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  1. I was the one who came out with the idea for our own reader's list but I did not do this exercise to criticize the writers. I enjoy Noel's reviews tremendously (except when he hated stalker). I am warming up to Katlin. I do enjoy some of Cory's reviews too. The original writers list was from a combination of eight writers/staff. I disagree with some of shows and ranking on their list but they are entitled to their opinions just like all of us.
  2. I merely wanted to see what is the difference if we made our own list. That was the main objectives of this exercise.
  3. I want to thank everyone who graciously participated. Special thanks to Rolamb, Elisadiaz, Syrinx2 and Trevplatt for their support. Rolamb had provided most of the pictures and wrote some blurbs. Elisa, syrinx2 and Trevplatt contributed too. So this is a combined work of five different TV.com members from five different nations. All of us are NOT professional writers so please do not expect the standards of TV.com writers. We did our best given the time we could put in. Rest assured though, all of us wrote from our heart and the person in charge of writing that particular blurb are fans of that particular show.


1) There were a TOTAL of 205 shows just from 47 people. There is NO single show that appears in ALL 47 lists. Not even GAME OF THRONES OR BREAKING BAD. This is proof of how fragmented TV is these days. With the availability of wide numbers of networks and TV shows, we are just spoil for choices. Gone are the days where the whole office talks about the same show.

2) Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones were the runaway winners. At one point, Breaking Bad was winning by a margin but I guess the GOT fans made it just in time. The main difference is people who ranked Breaking Bad highly also ranked GOT highly (like me) while there are some others who rank GOT but do not have Breaking Bad on their list or have it much lower. Perhaps there are some who had not watch breaking bad yet. GOT seems to have a larger appeal.

3) Not a single person wrote Drunk History, The Following or Under the Dome in their list. That is just great news ! This is my personal opinion, sorry to those who are fans of the above shows.


1) The writers ranked my favorite show The Good Wife at number five, you guys ranked it at fifteen. There is no love for LOUIE or Enlightened on OUR LIST. On the bright side, we have BANSHEE, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards and The 100 ALL quality shows that the writers ignore. I am especially glad Banshee is in as it deserves to be.
2) More than half the shows on our list are review weekly by TV.com. So did the writers influence us to watch the shows or is it because of our love for the shows that persuaded the writers to do the reviews? I guess it is a chicken and egg question. I been on this site since 2011. I have personally witness the latter. If I recall correctly, WE were the ones who suggested reviews of Orphan Black and Banshee because they are awesome. Most of us started both shows from episode one and they were good right from the start. Finally the writers caught up, watch the two shows and did the reviews (please correct me if I am wrong).
Anyway, all of us just want to enjoy good quality TV. So as long as it is good, whether writers or readers, please do introduce to the rest of us.

So here goes... *DRUM ROLL*...the MAIN COURSE !

*There might be some spoilers in the blurbs for each show so you are warned* *Skip them if you need to*

* Again Credit given to Rolamb for helping with the pictures. *


We have 31 shows on our list because the last spot is a tie with two shows having the exact number of points. As I want to be inclusive (pun intended), I did not use any rules to separate them.
An interesting fact is BLACK MIRROR, ARCHER and SUITS were occupying this spot at one time till the last few entries kick them out ( I will released TOP 31-50 if enough people wanted it).

30. TEEN WOLF (82 points)

(By ELISADIAZ) - Even if you look at this show from a non-teen perspective, you can still find reasons enough for it to make our list. The teen group follows a leader that is intuitive, strong, good-hearted and believes in preserving human life. A much better message to send to young people instead of you know, counting the number of broken necks per episode. It is still a dark and scary enough tale to keep teen viewers interested. The process of werewolf wild transformations and brutal feelings seems to speak to the teenagers own experience of changing into young adults.
There is great chemistry between Posey and O'Brien, and a very decent cast in general. Original and varied storylines, with sometimes shorter than season arcs, so that you never get bored of it. I have no doubt that this show will speak deeply to a whole generation growing up, and bring to the rest of us a lot of fun in the process.

