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Have An Idea For A Series? If So, Would You Want A Forum To Submit Your Idea?

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    I know there are plenty of us out there with great ideas for new shows... here might be your chance to speak up!

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    that would be really fun! i'm pretty sure that a lot of people have some good ideas out there and members can hear the creative side of people
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    While I'm sure there would be some great ideas developed, what would be the point of such a forum? It's not as if we would be talking directly with television production companies who might then make the TV show, and such a forum might make some users think it has some credibility and authority to it, when it actually would be focused entirely on 'fun'.
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    I think if someone has an idea for a show that they want to share they can create a thread in "General TV Discussion" or in the particular genre, or their blog might be the best place.
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    [5]May 13, 2008
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    I was thinking, if they were shared here, it would be central and those of us who read their ideas could vote if they are generally good ideas or not. I was also thinking some people might have good leads, to help people looking for info on how to take their *good* ideas to the next level, in hopes of getting their show idea out there. Anyone hoping to keep their show idea in tact with regards to copyright, should mail their concept to themselves and leave it unopened. They could also perhaps use the date of their submission on as proof, in case their idea were ever used in the future, without their consent.
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    KStanf wrote:
    Anyone hoping to keep their show idea in tact with regards to copyright, should mail their concept to themselves and leave it unopened.
    That's a good idea, but it's also a good idea to keep the idea to yourself. Having the unopened envelope can help in a court case, but going to court is a lot of expense and trouble. It's better to avoid going to court by protecting your idea from getting out.
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    [7]May 14, 2008
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    Why Not, TV films, Life after People, or Aftermath: Population Zero? They were good Documentaies on what would happen if human left the Earth. I seen them myself. We could inculde doco-dramas like End Day.

    I know it's my first time on the fourms

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    [8]May 19, 2008
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    Yes - it is definately best to keep your idea to to yourself -- if you have the ability and know-how to develop your story idea on your own and know how to proceed with it to get it out there.

    I just figured there would be people out there who have great ideas and want to discuss them with other TV fans, to let their idea flourish and get ideas on how to get it in front of the people who can do something with it.

    ...having more people see your idea here, complete with a date stamp on your posts, would give you credibility and support in terms of having people on your side, if in fact you needed to stick up for the fact it is your original idea and no one elses.

    It would also give you more eyes and ears out there that could inform you if they heard of any news or developments that could help you get your idea to the right people, or even inform you of what you might not yet know - such as a previous series covering your idea, or not.

    Keeping your idea to yourself is limiting when you don't have the time and/or resources to cover every aspect of ensuring your time and energy is not being wasted. Discussing it with other interested individuals here can help, not only with regards to gaining insight into what a cross-hatch of possible future TV viewers want - but also for allowing yourself the networking possibilities to what could ultimately be the start of something big.

    I think if someone wanted to take the time on developing a story for television, they should also take the proper steps to protect themselves... so that being ripped-off would be the last of their worries. It would be sad to think they could get ripped off so easily if their idea were taken and used despite the fact that they had support here on, proof with dates that the idea was originally theirs alone - and that their idea was more fully developed after being extensively discussed here - so anyone who ripped them off would ultimately have an inferior show.

    If you consider somoene comes on here, posted a good show idea, gained votes of support in favor of their idea, then took on board some expanding suggestions and after a while had a large number of people interested in their show idea (and who would be interested in watching it if it were made into a TV series)... wouldn't they have something more valuable to TV executives than that another person out there, who decided to keep their idea to themselves for fear of having it stolen?

    Remember we are living in a much more media-aware society now, someone would have to be pretty stupid to use ideas forum to rip-off viewers ideas for TV series, knowing full well the same people who would be ripped-off, would be watching the show and then get made and go after them.

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    [12]Jul 7, 2008
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    This Is a New Show Idea.

    " RAVEN "

    A little boy is born on the eve of 10 dec 1982 to Gloria and Mark Lorenzo.The Boy is named Luke. Now the boy was normal in each and every way but when it came to his studies or sports he wasn't extraordinary or anything. He was their only child who was born to them after many prayers.Lets say that he was literary the answer to their prayers so they loved him a lot and helped him with each and every obstacle that came in their way.Luke was a very quiet kid and had only two friends with him. Jesse and Seth who not only were her best friends but later on become his comrades and part of a team that was going to do wonder's. Now Luke turns 21 and he is invited to a party by a hot girl Natasha who was the girl friend of the college football team captain Brian Mc Arthur.Brian and his friends bully Luke and suddenly Brian pushes Luke and he falls off the roof and fall's down.Brian and his friends look at it and run away from the party. Luke was dead but suddenly all the blood that was splattered all around him starts to move back in to Lukes Body and the wounds start to heal, Luke come's back to life. As Luke Regain's his conciousness he starts to become angry and changes into a strong black hybrid with a birds mark across his chest and he flies after Brian's car and he gets to them.Brian and his friends are petrified by seeing this unknown beast infront of them and as Luke was about to finish the job some one from behind him grabs him and throws him far away.Brian and his friends open their eyes and one of Brian's friend say's ," What the hell was that?"

