Update on 3/12 1:30pm: These changes are now live. If you notice missing episodes, duplicate episodes, or incorrect metadata please PM staff or comment on our Episode Guide Fix Requests post. Hello, We know that a lot of users rely on our episode guides to keep up to date on what episodes of their favorite shows are ...

Feb 19, 2015
Changes to Users Coming Soon
Update 3/3 4:29pm: We heard your complaints that you wanted more advance notice so we were able to negotiate to push back the start date for this cleanup. We now anticipate the account deletion to start in April. I will keep you updated when I have a better idea of the timeline. We will still only be deleting accounts for users who have not logged in since December 31st, 2011.

Update 2/25 11:15am: We heard your complaints and pushed back the date for this cleanup by a year. This cleanup will now only delete users who have not logged in since December 31st, 2011.


The next big project we are going to be working on is cleaning up our user base. This process will take place in a few steps, and we will be sure to give you notice of any changes to your accounts ...Read more
Apr 21, 2016
Site Update: Forums Changes
UPDATE 5/24: The changes are live. We have moved from Forums to the Community pages. We're excited for the change and to have more activity in the communities.


Big update coming at you this morning. We are going to be moving the Forums to the Community pages starting in mid May. We will keep you updated here as we work out an exact date and timeline.

With this switch over, we will be removing the Forums feature from, and instead directing you to the Communities. We're excited to make the move as the community pages include ways to add images, gifs, memes, videos, polls, threaded commenting, and more.

We know that we do not currently have a community for every show on, but as part of this update, we will be working to improve our coverage, as well.

More details to come ...Read more
Sep 10, 2015
We've Got a Brand New Header Design Coming Your Way!
Edit: We have made some fixes to the new header. Details on those are here.
Edit: Update! This is now live. Let us know what you think!

Have you ever walked into your bedroom and thought, "I need a change!" Sometimes it's a simple as hanging up some new art or changing your bedspread. It's amazing how even small makeovers can improve your mood!

Well, we've been feeling the same way. Ever since we launched the community feature, we've been in love with the sleek new design of the page header, so we've decided to ...Read more
Jan 26, 2015
Changes to PM System Coming Soon
Update 9:53am 2/9: These deletions are now complete. Thanks for your patience!

Update 9:59am 1/20: Just a heads up that this deletion will continue into next week. I will update again when it is finished. Thanks!

Update 12:44 pm 1/29: The deletion is
underway. I will update again when it is finished. Thanks!


On Thursday (1/29), we are going to be making some changes to the PM system. We have been working to fine tune the site and there are a lot of old PMs bogging down the system. We decided that it was necessary to cleanup these old messages to relieve some of the stress on our systems.

On Thursday, any PM prior to January 1, 2013 will be removed from our servers. If there is anything in your inbox prior to 2013 that you would like to keep, we recommend ...
Read more
May 20, 2015
Known Issue: Email Notifications Redux
UPDATE 7/10: We believe we have made an update that will fix this issue. Please reach out to me if you are still having issues. Thanks!


Back in January, we posted about a known issue with email notifications. It looks like the issue is back, and has been affecting some of our users. We are working on a solution, and I hope to have some more information for you soon. Please stay tuned to this post for additional details. I will update you all when I know more!

Jan 29, 2018
Farewell to the Commmunity!
Don't worry - isn't going anywhere, but I am. I wanted to let you all know that Wednesday is my last day working for

It's been a pleasure getting to know you all over the last many years. I know we haven't all seen eye to eye on everything, but I love that has such a passionate fan base and I'm confident we can address some of your concerns soon.

Nothing will change. Continue emailing with any questions, concerns, requests, etc and someone will handle in my absence. Things like mod queue submissions and processing flagged spam will transition to new hands, as well.

Best of luck to you all!
Dec 10, 2013
Community Tricks & Tips: Polls
We've been noticing that polls have been getting more and more popular since we released the community feature. And is there any question why? It's such an interactive and fun way to discuss your favorite shows, episodes, and people with the community!

So let's take a moment and see how the poll feature really works, shall we? You have a few options when creating a poll, so make sure you're picking the one that's best for you and your post!

Option 1: The Opinionated Poll
Want to get users' thoughts on your ideas? Do you have a question to ask that requires some explanation or set-up? Or maybe you just want to write a post or a photo recap and add a quick poll to your post? Well, the POST option is right for you!

This type of post will allow you to ...
Read more
Jun 22, 2016
News Page and Homepage Changes Heading Your Way Soon!
Update 6/23: These changes are now live!


Just wanted to give you a quick update. We are going to be launching some updates to the page and the homepage soon. It may be as soon as tomorrow, but I'll keep you updated here on if that date changes! Details on each item below:

1. We are aware that the current page is not displaying every article. So we've made some tweaks that will ensure you see every post that is published to! This way, you'll ...Read more
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