30. 30 ROCK (82 points)

(By TREVPLATT) - I should disclose that I didn't include 30 Rock in my own top 20. It'd been so long since I'd seen it that I forgot how good it was. After committing to write this and watching a few episodes, including the last four of the series, I now regret not including this work of Tiny Fey's genius somewhere in my list. The blend of comedy styles, oddly timed segues and unique zaniness made this NBC mocking sitcom an absolute joy to watch. Although often scathing, not just to its parent network but to the industry in general, the show remained in love with the TV industry and treated it with a lot of respect (veiled in humour). Forever upbeat despite the challenges of life, and Tracy & Jenna, they brought to life some truly selfish but nonetheless lovable characters played by a great ensemble cast. The show also captured some amazing, and surprising, guest stars and recurring characters and with the consistently high level of writing, 30 Rock became one of the last great additions to the now legendary “NBC Thursday Night Comedy Block”.

28. ELEMENTARY (84 points)

(By MARL) - This is the only procedural I watch (I still say The good wife is not procedural). I personally did not rank it in my top 20 as I found some "case of the week" a little boring. I do get excited when the show has multi-episodes arc. It usually means its has a larger more exciting tale to tell. What I like best about the show is how the writers are constantly evolving the relationship between Sherlock and Watson. That is just such a delightful thing to watch. I like the new addition of Kitty this season and her multi-episode arc. I hope we have not seen the last of Kitty. I love the chemistry between Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Two very good professionals. I am glad people here like it enough for it to made our list.

27. DOCTOR WHO (92 points)

(By ROLAMB) - How can a series that has been around for over 50 years still be on top? Is it as good as those long running soaps on TV? Well, I would wager it is better. After the (more or less) resurrection in 2005, the last five years have given us the highs and lows one can expect from a series with such a history. January 1st 2010 started with the emotional goodbye of the tenth doctor (at least for me) and gave us the eleventh who came in hanging from the base of the Tardis. He brought a new and youthful zest into the stories that we had not seen before. With the last, 12th incarnation, we are back to the grittiness we knew and had loved before we got to know 11. That is the thing about The Doctor, he seems to be able to pull off anything, solve any problem in any time and in any incarnation with any companion, but not without facing many problems. How wonderful is that!

26. HOMELAND (94 points)

(By MARL) - If this list was done in 2011, Homeland will probably made it higher. Everybody loves season one . There were some love for season two. By season three, most think it was a mess but I feel the show did redeem itself in season four. Glad it still made our list.

25. SHAMELESS (US) (96 points)

(By MARL) - Shameless started off as one of those British adapted series. The reactions to such show from most are "
why do we need a copycat series, just go watch the original one."
I think sometimes the gamble pays off. This is a good example. There are enough people on this site that love the US Gallaghers for it to made our list. This is one of the few shows that keeps improving every season. It is currently enjoying one of its best season. Even Frank have something else to do rather than just annoying everyone.

This show also showcase the best young talent in the country. Everyone has a favorite Gallagher children. From what I heard, it is now a different show from the British version. Give it a chance if you have not watch it yet.

24. The BIG BANG THEORY (110 points)

(By ROLAMB) - Although The Big Bang Theory has been around since 2007, from 2010 on the series took a few turns. Where the first series were about four male nerds and the gorgeous neighbour of two of them (and lots of scifi references or geekdom), the series evolved (or changed) to an almost Friends-like setup. Over the last five years three of them got steady girlfriends, the fourth now also has a girlfriend and even one got married. It’s now about a quartet of intellectuals (more or less) and their significant others. We lost most of the scifi references, Sheldon even never mentions he hates Babylon 5 anymore. But due to these changes, the show acquired a lot of new fans who were less nerdy and the old ones have stayed. The number and sort of laughs have changed, but it is still very much in the top of what comedy can offer.

23. MAD MEN (112 points)

(BY ELISADIAZ) - Over the last few seasons, this AMC drama has lost some support from critics and viewers. However, it managed to maintain its quality and unique look of vintage movie, in an elegant display of every aspect of fashion and culture of the periods it covers. Through the lives of an excellent set of characters, it reviews the evolution of modern society and its interpretation of the world, through the advertising campaigns of the 60's. That visual beauty makes cruel contrast with the ruthless ugliness of the human nature depicted.

