Blowies (formerly Razzies)

So Vicky8675309 came up with this idea (you can check the original post Here), and at the time I thought it was a good idea. And then she dumped it on "Here monkey boy, polish this turd for me -make it pretty....and smile while you do it bitch!"

I was afraid to say no - when I said no before, she threatened to cut me or make me watch a 'Dads' marathon (I'd prefer to get cut) - so.....

The Best of 2013 nominations are currently being decided....which, I suppose is nice....but the things that a lot of users spend time talking about is the bad stuff.

And we’re here to reward the bad stuff with the Blowies.

What show disappointed you, which character annoyed, what plot line made you think that chimps had written the script? Its time to highlight the bad stuff!

The categories have now been decided!

Nominate the shows that you feel suit the categories. You can nominate shows and actors in multiple categories.
Multiple nominations will be allowed.
Any shows mentioned on the previous post will be added to the poll.
Only shows that have aired new episodes in 2013 are eligible

Polling will start next weekend

The categories are -

Worst Drama:
Worst Comedy:
Worst sci-fi/fantasty:
Worst New Show:
Worst Season:
Worst Season Finale:
Show that has gone downhill the most:
Character you would like to see die:
Worst mini series/event series or “Special”:
Character we Dislike that we are supposed to Love:
Worst/Completely Unnecessary Flashback Sequence:
Least Intimidating Villain:
Character that Complains too Much:
Lead Character that is terrible at their stated purpose:
Most Fake Action Sequences:
Worst leading male (Drama):
Worst leading female female (Drama)
Worst leading male (Comedy):
Worst leading female (Comedy):
Worst leading male (Sci-Fi/Supernatural):
Worst leading female (Sci-Fi/Supernatural):
Worst guest star male (Drama):
Worst guest star female (Drama):
Worst guest star male (Comedy):
Worst guest star female (Comedy):
Worst guest star male (Sci-Fi/Supernatural):
Worst guest star female (Sci-Fi/Supernatural):
Worst couple:
Worst kid:
Worst plot twist:
Worst Show Overall:
Most Blatant Jumping the Shark Moment:
Most Vomit Inducing Excuse for a Romantic Scene:
The F*ck Upper...whats the best show totally neglected (and then took credit for):

The Vicky Achievement Award (named after the creator of the awards) given for prolonged and outstanding disservices to TV:


*Exception to the 2013 Rule* Worst Lifetime Achievement Award (WLAA):

Worst Reality"Show":

Worst move:

Worst Writing:

Worst Family:

Worst Title Sequence:

Worst Concept:


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