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    Is there anyone I can contact about the submissions to a show that I know are completely wrong? I've found an old show where somebody has apparently made things up completely for the episode summaries. They're not even close to the real plot. In fact, many of them show the contributor doesn't know anything about the show. Somehow, the submissions were approved. I can correct what I know, but there are some other episodes I don't know about, including some supposedly unfilmed episodes. I can't delete those without knowing if they were fraudulently submitted by the same person. It appears to be one user who keeps his/her profile private. I wouldn't be surprised if he/she does the same thing with other shows, but there's no way for me to tell with a private profile. Is there anyone on staff who can check the submissions for this show and see what this user submitted, all of which is presumably fake?
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    etong87, nilla_chelle01, jessicakroeber are all on staff and can help you. Or you can PM me or another forum moderator with the info and we can pass it along.
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