Apr 16, 2016
Most Shocking Death of The Season So Far (Spoilers)
There's something to be said about the death of characters; audiences are not supposed to relate to villains, we are supposed to mourn beloved characters or want revenge for characters involved with the main lead. But what happens when the character that dies is the main lead? When he or she is the partner? One half of a two halves act? Here's to those characters we never thought that would die, the ones whose loss trully shocked us so far.


Sep 28, 2015
Vote For Best End of Times Scenario!

With the return of The Last Man on Earth and a new episode of Fear The Walking Dead, I thought we could start a discussion on the End of Times scenarios. The shows that dare to go to that bleak, tragic and hopeless point in which as mankind we're faced with our own extinction.

Aug 31, 2015
What are some Tv Shows that have been "forgotten"?
This post is simple, due to the "golden age" of television more tv shows are being produced than ever. And with social media a lot of the shows airing today do their best to stay relevent to their audience even when their not airing.
Almost all of the tv shows I watch started post 2010, and I'm sure there are many great series produced before then. Some series that I've heard were considered among the best television series are: The Shield, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Dead wood, and more.
Also, what are some tv series that you felt were cancelled to soon and have this been forgotten in the eons, or had a concept that wasn't popular until now.
Comment below and discuss if you feel like it, I'm genuinely curious as to the shows that were considered the best in their time but now ...
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Aug 23, 2015
A New And Exciting Poll For The TV. Com Staffers To Work On....

So, it has come to my attention that the staffers of the TV.com organization are suffering a woeful condition: Boredom. I know it has to imagine that the staffers would suffer such a plight; it is hard to fathom such a malaise would besiege them this summer given the plethora of TV shows to review and mock-- but, it appears given the latest polls and posts from the TV.Com Staffers they do indeed suffer from a virulent case of Boredom! Perhaps, it has to do with the fact they spend 90% of their time merely reposting other news outlets reports (it gives me PTSD flashbacks to CNN's coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom, but that is another story) !

So, I will give them some potential polls/articles they could start to end the boredom and keep their twitter account buzzing in the positive trending territory!!!! No one likes ...Read more
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Jul 05, 2015
Can Men and Women Be Just Friends? (Male-Female Friendship on TV)
It's seems to be an ongoing complain for this TV season, whenever 2 long-established characters developed feelings for each other on a show the same question was posed, so I decided to start a discussion on, what I believe, are the most emotionally rewarding male and female's friendships of the season.

Rick and Carol - The Walking Dead
There are several cross-sex friendships on this show, from the platonic Tara and Eugene to Beth and Noah. What makes The Walking Dead unique is how these relationships empower the characters involved, as only romance has been able to do so in the past: Eugene overcomes his cowardice to save Tara's life, Beth defies the Hospital's leader to free Noah, but it's Rick and Carol's the friendship that stands out this season.

Carol and Rick are the only support system Rick and Carol have. Although they have ...Read more
May 26, 2015
ME.TV programming has hit a new low
Over the last few months the quality of programming on ME.TV has declined a little here and a little there, with a new low reached in putting on Saved by the Bell College Years two hour blocks on each Monday. What are they thinking? Mornings were already a bore, evenings had suffered with average and below average offerings becoming standard, but this is too much.
May 20, 2015
Vote for the Season Finale's Ultimate Death!

Death, the great equalizer. For seasons, TV shows have saved the most shocking death for sweeps episodes: the seasons finales. Then Lost changed the rules, so much so you wouldn't even conceive a show without at least one major death before the first 10 episodes. The "main character must die in season 1" rule lasted until the writers realized their shows wouldn't last only because the rule did. And now, we're back to the season finale deaths: game changers so radical that change a show as we know it.

Here's to vote, not for the saddest one, not for the most shocking one, not even for the most devastating one, but the ultimate game changer: the one that changes the show as we know it.

And the contenders are...

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Apr 27, 2015
Which Shows’ Worlds Would You Want To Inhabit?
Have you at times wondered what it would be like to live in the same world as your favourite characters in your favourite shows? At times, real life can appear to be unappealing compared to the lives that (most) characters in shows have. In response, you can often find yourself ...Read more
Mar 25, 2015
TV.com READERS TOP 30 shows of the PAST five years - A Prelude

Fellow TV.com readers and contributors

By now I guess most of you have read TV.com 's Top 30 shows of the past five years (the writers version) by Cory. If you have not, you can read it here.

Here is your chance to make your own list and have a say to decide the BEST shows of the past five years. Whether you disagree or agree with the writers, you can still make your own list.

I will be compiling our own list - TV.com readers top 30 shows for the past five years and see how our views differ from those of the writers.

If you would like to participate please read the rules below on how it works. It is important you read the rules.

1) Each of us list our TOP 20 shows and points are allocated to the show. 20 points for your ...
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Mar 24, 2015
Netflix Comes to Australia!

Australia has forever been behind in having access to television content; remember having to wait six months for new episodes of your favourite US drama? Subscription television service Foxtel has done well to rectify that over the past couple of years, and more recently Australia has finally gotten into the online streaming game with companies like Quickflix, Presto, and Stan. And today Netflix – arguably the world’s most well-known media streaming service –also becomes available to Australians.

While this is exciting news for a television fan such as myself, I’m wondering, is there any real benefit of me signing up to Netflix, or any other of the streaming services for that matter? I’ve long since solved the problem of not having access to certain television series when I want them by finding other ways, free ways (but not strictly legal) I might add. And sure, I’d definitely ...Read more
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