The character at the core, Don Drapper, is a complete fabrication even for the man that wears the name and face. He will gradually abandon that cover, come out of the cocoon, but not without falling first through every lowest level of self-torture and pain, carrying everyone around down the hole with him. The women in his life, romantically involved or not, have been made into great characters themselves and gave us, women viewers, somebody that we could identify with while Don would solve his never ending issues.

21. BOARDWALK EMPIRE (119 points)

(By MARL) - Boardwalk is a prime example of mixing historical characters with ficitional ones. The production was big and ambitious. Visuals and costume design were excellent. There aren't that many show that gave us such a diverse colorful characters and villains. I doubt viewers will ever forget Agent Van Alden, Richard Harrow, Mickey Doyle, Eli Thompson, Chalky White, Gillian Darmody, Arnold Rothstein, Al Capone and Lucky Luciano (the last three being actual historical figure). The actors/actress who played them are all excellent.

Some viewers gave the show up because of what happens to Michael Pitt in season two but so many good villains came after that. Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale) from season three was my favorite and I know many here love to hate Dr. Valentin Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright).

21. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (119 points)

(By ELISADIAZ) - You don't even have to be interested in the main character (Piper Chapman) to get a lot from this show, as everything else is so compelling. The opening sequence of different faces and Regina Spektor's song introduce well what we are going to enjoy here: a whole universe of women, confined and forced to interact with each other.
The orange suit that seems to make them all equal, will also allow us to know who they really are in all their diversity, through real conversations about what actually matters to them, and making each character a world of its own, instead of a pivotal device around a main plot. Excellent actresses and performances bring us all their stories with a certain disguise of comedy, which allows the show to introduce complicated matters to debate, but without an over burden of heavy drama feeling.

20 HOUSE OF CARDS (122 points)

(By MARL) - From the opening theme music and sequences to the end of each episode, HOC gives us a sleek cinematic feel about it. Bolstered by strong performances from Spacey, Wrignt and the rest of the cast and strong directing, HOC is a cynical take on power and corruption.

The first two seasons is about how Frank Underwood using despicable ways to push himself to become the US president. The motto of the show seems to be Frank always wins but it is so much fun watching how he manipulate everyone in his favor.
Kevin Spacey recently told the Gotham magazine former President Bill Clinton mentioned it is 99% real.

19. RECTIFY (129 points)

(By MARL) - Rectify had an interesting strong story to tell. I cannot remember another TV show that had the same premise. A man who was locked up for 19 years was finally released. The story is told from his point of view.

Like a fish out of water, he has to adapt to a brand new world that has move on fast without him. The series also explore how the different family members react to him rejoining the family. It was created by Ray McKinnon (fans of SOA would remember him as a major guest star in the 4th season). He has done a very good job at writing and directing. I would describe the show as slow but mesmerizing.

I strongly encouraged those who have not tried to join in now. Season one is especially good and it is so different and fresh from the other TV shows we usually watch. Aden Young probably should have won some major award.

18. VIKINGS (139 points)

(By SYRINX2) - Three seasons in, we are still following Ragnar Lothbrok and his family in the pursuit of power and love. Love for the gods as well as man. A border that is at times very thin in Vikings.

Splendid vistas and battles reminiscent of Spartacus as well as Game of Thrones, but on a more Nordic verse. As a Swede, I feel HISTORY (the channel) is true to history in many regards. They showcase the use of sunstone as well as sacrificial ceremonies pretty well.

The cast, fronting Travis Fimmel as Ragnar, aspiring Viking brute with icy-blue eyes. Themed with the ever present ruthlessness of Viking history, we meet the monks at Lindisfarne as they get a visit by the Long-ships. The northmen have a trail of bairns in their toll as well as a strong cast of strong women.
A must watch as the episodes air for me. Johan Renck directed the show starter Rites of Passage.

17. THE 100 (143 Points)

(By MARL) - I think most people myself included did not expect to love this show when it first aired. It is just two seasons old but it had now garner lots of praise and fandom. Just like the main character Clark, the writers are brave enough to give us many dark and edgy stories. It goes where many teens shows are not brave enough to go.

The 100 have tons of strong and unique characters which are constantly evolving due to the hostile circumstances. The writers have broad vision to include many stories and keep expanding the world. The pace is fast and exciting which definitely helps to draw in even the causal viewers.

