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    An actor I know named Michael Montgomery is credited on with three guest appearances on three different shows. Two of them are indeed roles he played, but the third, from an old "Twilight Zone" episode, was apparently played by a different Michael Montgomery. (I spoke to him about half an hour before writing this, and he told me the same mistake appears on the Internet Movie Database.) Is there any apparatus here for separating the two actors as Michael Montgomery (1) and Michael Montgomery (2)? Who would be the right person to convey this information to?
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    You could create a Michael Montgomery (II), but consider the second guy that showed up in search. Could he be the guy you are looking for?

    Michael Montgomery (twilight zone, heat of the night,etc)

    Mike Montgomery (with Walker, Texas Ranger credit)

    If the second guy is your #2 that you were looking for, you can start moving credits over to him by going to the shows where he stars in and unchecking Michael Montgomery, and then adding Mike Montgomery.
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