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    For the most part, I watch TV shows on my iPod (makes the 2-hour commute to work more bearable), and I'm one of those types who likes everything on my iPod to be as organized as possible, so I always manually enter the episode title etc. My problem is that for the "artwork" tab, I can't always find good logos for the shows I watch. Google image search sometimes helps, but not always. For the show summaries on tv.com, is there something I can click on that will give me easy access to that show's logo? For example, when I do a search on "Castle", a tiny thumbnail of the logo shows up in the search results (http://static.tvtome.com/images/processed/thumb/7c/98/281918.jpg), but when I click to go to the show's page, it's loaded with screencaps and production photos, I can't find a good-sized version of the logo anywhere. I'm currently using http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3458/3368955138_7684ab5ce4.jpg but I'd much prefer the one with the actors in it.

    Ditto on The Forgotten, I've literally been trying to find a good logo for that show for 4 days now, all I can find are screencaps and pics of Christian Slater from magazine interviews.

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    Is there a specific size that the logos need to be?

    The Castle thumbnail you linked to can be found here.

    And a logo for The Forgotten can be found here.

    And no, tv.com doesn't any sort of image search function that I'm aware of. You have to look through all the photos (if there are any), and even then it's not a guarantee that tv.com has an image of the logo available.
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