16. Orphan Black (155 points)

(By MARL) - How often does a mainstream TV series explores human cloning. OB has an unique story that is densely layered and wildly entertaining at the same time. Its twist and turns makes you want to watch the next episode instantly.

Is there anyone else on TV that is playing so many different roles in the same series? While watching the show, many viewers totally forget that Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena and Rachel are all played by the same actress. That is how good Tatiana Maslany is. Her performance draws and captivate you to that point where you only see the characters and not the actress.

15. The Good Wife (174 points)

(By MARL) - I missed the first one and a half season of TGW. When I first read the synopsis for the show, I did not want to watch it. "The wife of political figure goes back to work after her husband goes astray." What is so interesting about that?

After trying out for the first few episodes I was hooked. I binge all 30 episodes over the next few days and never missed a single episode after that. Wiki describe TGW as a heavily serialized show with many story arcs that also feature stand alone procedural story lines that are resolved or concluded by the end of each episode. It is a rarity among CBS, as most of their shows are procedural.

Most of these case of the week feature interesting current topics and always have at least one interesting guest star. It also has a habit of bring back recurring guest stars and the list is impressive. The supporting cast like Christine Baranski, Archie Panjabi, Chris Noth and Alan Cumming are excellent as well.

14. PARKS AND RECREATION (177 points)

(By ROLAMB) - Will we ever be able to walk outside in our parks and not think about the world that goes on in the Parks and Recreation Department of our town?. Will it be as crazy as the series suggests or is it as dull as so many others perceive civil service? I choose the first option as live is so much better that way. As we can skip that not so good season one as it aired in 2009, the show progressed from that point on. We are treated in the fictional town of Pawnee with manic eccentrics who are anchored by Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope. Her sweetness and optimism brings it all together. Looking back, all the characters were familiar comedy types, but they were the best possible example in terms of humanity and their comic potential. The show was just hilarious.

13. FRINGE (180 points)

(By ROLAMB) - The fact that we can only consider the shows from 2010 on may have worked in the advantage of Fringe, although those last three and a halve season would probably be remembered best by us anyway. Although set up as a "mystery of the week"-type episodes show with plot elements for a long overall story, the show became better and better when it took on a more serialized nature (although still balancing self-contained episodes). The realm was creative (where does one find a parallel earth where Zeppelins still fly and that seems to be fighting the original one), the cast believable in that incredible world and lets not forget, very loveable (f.i. John Noble as Walter Bishop). Although we might despise Fox for axing other shows, they gave this show a fifth (though shorter) season to wrap the story up.

11. THE WALKING DEAD (215 points)

(By MARL) - I am not a Zombie fan and probably watch 1 or 2 zombies movies my whole life so I did not watch season one when it came out. I heard very good reviews about it and decided to give it a go. The first season remains my favorite. It was exciting, scary and fun all at the same time. The pace was fast and I binge all the 6 episodes in a day.

The show runaway success led to more seasons and episodes. Some say TWD is now catering to the masses. Some think TWD is getting draggy. I agree these days TWD have more average (some would call it bad) episodes than awesome ones. Often we do not know what the pace of the next episodes will be.

Well, I guess part of the fun is not knowing what you going to get. There is a huge following on this site but not everyone put it on their list or rank it highly. I personally feel it would rank higher if the show was more consistent and follows the pace of season one.

11. COMMUNITY (215 points)

(By ROLAMB) - 2015 will be the last year on tv for Community. I know it’s been said over and over again, but every time it was contradicted with the fact that we needed six-seasons-and-a-movie. This is the sixth season so the next step is the movie. The story of a community college that attracts people who look normal but will act (at least a bit) weird when put in the right situation, has been the basis of creative tv making we have not seen the like over the last five years. Even season four, without the creativity of Dan Harmon, proved to be far better than almost all other comedies. That season proved how strong the characters had grown as they were able to uphold the quality. Although it has never even been nominated for something like an emmy, the critics and viewers loved it and it will undoubtedly grow its cult status over the coming years.

