Boy, where to even begin? I want to make it clear that my topic isn’t intended to cast judgment over the actor portraying the particular character. In fact, I think it is a compliment to the actor if the character was written purposely with the idea he or she should drive us nuts. This list is simply the characters that made me cringe every time they appeared on the screen. Certain personality traits will affect different people, differently. I guess you could say my little compilation is more an indictment of the way these particular characters were written. Every time they entered a scene I would wish for a short yet painful death followed by the erasure of their name from any future plots or dialogue.

It is a harsh thing to say – but the absence of certain people could make a show better. My question to you is, what characters do you wish would disappear permanently from a show you enjoy? Loving to hate some characters is one thing, but when the character just clutters up your otherwise favorite show – it can take you right out of what you are watching. I have thrown together a mixture of some of the characters I personally couldn’t stand along with a few that seemed to be generally despised by most fans of the show in question. Throw a vote in the poll and tell us in the Comments which TV character needs to get off your show forever!

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I began to wonder if I was a misogynist since most of the characters that first came to mind were women. I think that has to do with how the group of predominantly male TV writers write female characters. But oddly enough, I’ll start with the male character that could never be removed from the show I enjoyed because the entire damn show was built around his story.

It’s not that Ted wasn’t funny or sympathetic. Ted and I have a ton in common (especially the Star Wars test for relationships) and maybe that is what drove me nuts since he was such a hot mess most of the time. I wanted to see the foibles of all of that fantastic ensemble cast – except Ted’s. I have no real explanation for my strong dislike other than it existed and I would have liked HIMYM a whole lot more without him.

What is funny is I wonder how much I would have loved this show (and I love it a lot) if this character stayed the show’s lead character as originally planned.

Jack was written in as the main protagonist in the final vision for LOST, but that was nearly not the case. Of course, they would have written Kate totally differently if they would have killed Jack in the pilot and made her the lead.

Look – I love Evangeline Lilly. And Kate’ character was necessary to the story. But between the love triangles and the fact she always agreed NOT to do something - and then turned around and did that very thing, over and over …she just drove me nuts. Kate-centric stories made me wince and her role on that show as a whole I always felt distracted from the other stories I wanted to see.

“Your husband is dead (but really isn’t) so I think it would be OK if I played off your grief and made The Sex with you during the zombie apocalypse.

Between “the secret”, repeated betrayals of the folks that he was supposed to be protecting, his “idiot face” and his twitchy constant head rubbing…

…I could not stand the sight of Shane. None of the love triangle plot or constant bickering with EVERYONE ever added anything to The Walking Dead for me and while I appreciate the need for his part in the story – I would have loved to see that bullet in his head a lot sooner.

I’m just going to put up the picture.

‘Nuff said

This is definitely a case where I want to make clear that I love the actress.

Morgan Saylor is a fantastic kid actor. But every single element of the “Dana Brody storyline” just drove me to tears in every season. She was the main reason her father didn’t kill the VP in season one. But beyond that, her pot problem, depression problems, daddy problems, psychopath boyfriend problem, was of absolutely ZERO interest to me. Every time we left the Carrie, Saul, and Nicolas Brody plot I just got pissed. Poor Dana was my number one offender.

This is one I am posting mainly for the good will of @Vicky8675309 and @Mirelapilipo

I personally liked Alana. But that was the feelings that originated from below my waist as I find Caroline Dhavernas absolutely stunning. But continually betraying Will and failing to see the evil of Hannibal right in front of her face and between her thighs earns the ire of many, mainly female fans of the show. I agree she was a nitwit despite all those advanced degrees. But she is just so goddamn cute!

I am just going to post these three and drop the mic. I think they are universally agreed upon.

For some reason, Carl doesn’t bother me all that much - those captions weren't mine, but they were too funny. What did bother me was Rick screaming Carl’s name all the time, however.

Andrea was a big pain in the ass most of the time and had the same mental disorder Kate from LOST did in that she always managed to do THE ONE THING everyone would ask her NOT to do. But since the little head always overrules the big head and my crush on Laurie Holden from her days on The X-Files remains strong… I give her a pass. Lori Grimes, on the other hand…

…oh I am so glad she is dead. She was so fucking annoying that even after death she managed to haunt Rick (and the audience) for several more episodes. You talk about determination to make us miserable! I am not aware of anyone who actually liked Sarah Wayne-Callies character in The Walking Dead, but feel free to defend her honor in the comments. Although I am not sure anyone can defend her parenting skills.

Not a fan of the show, but from the little I have watched I can definitely see why this one is on just about everyone's list:

Skyler needs to be here from what I have heard.

Alright gang! It is up to you. Of the ones in my personal list (and I’ll add one that I’m sure will be a popular choice in the Comments!) which character do you hate the most? And who are the ones you could send away with the stroke of a pen on a script? Let’s hear all about it!


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