There are a ton of things to consider when a network places a show, they invested money on, atop the chopping block. Using several resources, but mainly the index used by The SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table, I have gathered a group of shows I have seen covered here on and assessed their status for a new season. I have used the aforementioned index to show exactly where they lie in each category. Some are closer to one category or another - so it's important to realize some shows are teetering on the edge one way or another.

I have concentrated only on the major networks (ABC/FOX/CW/CBS/NBC) and the data taken into consideration are from a review of viewing numbers, 18-49, and + 7 Numbers. The SpoilerTV index also weighs in the network the show airs on, the night it is aired, the DVR numbers and +3 and +7 numbers, DVD/Blu-Ray Sales, streamed views and torrents, costs of casting and production, and of course, Nielsen Ratings. That is why I am using their index as my main reference of data - although I did read over several more subjective articles on most of these shows as well - which consider network replacements, cast availability, and their general feel if the network is satisfied with what they are getting back from the investment.

Here is my chart, from which I heavily weighed my opinion:

Remember, this Index uses a scale in which the lower number is the show's best friend. As the number gets higher - the higher the chance it will be cancelled. Anything over a 2.70 is almost certainly cancelled. 2.40-2.70 - they are in trouble. Less than 2.40 they are pretty safe. So, a show I am concerned about, Almost Human, is a 2.41 - which puts it in danger, but still very close to "Likely to be Renewed". Objective numbers with a touch of subjective optimism.

I wanted to be as accurate as possible, so I only chose shows off the SpoilerTV table I was able to research a little further.The majority of news out there is Negative Nancy stuff, articles about shows that will be canned. You find very few written positively - that this show or that show has a good chance to come back. Yet I was able to discern a few things, so here is my prediction:

Salt the size of a grain should be taken from this user as far as these predictions go, but I took great pains to be as unbiased as possible and take the information for what it was. But I am not an MX, I am more of a DRN and I was made to feel. Nonetheless - I am pretty confident in my data and in my interpretation of it.

Here's hoping your favorite TV made the happy side of the list!

- Edshrinker

Thanks to a HEADS-UP by PaBurrows, we have a little movement on the renewal angle. And just as an aside, renewing Almost Human's Monday partner without any announcement on AH's status tells me they simply haven't decided yet. The Following still has several episodes left this season - so it would make sense to give it an early renewal to try to keep fans who are teetering the brink of dropping out, to stick in there as there is a story that stretches beyond this season. But just as a matter of opinion - The Following is some of the worst television I have have ever seen, from concept to execution. If that show gets the nod OVER Almost Human...well I'm getting some of the "Firefly" anger kicking in. It goes beyond common sense or taste considering the numbers are the same. Sorry for the fan-boy rage. But that is why we are here. We are fans.

The Following, B99, New Girl, and The Mindy Project Renewed

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