Apr 17, 2016
"Leavin' On Your Mind" - Wynonna Earp S01E03 Review
"Leavin' On Your Mind" - Wynonna Earp S01E03 Review (Spoilers)
Apr 17, 2016
Rush Hour: Review "Captain's Cole Playlist" - The family grows
This episode was pretty good.

Corrupted DA, covering up the killing of his ADA in the name of kissing ass for a criminal known as 'The Turk'.

The show seems to already demonstrate a pattern.

Carter's cousin, Gerard is the official goto guy for anything which is street level info.
Lee must demonstrate his agility and moves at least twice per episode.

We got introduced to 'Grandma', who is pretty much the stereotypical rough love, heart of gold type lady who takes care of foster boys.

The 'Turk' was a good foil. Of course, having a DA in your pocket, I would not have expected this show to resolve that problem in a single episode, but all things considered, having a kid witness the entire affair, does speed up the process, when said kid is found.

So, the ending was predictable, short and sweet, the DA is handcuffed by ...
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Apr 10, 2016
Review DC Animated Movie: "Justice League vs Teen Titans" - Where DC is King
Before the Review, let's talk DC.

It is hard to understand how DC can produce such a consistent amount of animated movies that are so highly entertaining with such high quality production and yet, not be able to penetrate the silver screen industry with solid hits.

Well, at face value it is hard to understand. But in reality, it is actually quite easy to understand.

DC isn't in charge of their live action movies.

To fix this problem, DC has to take a page out of Marvel's playbook.

The best people who know DC's properties are DC staff.

DC wants to be successful in creating awesome movies, it must take over and micromanage their entire DC Movie Universe.

Get the people who truly understand their properties to be part of the movie making process.

DC Animated Movies are the freakin' proof and I'm not ...
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Apr 10, 2016
“Keep the Home Fires Burning” – Wynonna Earp S01E02 Review
“Keep the Home Fires Burning” – Wynonna Earp S01E02 Review (spoilers)
Apr 08, 2016
Legends of Tomorrow: Review "Progeny" - One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward
Well this episode certainly starts off with a very good plan.

Instead of trying to tackle Savage head on in another era, especially in the future, where at any given time, he would be expecting our time travelling band. They decide to do some actual recon work and figure out how Savage actually operates and takes over the Kasnia Conglomerate, so they go back 20 yrs before he does and try to figure out Savage's strategy.

Interesting and for once, a plan. A strategy and some basic common sense. Woo Hoo! :)

As the characters familiarity with one and other increases, the banter between them feels more natural. Sara and Jefferson's prediction on Prof Stein's reaction to the future, those are the little moments in a show, where you get to appreciate some levity in a very organic way. It doesn't feel forced, it feels like comrades ...
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Apr 08, 2016
Rush Hour: Review "Two days..." - Resistance is futile...
When I said in my first review that Justin Hires is merge between Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker in a lesser funny form, well, I'm revising that.

In this episode, I felt he was channeling some Chris Rock, so, damn, let's be honest. Do we really need him to be "Clone-o-Tucker"? Nah.. He's a funny man, and let's leave it as that.

This episode had a real undeniable Rush Hour feel which made it very watchable and the fact that it wasn't a rehash of any of the movies, made it much more interesting. Without a doubt, this episode embodied the spirit of the movies it is inspired from.

I would rate this episode 8 out of 10.

The silliness is expected, any of you who expect a Rush Hour show without any silly ass wise cracking, fast talking jokes from Carter and/or the ...
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Apr 07, 2016
11.22.63 - The Day in Question - Review: The Bittersweet Paradoxical Ending
This review has 2 modes.

- Without Thinking Cap ON
- With Thinking Cap ON.

Let's start Without Thinking Cap ON.

What started off as an intrigue with a what-if twist on the prevention of JFK's assassination, all with the goals of making the world a better place, slowly became entwined with a rather compelling and challenging love story.

Yes, quite a challenge. Because of the time travel aspect, our lovers were not meant to be, so the 'Past' kept intervening in strange and mysterious ways, but they did manage to be together, if only for a little while, because the mission, the damn mission had to get done.

I suspected this show would not end on what I would call a ".. and they lived happily ever after" note.

And as such, what happens? A stray bullet's path true to Sadie, who perishes in the prime of her life ...
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Apr 03, 2016
TV's Most Dysfunctional Families
Back then, many shows portrayed wholesome families who endured everyday struggles together that brought them closer at the end of the day. I may not be too keen on classic 60s/70s shows but the Bradys of The Brady Bunch was one such sterling example that immediately comes to mind. However, these days, television has brought viewers a variety of families who are as far from the Bradys as they can be in their circumstances and personalities. These TV families can be characterized as ‘dysfunctional’ given the amount of drama and conflict associated with them. There have been many memorable ones in recent years and the following are some of the most dysfunctional families that have been established:

The Mikaelsons, The Originals

The Original family of vampires have endured a lot over a thousand years together. Spending the majority of their vampiric life running from their vampire hunter of a ...Read more
Apr 03, 2016
Jessica Get Your Gun – Wynonna Earp S01E01 Review
Jessica Get Your Gun – Wynonna Earp S01E01 Review (spoilers)
Apr 02, 2016
11.22.63 - Generalized review of the first 7 episodes
I've never read the novel this was adapted from.

So, it is not possible for me to know how faithful this TV show adaptation is from its original source.

What I do know is that the premise is very weak.

The rules are simple.

From the diner's closet, one travels back to 10/21/1960 at 11:58.

Change something in the past and you come back to the present and you can see the effects.

If you wish to reset the changes, just go back through that closet and that is an automatic reset, the changes are erased from the timeline and new changes can be made.

No matter how long you stay in the past, you come back 2 minutes later in the present.

As I've said, simple.

While you are in the past, there is a paranormal effect in the form of presence or ...Read more
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