Get it off, get it off, get it off!

After a few decent episodes, it's like the Wrecked creative team forgot everything they had learned--which admittedly wasn't much--and set out to do the least unfunny episode ever seen on TV.

So with "Tony Pepperoni" we get two storylines this week. First, Rosa abducts Owen and tells him that she's pregnant. Which given that they only met two weeks ago isn't that convincing. But Rosa is insane. And now played by Erinn Hayes (Children's Hospital, Worst Week, Hotwives of Las Vegas). Word to the wise: if Eliza Coupe (the original actress from season 1) won't return your calls, you're probably doing something wrong.

Anyhoo, nu Rosa decides that she wants an abortion. Owen goes to Florence for help and convinces her to pose as a doctor at a fake clinic which is just real enough to convince the insane Rosa. Florence manages to convince Rosa to have the "baby," but then convinces her that she's going into labor, grabs a rock, and says that it's the newborn boy. Apparently being insane not only makes you crazy but highly suggestible, because Rosa swallows all of this. Then she gives birth to a second "baby", a golf ball. Rosa decides to dump Owen and raise the babies with Javier, the rock or whatever that Rosa painted a face on and believes is one of the surviving passengers at her camp.

Meanwhile, Todd recovers from his injury and decides to beat up Chet for having sex with Jess while Todd was gone. Chet is a decent enough fighter to stun Todd long enough to tell him that he used to be a successful businessman. However, he turned to drugs and became a burnout when he heard his wife in the next room with some guy, cheating on him. The cheater jumped out the window and Chet's life went downhill.

Todd remembers cheating on some guy by having sex with his wife and then jumping out a window when the husband came home. So he figures Chet means him, and after Jess gives Todd a pep talk about how they have to live in the present, Todd tells Chet the truth.

Turns out that Chet's wife was cheating on him with a naked black guy. And that Todd was cheating on some other guy in the same group of condos. Chet is impressed that Todd was man enough to admit that he cheated on Chet even if he didn't cheat on him, and hugs him. The end.

It's about as funny as it sounds. Which is to say not at all. There's no mention of the pirates, Steve disappears, and Danny, Karen, and Pack are barely present. I fail to see why they keep giving us more of Chet (George Basil), who has the dubious distinction of being the unfunniest character on the show. And they paired him up with Todd, who isn't much better as he reverted to almost full idiot mode here.

The only good thing about the episode was that we very briefly saw Diane From Toledo when Todd attacks Chet. It's her first appearance in season 2, so it's good to know she didn't wander down a hatch or something.

I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish this episode. What little humor there was to be had from Rosa going nuts has long since expired. They briefly lampshade the fact that a different actress is playing Rosa, but so what? Nu Rosa isn't any better than Old Rosa.

Unless you were waiting for a sequel to last season's "Javier and the Gang" (and that wasn't that funny, either), there's really no reason to watch "Tony Pepperoni." Unless you like watching an insane woman act all insane about being pregnant. And more of Chet. In which case, "Tony Pepperoni" is the episode for you.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Aug 02, 2017
You really seem to hate this show so why keep watching it? Are you chained up in a basement somewhere where they are making you write reviews or they will kill your family? I'm confused here. Do you need help? Don't worry sir this will all be over soon.
Aug 02, 2017
I certainly thought the episode was poorly written and acted, for the reasons I stated. If you disagree with them... well, that's why I post in general. To start discussion. Feel free to state why you disagree with my reasons.

I review because I'm a editor of the show, and have an unpaid obligation to review: a commitment made to myself. I review when it's bad, I review when it's good. Whether I would have made the commitment to review in 2016 if I'd known the series would have produced episodes like this one... well, who knows? But it is what it is.
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