You should check out Syrinx2 and Rolamb's posts about great detective series from Europe. I made this post to raise awareness of a great television show that premiered earlier this year in Latin America and one that I think many people would like.

Sr. Avila (Mr. Avila) is a Mexican television show from HBO Latin America Productions.It stars Tony Dalton as the titular Sr. Avila, a married man who balances two jobs at a time: an insurance salesman and an assassin working for a hit-men organization. Naturally, his wife Maria (Nailea Norvind) and his son Emiliano (Adrian Alonso) are clueless about his double life. In the middle of this is Ismael, played by Jorge Caballero, a troubled teenager who becomes Avila's apprentice.

If you like TV series with an anti-hero as a protagonist, a gritty atmosphere, and that are made by HBO, I highly recommend Sr. Avila. The acting is fantastic, with Tony Dalton and Jorge Caballero being the best among the cast. The direction and cinematography are also great. The only thing that could be better is the writing and the pace of the show.

If you live in Latin America, finding this series won't be so hard (especially if you have HBO). But if you're in the States I'm afraid that neither Netflix or Amazon carry it, but I'll make sure to post some information once the DVD is available.

One last thing, I would like to post about other series and make this a regular thing so if you know any Latin American TV shows worth mentioning you can comment or send me a PM, but feel free to post about it yourself.
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