionally. Well, maybe smell…but since scratch and sniff television is not within current technology, we will have to go with a more abstract angle.

Happiness? We have all let out a little cheer when the good guys win. Or the bad guys. I guess it depends on how we view the characters. Laughter? We already covered some of the funniest moments with Funniest Moment in Sci-Fi/Genre Televison. Most frightening? Right here (The Scariest Moment in Television History) . And if you missed it – here you will find the discussion on The Most Romantic Moment in SciFi TV with the click of a mouse. But IMHO, what cements a scene in to our psyche…what stays fresh in our hearts and thereby stimulates our minds to always remember – are the scenes that make us cry. When what we see and feel goes from our brains to our heart…then to our souls – we do not ever forget what we have witnessed. I think what makes scenes like this so very impactful is that, without loving (not liking, loving) the characters involved in such a scene – it will not have the kind of impact that brings tears. You can feel for the character that dies…but unless you care for the characters that are still living – it doesn’t pack too much of a punch. Normally, a death scene should be emotional. But when TV gets it wrong, we sometimes give a “whoop whoop” when a character dies. I am thinking most recently when Danny was killed on Revolution. The only thing that could have improved that scene was killing Charlie along with him. Now, I give a mea culpa on that now – because over the course of this season, I have grown to like Charlie a lot. If she were to die in her mom’s arms this season, I am not sure I wouldn’t be affected. But that brings me to another component that seems to have a huge influence in the “water works”.

Anger. When you mix the sadness of an event with the anger that it is unjust or untimely… at least for this guy the freaking faucet turns on. It is a simple formula for me: Love + Injustice + Loss = Wailing. The hard thing about sharing these moments with others is that – if part of that equation is missing, it is doubtful you will be angry and/or sad enough to cry. You could be one or the other and it could be enough to bring a tear…but that emotional cascade is unlikely to be really memorable. Or not. We all feel so subjectively different it is really hard to pinpoint. So when someone shares the feeling with you regarding a scene, I have found you share a closeness you never had before. I digress, my point is, when it happens…it really happens. And if it is shared – all the more.

And then are the happy tears - which really should be (and WILL be) a whole different article because those are such different television moments. So let us save that one for next time, shall we? Let’s be specific here and go with those heart-wrenching moments that make you bare your soul through the tears from your eyes. Again – as with all these Discussions I have written, I ask you to provide a clip if at all possible. I know getting clips can be tough, especially considering the arcane copyright laws regarding creating clips from current shows. Do what you can. Some networks are more anal than others. But even better (in my feeble mind) would be if you can paint a picture through your words of what happened and why we should we care. Those that agree with you, well, tears might be easy. But if a person sheds that tear from simply seeing or reading about a scene you offer – well, I think that person may be checking out that show in the very near future. Nothing can bring us closer, to anything more… than a good cry.

Thank you Vicky for this amazing idea for one of my silly “adjective discussion articles”. It is a wonderful idea and… look… I have something in my eye….

As for my own examples, I don’t even have to search my addled brain by just concentrating on favorite shows. The first, well it is a favorite show now. I have been "marathoning" it over the last two weeks. I watched most of the 1st season when it aired, but then life got in the way and I had missed the rest. The only shows that I fell in love with this fast were Sleepy Hollow, Fringe, and Farscape. Being this is a Rockne O’Bannon show – it kind of makes sense. I got dust in my eye last night watching this. But make no mistake, that same dust appeared again as I edited the video clip:

The next is the other O’Bannon show and my favorite TV ever. But I am not playing favorites. My love for the show in general would not had me in tears. It was that love for the two characters + the injustice of such an awful end + the anger that they could never seem to have their love remove them from the evil of the universe and, of course, = a heart-wrenching loss:

Now. Break out the tissues and suck it up, gang. We need your moments that triggered your heart and your soul and made your eyes spring a leak! And remember – we will do those tear-inducing HAPPY moments next time.

You rock Vicky.

- Edshrinker

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