Forums: General User Support: Can't log in to my existing account even rigth after reseting password!

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    Hello! I'm a long time user of and, forquite a few days now, neither my username (ninhatotal) nor my email ( are working. When I tried the "Forgot your password" option, the site recognized this very email address, let me reset the password but, when I tried to enter both informations to sign in, it wouldn't let me!I set up a new account but don't want to lose the old one! Please, give me a solution?

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    It looks like you posted in This Thread as well. There is a post from etong87 ( staff) that they are working on this. I have not had a problem using just my user name and password today. I have never used my email address to log in just my user name. It could also be a problem with the browser that you are using. I'm using Firefox 7 and IE8 without any problems today. I hope this helps.

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