Racism is not something that should be tolerated – especially in America.

This is the sentiment behind actress and filmmaker Asta Leigh’s new spoken word YouTube project “White Out.” It’s a simple set-up with a powerful message about erasing the hate.

The project is what Asta deems “an honest plea to fellow white people” with the goal of openly call out racial injustices in America. It’s something she feels strongly about having grown up in South Africa during the times of apartheid.

“I love the art of filmmaking in all its forms and I'm intent on making films that enlighten, educate and have ability to bring additional perspectives,” Asta explains. “I’ve had this urgency to express myself on the subject of race for a very long time, but managed to convince myself that my voice was somehow not valid. I couldn’t shake the feeling or the desire any longer. I finally had to do it for my own peace of mind.”

The video isn’t the only racially charged project Asta has been working on. She is currently shooting the short film, “Perception,” in which she wrote, directs and stars, about two women, one black and one white, confronting a pivotal event from their past.

Asta has several other socially aware projects coming soon to the festival circuit, including the dramatic short “Running On Empty,” in which she stars and co-wrote with director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas. She also makes a quick cameo in director Paul Walter Hauser’s upcoming female driven comedy “Heirloom.”

Heading into production this summer, Asta will direct and star in the dramatic feature “Eat Your Heart Out,” a cautionary tale about stardom.

Watch “White Out” now on YouTube: https://youtu.be/VIUgMPpGt0k

Learn more about Asta Leigh at: www.AstaLeigh.com

Asta Leigh (photo by Jena Willard photography)
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