There’s nothing new about a casino getting robbed. But, the cast of characters and the way the job goes down (or is attempted) is what makes the heist exciting for an audience.

In the recent ‘Bad Cop’ episode of the CBS hit series S.W.A.T., Shemar Moore and the Team are hunting down a deadly crew stealing from card casinos. Just when they think they’ve got them all arrested, another heist occurs. The S.W.A.T. team eventually realizes the ringleader is a master seductress who manipulates inmates into pulling these jobs as she watches.

The seductress is portrayed by actress Veronica Wylie. The self-proclaimed “oddball with a sharp edge” has been proving her skills are acute with several successful indie roles. She stars as the naïve sister opposite Brad Snedecker in the dramedy feature film, The Conway Curve, available on Amazon Prime. She also wrote and stars in the award-winning comedy web series, Adventures in Online Dating, streaming on SeekaTV.

Up next, Veronica will appear as a scientist stranded on a deserted planet in the new sci-fi feature film, Beneath the Green, starring Eric Roberts.

(photos courtesy: Spotlight)
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