Sep 27, 2018
Congratulations to former tv.com writers
Whilst watching Heathers, some familiar names appeared in the writing credits: Price Peterson, Ryan Sandoval and Lily Sparks.

I think Price originally left the full time staff to develop a series that didn't get picked up by Amazon.
So well done to them for getting that far.

I got the impression from an article here recently that this isn't available in the US, but it is worldwide.
I found Heathers to be pretty funny and would have watched another season if there was one.
Jun 10, 2018
What are you currrently watching?
Update 2/12
I got round to finally watching The Alienist, which I generally liked. The third season of The Last Kingdom was just released, which I'm a fan of. I thought it was very good again, although some of the changes from the novels bugged me even if they weren't that important. Hopefully it will return next year. Finally, I've just finished watching The Little Drummer Girl, based on a novel by John Le Carré. I've seen it described as a spy thriller, well most of it wasn't very thrilling, nor was it really about spying. It was about an undercover counter-terrorism operation. I thought the last 2 episodes were excellent, but the previous 4 could easily have been compressed into 2 without losing anything important. As it was, it took a very long time to get anywhere.

Update 9/11
In an effort ...
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Dec 24, 2017
Counterpart - New Show in Jan 2018
Just found this espionage/sci-fi thriller from Starz. The show airs on Sunday 21st January @ 8pm and the pilot episode is available to watch now. Check out the trailer:

Dec 20, 2017
Travelers Season 2 Finale (*Spoilers*)
Could someone please explain to me the part with Simon the techy future guy?
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Sep 06, 2017
Rick and Morty: Embrace Your Toxic Side
The idea to have the bad parts removed, much like Jerry was removed from the family, takes front and center in "Rest and Ricklaxation". A Sci fi machine removes the toxic side of Rick and grandson after a self destructive adventure that lasts 6 days.

The results are amazing, the paranoid and narcissistic side of Rick is left behind. So are Morty's crippling anxiety and self loathing. But this isn't a tool like Armthony, Morty can't really work his issues like this and becomes a full blown sociopath.

Turns out the machine works based on each individual's definition of toxicity, so Rick's crippling loneliness and irrational attachments are stuck on his toxic self, a toxic self that can't see the bigger picture and is desperate enough to merge back just to save the toxic side of his grandson.

We have seen Morty jealous, we ...
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Jun 28, 2017
Riviera - Worth a Miss!
If Sky Atlantic's Riviera is on your watchlist then delete now because it's absolute shite!
A British production, with Oscar-winning names involved, it was lauded as being the next hit after shows like Downton Abbey and The Crown. This could not be further from the truth folks! It's a £40 million disaster of epic proportions and no chance of a refund on the 10hrs needed to draw this conclusion.

Julia Stiles, the main protagonist, has all the charisma and acting ability of a wooden plank. Iwan Rheon aka Ramsey Bolton should have begged GoT to let him come back as a White Walker instead of leaving to film this. His performance as a slightly psycho, elder sibling, who doesn't understand the word no, is underwhelming. The other siblings, namely a self-harming sister and junkie brother, did little to convince me that decadent misery is better than ...
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Jun 01, 2017
Dave checking in...
Hi, people! I'm about to write a post on current viewings and want to know what you've been watching recently. I for one started to watch Ray Donovan on Showtime. The rest I'm saving for the post.

Old and new series are both welcome! So, what's you tv.com people been enjoying?

Around the corner are House of Cards and Fear The Walking Dead, while Game of Thrones is closer to the wimter season.

May 16, 2017
Genius (National Geographic)
I'm really enjoying this series about Einstein's life.
Is anyone else watching it?

If not, I definitely recommend giving it a go, but don't judge it by the first scene, which doesn't really have any relation to the rest of it.
Dec 03, 2016
What new shows are you watching?
There doesn't seem to be that many decent new shows on this fall.
But, it may be that I've just missed them.

So, I'd be interested to know which new shows people are watching and would recommend.

The ones I can think of that I'm watching (not all US shows) are:
Berlin Station
Shoot the Messenger
Designated Survivor

I also tried Mars, but didn't like the format, so gave up after a couple of episodes.

I've got Chance to watch, but haven't started it yet.
Nov 04, 2016
Westworld - Behind the curtain

Join HBO's Westworld Delos Incorporated staff site, where you can read about the events behind the curtain.

Mind that: "Hell is empty and all the devils are here..."
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