Being a Mom is hard work. And, many of you make it even harder by setting goals about Mommyhood that you’ll probably never be able to reach – nobody could.

That’s exactly what actress Elena Melener is about to take on with her new comedy series The Mom List. Launching today on Facebook, The Mom List offers up some homegrown shenanigans that every Mom (and Dad) will be able to identify with.

A Mother of three, Elena created the series as a way to stay creative, but also to showcase “one of the hardest roles anyone could ever play.” Based in New York, she has been a working actress and voice-artist for years, including voicing the cute Snuggle Fabric Softener bear and Robot Reba on the kids show, The Backyardigans.

I recently caught up with Elena Melener to find out more about her brand new series The Mom List.

What can you tell us about your new web series The Mom List?

ELENA MELENER: The Mom List follows two overzealous and self-sabotaging Moms, Liz and Molly who aspire to achieve ‘Mommy greatness’ with the help of a locally famous parenting guru.

This comedy web series is full of parenting moments every Mom and Dad can relate to, but it also focuses on friendship, finding purpose while being a Mother and surviving the do's and dont's of parenting that seem to change every five seconds. What's also a little different about The Mom List is that there are actually no children in the show at all. You can sometimes hear them, but you'll never physically see them. It's about the mamas, a few margaritas and the mishaps that ensue during Motherhood.

Why did you want to create this project?

EM: After pulling back from my acting career to have three children, I wanted to return to the industry in a big way, but I didn't want to sit around and wait for the next big role to come my way. So, I wrote about what I knew and crafted a character I wanted to play. What came out was The Mom List – essentially I gave birth to another baby, but in a less painful way. Also, becoming a Mother has been one of the hardest roles I've ever had to play. I've survived public screaming tantrums, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, sneezing fits in my face and vomit in my hair. That's why when I decided to write, produce, direct and act in my own show, it didn't feel that overwhelming. That's the great thing about becoming a Mom. After that, pretty much everything else feels doable :)

Does it showcase moments from your actual life or is it an exaggerated version?

EM: There are moments in The Mom List that stem from actual life (more than I'd like to admit) but most are exaggerated. That's what I love about comedy. You can take an everyday situation, turn it upside down and find the funny in it. In fact, I'm much more aware of my every day funny since creating The Mom List. I keep a tiny notebook in my bag wherever I go. You'd be surprised at how many hilarious interactions occur at the library or the playground. By the way, for the record, when you watch the second episode "Accidental Cheating," that wasn't true to life. I didn't accidentally cheat on my husband, but I do find it fascinating that people with kids have the time to do it. There should be an award for that.

What do you hope fans will take away from the series?

EM: I hope our fans will be able to relate, laugh and find the hard moments of mommyhood a little more bearable and comical.

Best thing you discovered about yourselves while creating it? And, any bad things?

EM: When you’re creating a series on your own, there has to be a part of you that’s naive and delusional because if you aren’t, you might not do it. Thank goodness I have those qualities! I also found that I was open to learning new things and asking for help when I needed it. With such a small budget for the production, I learned to edit, set design, create shot lists, market and pretty much wear just about every hat possible. Now as I move forward, I know what it takes to create a show and there's no better way to learn than with hands on experience.

In producing and directing The Mom List, I discovered that I like to lift people up and give them a chance to see themselves at their best. I also know how important it is to surround myself with talented and positive people who believe in the project. Because of our talented cast, crew and post production team, this process was successful, rewarding and totally inspiring.

Have to ask – how does your family feel about it?

EM: I guess you could say it’s been a family affair! My husband, Glenn Schloss not only listened to me talk about The Mom List constantly but he also sound designed, composed the music for the entire show and was a co-producer. My children did the off screen kid voices, were constantly suggesting ideas for the show and gave me a lot of great material to work with :) It's been an amazing ride for all of us.

So, what’s next for both you and the series?

EM: At the moment we're in full blast launching our season premiere on Facebook @themomlistseries and growing our fan base. I'm also writing the second season of The Mom List in the hopes of more Liz, Molly and the Wholesome Mothering group. In addition, I'm working on a drama pilot about Cuba and a few other comedy projects that I hope to get produced. I'd love to continue acting, writing, laughing and being on set with awesome, talented folks.

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