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    I want to start using under my real name (had an old account that used an alias but never really used it) but when I registered it said my username was taken ("GarethBlain") which is strange as it's a fairly unique name so I went to the user account and it has my pic! Clearly I have already setup the account and forgotten. What is even stranger is the pic is recent even though the account was created in 2010!

    I have tried my normal passwords but no luck and I have not got a clue what email address I used (I own the domains "" and "" along with some others so it could be anything or anything so I can't use the password recovery system. I tried sending my self a message hoping that would send an email to me and then I would know what email it uses but no luck on the email.

    Can an account be setup with say Facebook and not have an email? My Facebook account was registered to this temporary account (I didn't create it I just tried to login with FB thinking it would log in with the other account (as it uses my FB profile pic!) but it just seemed to create this account instead.

    Is it possible to get a password recovery email sent to the registered email address?! OR any other options to recover the account with username "GarethBlain"?



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    Probably the best thing to do is to send a message to Jessica.

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