10. TRUE DETECTIVE (242 points)

(By ELISADIAZ) - This is about a pair of cops solving a crime, so one would think that we have seen enough not to be surprised about anything that can come out of it. And yet, here we stand, applauding the great time that this set of 8 episodes gave us, and rating it high in the list of top shows from the last 5 years with only 1 season in. The keys are the well maintained pace, the double structure of the story told 17 years apart, the road trip conversational window to the mind of the characters, the beautiful scenery work with Louisiana landscapes and people, and of course, the outstanding performances of both main leads,Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

9. FARGO (255 points)

(By MARL) - Many were surprised at how good Fargo is. The 1996 movie of the same name it was adapted from had a cult following. It was a hard act to follow.

Fargo the TV series was smart enough to tell a different story but set it within the same universe as the movie. This appease old and new fans. Billy Bob Thorton, Martin Freeman and new comer Allison Toiman put in great performance that was rewarded with many major TV awards.
I would describe it as a dark comedy crime thriller TV series.
The series make many small references connecting to the film. At the beginning of each episode, the superimposed text below always appear just like the film.
"This is a true story. The events depicted took place in Minnesota in 2006. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred."
I always chuckle upon seeing this line. It is Coen brothers way of joking with the audience and the show runner for the TV series Noah Hawley adopted. Just so we are clear and TV.com readers do not think it is a April fool joke. The writers had confirmed that the above line is completely fictional.

8. JUSTIFIED (259 points)

(By MARL) - Going into Justified, I had no idea what kind of show it is. I watch the show because of my man crush on Timothy Olymhont. I was very impressed with his work on Deadwood. The first scene of season one episode one had Raylan Givens taunting Miami mob boss hitman Tommy Bucks into a quick draw. It was "justified" shooting as the hitman drew first and Raylan killed him in self defence. Raylan meant it. It is his "justified" way of removing a bad guy. From then on I was hooked. I thought it was a big adventure in Miami but the series had Raylan go to a small town Harlan county. It turns out to be a great ride with delightful dialogue and quirky characters.
The theme song Long Hard Times to Come remains the ringtone to wait me up every morning for the last five years.

7. BANSHEE (263 points)

(By SYRINX2) - We meet our hero with no name. Within the first 17 minutes, he killed seven people after being released from prison. He beds a broad before the 20 minute mark and escapes a murderous east European mobster. Then he runs away with a cross dressing hacker and blows up buildings.

With a start as this, one would guess it would wound down to a laughable c-level series. But no, it adds volume to the intensity and sports the most vibrant and well executed fight scenes of modern times. Period.

As leading cast member, Antony Starr is brilliant. A trademark of Banshee is the clever use of flashbacks and added content via opening and closing credits as well as supporting clips online.
A small town drama spiced with a pinch of Amish religiosity and native American Casino deals.
Follow the white rabbit and you'll have a blast.
Anastasia, Job, Hood and all the cast is well worth a hard viewing.
It's hard.
It's sexy.
It's Cinemax.
Creators supreme are Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler.

6 THE AMERICANS (267 points)

"Its really about 2 Russians living in america who have access to the best wigs ever! Oh, they occasionally kill people too! Watch for the wigs, tune in for the violence!" - Fellow TV.com reader KyriacosSpano

5. HANNIBAL (291 Points)

(By TREVPLATT) - Oh, this show. How many of us thought when NBC announced another re-boot of a popular film in lieu of any original thought, that a Hannibal Lecter TV series was going to stink? I know I did. I didn't even add it to my list because I thought it would be cancelled before it even aired an episode. I was wrong. This show has taken the art of creating a crime scene to such a level that the crime scene itself is art. Few shows out there look as stunning and disturbing as Hannibal.

The cast is great but the two leads are exceptional and they've taken the psychological sparring to a whole new level. This is another show that isn't afraid to kill off a character here or there, but not content with just depriving us of a great character they then turn them, literally, into a beautifully grotesque scene of expressionism, laying out the characters personality flaws for all to see. Add this to the wonderfully subtle mind games and slithers of truth that frustrate our protagonists and NBC, yes that's NBC, have brought us one of the most compelling series of the last five years.

