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    I'm writing to encourage to develop an app to make online content available to Playstation 3 users. Although I occasionally watch shows through my computer using, what I really want is to be able to watch content directly on my flatscreen, and in order to do that, the best solution would be to use my PS3. The ability to watch content on one's own tv is not redundant. I, and many others like me, don't subscribe to cable. All of the content that I watch on my tv is streamed from the internet using the apps from content providers like Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, and so forth. Right now, however, I don't have the ability to watch CBS shows except through my computer, which is not the same experience.

    The app could be virtually identical to the iphone and Android apps. PS3's, xBox, and many new Bluray players such as those from Samsung can connect directly to the internet, and support 3rd party apps to allow viewing of online content, just as smartphones do. You could also embed advertisements as necessary to make the app financially viable, which Hulu currently does with success. You clearly already recognize that an internet streaming market exists that wants your content. I encourage you to port your current apps to PS3 (other consumer electronics manufacture formats too, I just focus on PS3 because that's what I own), and allow users like myself to watch your content directly on their internet-enabled tvs.

    If you are a user who would benefit from such an app, please feel free to voice your support to let the folks at CBS know that there actually is demand for this kind of service.



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    Hi David! I'm not sure if there is an app for what you want to do. To tell the truth I don't do much streaming video. To get a faster response to this issue you might want to send this to the TV.Com Customer Service email address at Support@TV.Com. I hope this helps point you in the correct direction.

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