"Life is short but this time it was bigger."

Well, that was confusing.

With "Whiskey Lullaby", first we find out that the Women in Black are called the Widows. Which I suppose, but it would make more sense if that was a name--or they had a name--then that they're saddled with whatever the main characters decide to nickname them as.

Then we get Hypnos, who lives in the Clockwork Tower. And... I have no idea who this is or why we should care. He seems to have some kind of back story we've never heard of, not to mention the most obvious name in TV-horror history. No doubt his first name is Bob.

So Purgatory just happens to have a Clockwork Tower where a Sandman (whatever that is) just decides to hang out. And Black Badge has never heard of him or thought he was important enough to deal with. All-righty.

So anyhoo, the Gardiner sisters, who are the Widows or possessed by the Widows or something, are looking for the three seals. They got one from the holy ground beneath the Catholic church. Now they're looking for the second part. And despite being able to teleport and ignore normal bullets, and mostly keep from being shot by Wynonna, they decide that they need to put the whole town to sleep to get the second seal. Even though it's tucked away in the basement at Shorty's where no one seems to go anyway.

So they do so, but Peacemaker wakes up Wynonna. And she wakes up Dolls, Waverly, Doc, Jeremy, and Nicole. Which certainly keeps the extras budget down, if nothing else. They drink coffee and energy drinks, and take adrenaline shots, to stay awake. They figure out that the Widows are heading to Shorty's (although they still don't know that they're the Gardiner sisters). The Widows breathe on Doc, Waverly, and Jeremy, freezing them or paralyzing them or putting them to sleep or something. Wynonna shows up and shoots at them, and they escape.

Wynonna and Dolls then go to the Clockwork Tower. Dolls is pissy for some reason, wounds Hypnos, and tells Wynona to finish the guy. Which she does with Peacemaker.

The other main plot is that Wynonna is pregnant. And since everyone apparently goes to sleep for a month, even though it was apparently a dweam of extwaordinary magnitude, Wynonna's baby stayed old. Which means she's displaying a baby bump. She tries to disguise it with a big ole coat, but that works about as well as you expect. Doc and Dolls soon find out, and as noted Dolls is first surprised and then all pissy about it.

Also, Moody from Black Badge shows up to tell Dolls and Doc that Black Badge has abandoned the Triangle, writing it off as a lost cause. And Nicole has a few lingering doubts about what Waverly did when she was possessed. But those are soon swept away (or ARE they? Bum-dum-dum) for a bit of Syfy American-produced near-nudity. Not to be confused with the South African shows' much-nearer nudity like you get on Blood Drive.

Oh, and the Gardiner brother, Tucker, is still wandering around obsessing about Waverly. Nothing convinces me faster that a character is unobsessworthy than other characters obsessing about her, and Waverly is no exception. I still don't know what's up with Tucker. He takes Hypnos' daughter Poppy and has her dress up like Waverly in Waverly's room. I have no idea why. Then when Nicole threatens to shoot him if he doesn't tell all, he dives out a second-story window rather than give up info and have his sisters kill him. Weren't these the sisters that offered him anything he wanted an episode or two? Maybe he should have put "Don't kill me" on his list of wants.

The whole episode was a bit of a mess, as they tossed Hypnos at us and then killed him off without explaining who he is or why everyone has heard of the Clockwork Tower but no one seems to have cared until now. And his daughter Poppy escapes but who knows where she has gone or why we should care. The Widows are trying to get the seals, which are on consecrated ground, and Tucker seems to be kinda on their side but kinda on his own side, and it's not clear why they need or want him. he seems like more trouble than he's worth.

Wynonna is having issues with her pregnancy, and blaming the Earp Curse for forcing stuff on her like being the Heir and getting pregnant. No sign of the volunteer fire department demon-hunters.

So there was nothing particularly bad about "Whiskey Lullaby." It was just a bit confusing.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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