    Brian: That freak just destroyed my car man!

    Meanwhile Brian couldn't believe what had just happened Luke gets up off his feet and see's this being and start's to exchange blow's with him and ask's him:

    Luke: Who are You? And why did you save them?

    Gabriel: Luke! calm down! You can see when you get angry what destruction you can cause!

    Luke: Whats happening to me? And who are you?

    Gabriel: I am Gabriel!

    Luke: The Angel??

    Gabriel nodds his head as in yes.

    Luke: This Cant be! It's a Bad Dream.I need to wake up!

    He bangs his head against the rock and hits himself three times nothing works.He turns to Gabriel and say's:

    Luke: Hit me!

    Gabriel: Are you sure Thats what you want! It would make no difference luke!

    Luke: Just hit me!

    Gabriel: Beware what you wish for!

    He punches Luke hard and Luke flies over and falls into a a tree with his head stuck inside the tree trunk he says:

    Luke: Ouch! That hurts! And i am inside a tree trunk what's going on?

    Luke suddenly changes back into his humanself and Gabriel comes up close to him and says.

    Gabriel: There's alot you need to know about yaself luke!

    Luke: Stay away from me! You Know what i can change into and what im capable off! So back up man!

    Gabriel: Luke listen to me! I have been watching over you since you were born and i feared that you would turn into your true self one day.

    Luke: True self! No! i just fell off a roof and this is just a bad dream! I'm unconcious in a hospital bed and all those drugs in my veins coming through the drip are messin with my mind!

    Gabriel: Listen Luke! Now that you have come into your true being! The hellions will rise from the sky and you need to stop them from coming to earth!

    Luke: Hellions! What's a Hellion? And i am Luke! just an Ordinary Kid who's not even good at sports or anything! I am worst than the average bear! What are you talkin about?

    Gabriel: You Leave me no choice but to show you! Come with me!

    Gabriel take's look into a cavern and give's him a Black coloured crystal that had a Raven drew on it and as Luke held that crystal and looked into it he could look into his own life before he was born.

    He saw that very same hybrid that he turned into had a baby in his hands and was in hell saving the baby from demons and the guardians of hell all known as "Hellions". The Hybrid was marking all the demons with an X mark who fought him and when he marked them with an X they were like imprisioned in there own hell.All except one demon who came after him and they fought with a sword and he strikes the hybrid with and says:

    Drake: Raven! You lived with us and followed Lucipher since the rebel! You were the first outcast after him and now you betray us for this mortal's soul!

    Raven: I followed him because i thought he was right that GOD is the only ONE we should bow down to not some mere kind made out off Mudd but my arrogance blinded me! Look at how dark we have become! I have seen the world HE has created and Lucipher has tried to destroy!

    Drake: After such a long time you decide to betray your own kind! Traitor! I shall have your head and gift it to Lucipher as a sign and mark of victory over all weaklings!

    Raven: When i betrayed my own maker i became an outcast but now when i shall betray Lucipher i shall become a Warrior!

    Drake: If i let you live!

    Raven coughs up blood!

    Drake: Whats the matter? My sword went in too deep?

    Raven grabs the Child in his Arms as he was out off the hell gate and Drake could not come out of it he lays down the child and looks into his eye's and then looks at drake and says:

    Raven: Look at me Drake for now i shall become a martyr and i shall live forever through this child!

    Drake: Don't be a fool! Raven! You know that all the hellions can smell your scent and if you go with the child we will find him soon enough and kill him in the world! For there will be no threat against us Hellions when the child dies!

    Raven: How do you plan on doing that I have the key to the portal with me Drake!

    Drake: Nooooooo!

    Raven destroys the key to the earth's portal and looks the child in the eye's and say's:

    Raven: I shall see the world through your eye's and you shall wash away my sins by your kindness! My Little Friend!

    Raven takes out a dagger and cut's himself deep into the gut and he looks in the eye's of the baby and suddenly he dissappears into the baby and Gabriel come's and picks the child up and then sends him to the earth into his mothers womb.

    Luke drops the Black crystal and looks and Gabriel with tears in his eye's and ask's him:

    Luke: So i am dead?

    Gabriel: No! Luke your'e not dead! This is you now!

    Luke: You mean that i am Raven? You have seen that i was about to kill those guy's!

    Gabriel: You were angry at them for Killing you! Actually technically killing you and you did not know of this!

    Luke: so where do i go from here?

    Gabriel: First you need to train yourself control your self and your powers! You are our Warrior Angel The Raven and you have alot of tough rivals to fight.

    Luke: Yeah but what if i turn into Raven infront of my friends when i get angry? Then what am i supposed to do! They'll think i'm some kinda freak!

