Mar 11, 2019
Asta Leigh Calls Out Racism with Web Project “White Out”
Actress and filmmaker Asta Leigh’s releases new spoken word YouTube project “White Out.”
Feb 28, 2018
Elena Melener Launches New Series ‘The Mom List’ Showcasing Mommyhood and Margaritas

Being a Mom is hard work. And, many of you make it even harder by setting goals about Mommyhood that you’ll probably never be able to reach – nobody could.

That’s exactly what actress Elena Melener is about to take on with her new comedy series The Mom List. Launching today on Facebook, The Mom List offers up some homegrown shenanigans that every Mom (and Dad) will be able to identify with.

A Mother of three, Elena created the series as a way to stay creative, but also to showcase “one of the hardest roles anyone could ever play.” Based in New York, she has been a working actress and voice-artist for years, including voicing the cute Snuggle Fabric Softener bear and Robot Reba on the kids show, The Backyardigans.

I recently caught up with Elena Melener to find out more about her brand new series The Mom List ...
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Jan 08, 2018
Marieve Herington and Beth Curry Turn Wedding Bliss into Belly Laughs with 'Pleasant Events'

In case you didn’t realize it, we are right smack in the middle of Engagement Season. Beginning Thanksgiving and extending through Valentine’s Day, someone you know is very likely to pop the question.

So, what better way to celebrate than with the new original comedy web series Pleasant Events. Take a tactless ex-wedding planner stuck in the 90’s along with her sweet but inexperienced niece and you get laugh-out-loud wedded bliss.

The 10-episode series comes from Actors/Creators Marieve Herington and Beth Curry, who came up with the idea from their own experience as singers in wedding bands. Previously, Marieve has become known for playing quirky characters on TV sitcoms and for voicing the cartoons Ice Age, Lion Guard and Doc McStuffins; while Beth shined on Broadway in Legally Blonde: The Musical and starring on tour in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

I recently caught up with Marieve ...Read more
Oct 05, 2017
Actress/Creator Hesley Harps serves up laughs with new web series 'Live It Up Lemonade'
Actress/Creator Hesley Harps talks about her new comedy web series 'Live It Up Lemonade'
Mar 23, 2017
Actress/Creator Kincaid Walker gets intimately funny in new web series ‘Hug It Out’

Families do it. Friends do it. You and your bro’s do it (sorta). Now, total strangers are getting their hug on from you guessed it -- professional cuddlers.

This new strangely intimate occupation is what motivated actress and creator Kincaid Walker to create her new comedy web series Hug It Out. She’s also brought along a lot of very funny people to snuggle up with during the 6-episode series.

Since I’ve never been much of a hugger myself, I caught up with Kincaid Walker to find out more.

What can you tell us about your new series Hug It Out?

KINCAID: Hug It Out is a six-part comedy series about Gwen, post-divorce and seriously broke, who moves to L.A. and reluctantly decides to become a professional snuggler. The series begins on her first day on the job… and almost her last… when she meets Seamus, a sweet ...Read more
Jan 24, 2017
New Comedy Web Series Declares 'There Are No Second Takes in Life...Take 2' -- just kidding!
Born out of the fear of filmmaking, the new original comedy web series There Are No Second Takes in Life…Take 2 is anything but fearful. Sketch comic and actor Stephen McNamee created and stars as a down-on-his-luck actor who records all the pitfalls and roadblocks of his career right from the safety of his own apartment.

Stephen took an interesting approach to overcome his filmmaking fear. He decided to do pretty much everything himself. That’s right -- he shot all 38 episodes without using any crew behind the camera. Aspiring to be more than a simple vlog series, he did bring in 23 actors and 17 bands to share their talents throughout the project.

To entertain fans further, Stephen has also created special interstitial segments as a companion to the series. These include episodes of his original mini-series The Powerpuff Girls: The Teen Years; along with Famous Meet-Cutes In ...Read more
Dec 16, 2016
New Comedy Web Series 'WingWoman' Picks-Up Plenty of Role Reversing Laughs

We all know the traditional pick-up situation. A dude brings his buddy as a ‘wing man’ to assist with picking up the ladies. And, in today’s society it’s not uncommon for women to also bring their best gal-pal to help out.

But, what if a man was to rely on a woman to help him meet the lady of his dreams?

This redefinition of traditional gender roles is the premise of the new original comedy web series WingWoman (

This hilarious series comes from actress/creator Victoria Barabas, who also stars as the savvy matchmaker for a hopeless romantic, played by Jackson Palmer. Keeping with the strong female leaders, Victoria brought in rising director Michaela Myers to helm the project. She also turned to the opposite sex for input, with the co-writer brother team Robbie and Joey Wunder.

I recently caught up with Victoria Barabas to ...
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Nov 11, 2016
New Original Web Series ‘DICK KELLY’ Takes Unconventional Approach to Comedic Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love a fun murder mystery? Now, add some social awareness, cultural irony and popular tech platforms into the mix and the result is the new original series DICK KELLY (

Set in Detroit, the series follows the comedic adventures of an unconventional Private Investigator examining a murder with the help of her Police Captain brother.

This 10-episode online series was created by Charlotte-based writer Courtney T. Stribling who brought in director/executive producer Carey Head to assist with the project.

I recently caught up with Courtney Stribling to find out more.

Q: What can you tell us about your new web series Dick Kelly?

COURTNEY: We had a blast making this thing! Dick Kelly on its face is a comedic murder mystery that follows a PI through Detroit as she picks up clues to solve the case. But really that's just a cover to ...Read more
Jul 13, 2016
Jamison Daniels and Patricia McCarthy Chase Stardom in New Web Series 'So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star?'

Can you imagine going from wanna-be famous to YouTube celebrity to Broadway star?

Well, this is the life and times of Micki Manuel Minnelli, the lead character in the new web series ‘So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star?’

Created and starring Jamison Daniels, this self-described “awesomely awkward comedic web series” delivers a unique and fresh perspective on becoming famous…or perhaps infamous.

Launched on BroadwayWorld, the series was co-produced Patricia McCarthy, who also co-stars along with several notable guest stars including Christine Dwyer (Wicked), Capathia Jenkins (Newsies, Caroline or Change) and Mara Wilson (Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire).

I recently caught up with Jamison Daniels and Patricia McCarthy to find out more.

Q: Tell us about your new web series ‘So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star’?

JAMISON: The series follows Micki Manuel Minnelli on his journey for Broadway stardom wherever he can find it. A German documentary team follows him ...Read more
Feb 12, 2016
Actress Cheryl Texiera Pours-On the Comedy with 'Confessions of a Bartender'

Younger viewers will recognize actress Cheryl Texiera as Sabrina Carpenter’s Mom on the popular Disney show Girl Meets World.

But more recently, Cheryl has been gaining lots of attention from their parents for her original sketch comedy web series Confessions of a Bartender.

The new series marks the third installment of her award-winning sketch-variety show Confessions Of…The Series, which also includes Confessions of a Bride-To-Be and Confessions of a Bitter(Sweet) Actress.

To find out more, I caught up with Cheryl Texiera.

TV: What can you tell us about your series Confessions of a Bartender?

CHERYL: Confessions of a Bartender is a really fun, fast-paced web series that takes you behind the scenes and inside the mind of being a bartender. You'll get a firsthand look at how bartenders really feel about some customers and what they have to deal with on their average shift. Each episode ...Read more
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