In case you didn’t realize it, we are right smack in the middle of Engagement Season. Beginning Thanksgiving and extending through Valentine’s Day, someone you know is very likely to pop the question.

So, what better way to celebrate than with the new original comedy web series Pleasant Events. Take a tactless ex-wedding planner stuck in the 90’s along with her sweet but inexperienced niece and you get laugh-out-loud wedded bliss.

The 10-episode series comes from Actors/Creators Marieve Herington and Beth Curry, who came up with the idea from their own experience as singers in wedding bands. Previously, Marieve has become known for playing quirky characters on TV sitcoms and for voicing the cartoons Ice Age, Lion Guard and Doc McStuffins; while Beth shined on Broadway in Legally Blonde: The Musical and starring on tour in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

I recently caught up with Marieve Herington and Beth Curry to find out more about their Pleasant Events.

Explain to us your comedy web series Pleasant Events?

BETH: Pleasant Events follows tactless celebrity wedding planner Brenda Bleasant’s return to the business after 20 years off the grid, with the help of her ultra-polite niece Penny.

MARIEVE: Spoiler alert, a lot has changed since Brenda planned rapper Q-Tip’s wedding back in the 90s!

Marieve Herington
Why did you want to create this project?

MARIEVE: Well I’ve been obsessed with weddings since childhood so it was high time I put that to use! But seriously, we both have experience working in weddings as musicians. We’ve been fascinated by how high the stakes are surrounding weddings which creates the ideal setting for comedy.

BETH: Brenda’s character specifically was created as we realized that all the wedding planners we worked with had 2 things in common: style and social graces, so we thought it would be fun to create a character with neither and build the world out from there.

Any message you hope fans will take away or is this one just for fun?

MARIEVE: We hope that this show changes your life. OK…maybe not change your life, but make you appreciate a nice bit of purple satin or those 90 bangs and shoulder pads. They paved the way, people, paved the way. Let’s bow our heads and give thanks for the 90’s.
Beth Curry

Best thing you discovered about yourselves from creating it? And, any bad things?

MARIEVE: This is the first project I’ve ever created/ produced and it allowed me to discover how much I love writing and having more creative ownership than solely as an actor. That said, I also discovered that I love collaborating. I can second guess myself, so working with Beth and making decisions together has been wonderful.

BETH: So…a lot of people talk about what they want to do in this town, but to follow through, is rare. Marieve was great at keeping this train moving forward. I remember the first day we met and chatted about ideas and she said, “When can you meet again?” I said, “Um…tomorrow?” And we did. I think in that moment I learned how crucial consistency is, in creating something. Now, come rain or shine, I sit down and write for at least two hours a day. You need to show for your characters, so they show up for you.

Have to ask – are you married and was planning your wedding as crazy as all this?

MARIEVE: I’m married… three times. All to the same guy. We did a ceremony just us two at city hall, then a family wedding in Canada, then a dance party in LA for friends, but truthfully, it was all pretty low key.

BETH: I am married and we were a very low maintenance couple. We didn’t taste our food…we just relied on Yelp. We got married on the beach and had a balloon artist make silly hats for all our guests. That kept the mood pret-ty, pret-ty light.

So, what’s next for both you and the series?

MARIEVE: We’ve got plans for more short form content, but we’re also developing a half hour TV version. As for other projects, I’ve got an animated series coming out next year.

BETH: I think I might go get a frozen yogurt.

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