Update on 3/12 1:30pm: These changes are now live. If you notice missing episodes, duplicate episodes, or incorrect metadata please PM staff or comment on our Episode Guide Fix Requests post.


We know that a lot of users rely on our episode guides to keep up to date on what episodes of their favorite shows are coming up next, or which episodes they may have missed. To date, we have mostly relied on users’ help to add new episodes and keep our episode guides accurate.

We are moving to a new system that will improve our coverage on the episode guides. We will be able to have future episodes up earlier on, and our metadata for the episodes will be very accurate and timely. In moving to the new system, we will have to make some compromises in the way we’ve always done things.

The following changes will launch on March 11th, or shortly thereafter.

As of that date, users will no longer be able to:
  • Add new episodes
  • Delete episodes
  • Edit an episode title
  • Edit which season an episode is in
  • Edit an episode number
  • Edit an episode’s first aired date.
  • Re-order episodes (Editor feature)
If you find incorrect information on TV.com, you can reach out to staff to alert us of the issues and we we will work to improve on it.

Users will still be able to:
  • Add recaps
  • Edit/add summaries
  • Edit/add lifetime episode numbers
  • Edit episode types
  • Edit/add episode production codes
  • Edit/add allusions
  • Edit/add trivia
  • Edit/add quotes
  • Edit/add notes
  • Edit/add cast and crew
We recognize that we are taking away a few ways for users to gain points toward editorships. Due to that, we are going to lower some editorship thresholds to ensure that users can still earn enough points to become an Editor.

TV shows: Lower from 80 to 70.
Web shows: Lower from 50 to 40.
People: Maintain at 40.
Movies: Maintain at 20.

We want to thank you for all the hard work you have done submitting and moderating submissions for the shows, movies, people, and episodes on TV.com. We realize that this is a change from the TV.com you have all come to know and love. Please feel free to reach out to us via PM anytime if you would like to discuss your questions and concerns.
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