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So we're back in the now. back in the ultra widescreen ultra saturated yellow now.

look at that pyramid. You can create an exhibit with stills from Utopia and have a world tour taking in all the major museums of the world and fund the next series from the proceeds, that's how beautiful I think the cinematography is on Utopia.
Jessica is not that interested in the aesthetics of the buildings she's in. Well a little bit she's complaining to her new interrogator that she used to have access to a room with a view, now she hasn't so she draws clouds on the wall. Prisoners tend to get there privileges revoked when they stab their interrogators. I like to think it was the same interrogator that got stabbed by Carvel in the previous episode.

Ross is the name of the new interrogator and he thinks he can get Jessica to talk by being kind to her. Have her tell what the modification is that Phillip Carvel put in Janus. His first act of kindness is Letting Jessica have a bible it's also one that's Fatal for Ross.
Not sure how this would work in the real world but she manages to create a noose out of it and hangs Ross in such a manner that if someone opens the door he dies. Milner being Milner (god she does look like an older version of Rose Leslie) doesn't hesitate in opening the door and thus killing Ross.
In other news.

Arby or as he likes to be called now Pietre and not pieter is domesticated, is a plumber and lives with a mother and her daughter living a simple life. Enter Lee. Now if there is one person who I thought was dead it was Lee so.... Surprise! He blackmails Arby back into the Network with his usual mild mannered but unmistakable threads.

Ian is back at his old IT job and is so bored, he is about to put a staple through his tongue. He shares an apartment with Grant who has hit puberty that made his voice drop a few octaves. Ian uses IT resource to find Becky who did a runner last season.
Becky is doing dodgy things for christian Donaldson who had a face transplant between seasons apparently. Becky and Christian cross paths with Anton. an dissevelt older man who doesn't speak English, but knows an awful lot about Deels syndrome.
All the pieces come together in an abandoned building as Ian and Grant have tracked Becky down and Arby is sent to kill Christian by Milner. Milner and Lee not completely sure Arby is on there side anymore also send in a SWAT team. In the next scene the overriding color is Red as Arby as expected by Milner switched sides and kills the SWAT team.

By the looks of the finale scene Jessica is one step closer to escape as she manage to get the spring out of Ross' pen.

I thought the episode was a step down of the previous episode. Last episode was laser focused on Milner and Carver. This episode was almost like a pilot. Last season had a finality to it. The second season had to restart things get the band back together so it was covering a lot of stuff with not much happening a necessary episode but with the exception of Jessica's and Arby's scenes not that exciting. Now things can move forward again. I'm sure next episode will be better.

  • What is the connection between Deels and the vaccine or Janus?
  • Dugdale is the interim director of Corvad now.
  • It sucks to be a billionaire right. The Network attempts to raise £268 bn, to fund V-day, by killing the Forbes 100 and pocketing the inheritances.

  • How much casual killings can Willson stomach before he switches again. He should look delighted when he heard about the killing of the billionaires, but he wasn't.
  • 16th of November is our ticking clock, V day, when the vaccination starts all over the world, simultaneously.

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