4. PERSON OF INTEREST (301 points)

(By ROLAMB) - Who would have thought that when Finch recruited Reese to save the number of the week, that procedural turned into probably the most intelligent show with a multiple season arc on television these days. Where The Machine, just like Deep Throat for Bernstein and Woodward, was just a number providing character in the first season, he/she is now at the epicenter of said arc. But next to that overall arc, there are smaller arcs about criminal syndicates, even smaller arcs about persons and still the weekly numbers. But, we were not only treated on those arcs but also on characters we’ve come to love, independent of how sociopathic or sometimes criminal they are. And because the writers also do not shy away from getting them all in real danger (up to being killed), the show keeps us on our toes. That’s why we tune in every week with to see the problem off the week, the pieces that are being shoved around for the overall arc and if all the character will survive.

3. SHERLOCK (342 points)

(By ROLAMB) - The fact that Sherlock is on third position of our list shows that we not only love long procedural or serialised shows from the big networks. Sherlock is a UK show that aired on BBC America. It might also be proof of the fact that TV.com is a US site with lots of users from outside the US. Sherlock has been a hit in many countries outside the UK and US and it should be. Next to the wonderful acting and chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson, the show gave us creativity in solutions that have been used by many other shows since. One fine example is how to make text messages a part of the narrative. In Sherlock, text messages simply pop up as typography hovering around the characters who are either receiving or sending a message.

Although the character Sherlock takes himself very serious (despite calling himself a ‘high functioning sociopath’), the show does not always take itself serious, giving us so many funny moments that feel like presents. Although there only have been nine two-parter episodes, the show has earned a position among the best.

2. BREAKING BAD (549 points)

(By MARL) - There is nothing much left to say about this show which had not been said already. I personally think all the praises are deserving. Some fans praise the show's cinematography and scenery. Some love the chemistry (pun intended) of Walter and Jessie. Some love the excellent acting of Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris.

What I enjoyed most personally is how Walter always use his intelligence to get out of impossible hopeless situations. I especially like how he overcomes the bigger bad.

I love the writers for coming out with smart creative elaborated setups and I will always remember the methylamine train heist and that big magnet.

1. Game of Thrones (646 points)

(By TREVPLATT) - All too often these days words are overused or used out of context, such as genius, extraordinary or epic, but here I feel confident in saying “Game of Thrones is an epic TV series”. Very few shows have been as successfully grand or ambitious and rarely has a genre show captured the imagination of such a wide ranging proportion of the viewing public. Every detail of every scene is carefully produced to create a visually and tonally stunning show, with excellent writing, excellent acting... excellent everything! The shows willingness to slaughter fan-favourite characters whilst elevating hated or relatively unknown characters keeps us on edge throughout every single episode. I am, unashamedly, one of those people who believe we are living in a golden age of unprecedented quality of TV series production and I believe Game of Thrones is undeniable proof of that. Not only is this show one of the best shows of the last five years, it's one of the best shows in the history of television and with each new season improving on the last it has the promise to continue to be one of the best shows for many years to come.

TV.com readers list (31-70) (For those who requested for it)

Archer 78 pts
Suits 76 pts
33) Black mirror 74 pts
34) Louie 70 pts
Continuum 69 pts
Arrow 68 pts
Grimm 68 pts
38) The Killing 64 pts
39) Penny Dreadful 62 pts
40) Dexter 60 pts
Happy Endings 60 pts
42) Broadchurch (UK) 56 pts
42) House 56 pts
44) Black Sails 55 pts
44) Transparent 55 pts
46) Outlander 52 pts
47) 12 Monkeys 50 pts
47) How I Met Your Mother 50 pts
49) American Horror Story 47 pts
49) Spartacus 47 pts
51) Haven 45 pts
51) Masters of Sex 45 pts
51) The Vampire Diaries 45 pts
54) Chuck 44 pts
55) LOST 42 pts
56) Downton Abbey 41 pts
56) Scandal 41 pts
58) Southland 39 pts
58) veep 39 pts
60) Modern Family 38 pts
60) Sleepy Hollow 38 pts
62) Luther 37 pts
62) Silicon Valley 37 pts
62) The Blacklist 37 pts
65) Terriers 36 pts
66) Supernatural 35 pts
67) Boss 32 pts
Da Vinci's Demons 31 pts
69) Sons of Anarchy 29 pts
70) Bob's Burgers
28 pts
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