    Gabriel: Well for now you have to work on controlling your powers and we'll get to recruiting after that.

    Luke: Recruiting! What do you mean by recruiting?

    Gabriel: Well since Raven was the first outcast after Lucipher he had recruited a lot of the hellions and given them their dark powers! Since there would be all kind of things coming from every where at you! You cannot do this alone so you would need two of your most faithfull companions to join you!

    Luke: You mean Seth and Jesse! No way!

    Gabriel: You don't have a choice! Their fate was already chosen for them like your's!

    Luke: Oh Yeah! What if both of them turn into those hellion things that your so not afraid to mention than what? Since i've had a little history lesson about Raven i don't think im gonna risk other people's lives since i was about to kill a few myself!

    Gabriel: Luke! Every human being has a gift of free will! If they chose to give into evil there's no stopping them but if the willingly embrace their gifts and start to help people they could even help you full fill your destiny!

    Well after this obviously they recruit Seth and Jesse and fight against the hellions. This was my idea for a tv series.


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    I have an idea for a new show!

    here it is:

    It's like Gossip Girl but all the rich kids in it are younger so it iss suitable for younger kids to watch, The cahracters are:

    Scarlet Van Der Velt

    Becky Maccy

    Nate Bacheleur

    Charlie Bass

    It starts with Scarlet she is notorious around the upper east side for her promiscuessy and manipulative ways she has been at a reformatory school for a year and her and Nate have been haveing an on-going affaire with her Best friend Becky. Everyone thought that Scarlet had left because of her and Nate's relationship getting in too deep and serious. So she comes back and unlike Gossip Girl she wants everything to go back to how it used to be-Partying and Drinking. And for a while it does but after a series of close scrapes with the law she decides to change her ways. So when she comes back she and Nate start where they left offbut after a while she starts to feel quilty about Becky although her and Becky are in the middle of a war she dumps Nate. But she and Nate continue to kiss on occasional moments-and the schow carries ion from there.I would like to play Scarlet if this Sgow goes anywhere. so e-mail me with responses x

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    Is it possible to create a competition show about fashion design or home decoration where neither the co-host, judge(s), and/or contestants are gays? Just wondering.
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    What about a show that showed you all the special effects and stuff
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    This is my idea for a TV show. If anyone tries to use this and doesn't give me credit, or gives me credit but warps it so much that it's not the same, I'll sue you! Wink

    "Do Not Disturb"

    Plot: John Baker, his wife (Linda Baker) and his son (John "Junior" Baker) run a bed and breakfast in a Midwestern town. The show centers around their day-to-day adventures, as well as John's constant ambitions to become a rich resort owner.


    John Baker: The patriarch of the Baker family, a hopeful, ambitious, impulsive man who often fantasizes about life, overlooking his son and his wife's real problems. He has many dreams, all of which never come true.

    Linda Baker: John's sarcastic wife, who loathes cooking,cleaning and most of all, John. She is often forced to support John's ideas, although she is insincere about it.

    John "Junior" Baker: The child of the Baker family, as well as the smartest member. He is 13 years old and attends Darnell Middle School. He is nice, but unpopular and depressed, and is the friend of Gary Gunderson.

    Gary Gunderson: Junior's best friend, although they often argue and struggle for power. Gary is quite paranoid and has an intense fear of germs.

    The Guests: The Guests are random people who show up at the bed and breakfast. They often have short scenes and monologues.

    Gabe Gunderson: Gary's dad, a man who is quite lonely and depressed (he is divorced), but always tries to cover it up and never expresses his feelings. He is the friend of John Baker.

    Spike Williams: The most popular kid at Darnell Middle School - Junior's idol and main antagonist. He always tries to act cool in every scene, but has a deep emotional insecurity.

    Will Williams: Father of Spike, a happy, successful, good-lookingman who John loathes. Linda has an affair with Will in some episodes.

    Olivia Vaughn: Pretty, popular girl who Junior has a crush on. She is often quite mean to Junior.

    Mr. Kendall: Junior's timid science teacher who tries hard, but fails to be interesting.

    Mr. Loland: Junior's gym teacher who talks about his crushed football dreams.

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    Here's my Idea for a show

    Charlie Macabe

    Charlie Macabe is the CEO of huge company he dosen't care about anyone but himslef. His life takes a huge turn after a man he fired lose's everything and commit's suicide then the man's brother try's to kill Macabe. Thease 2 incident's send Charlie into a tail spin. He suddenly realize's what he has become and wonders if he can ever be redemed weeks later Charlie find's out that man who killed himslef had a daughter who vanished 3yrs before. Charlie beleave's that finding the girl and brginging her back to family will help them find some peace and he can find redepmtion. He resign's from the company and devote's all his time to finding the daugther. During his journey he oncovers clue's that suggest foul play and that people working with the company he left may be behind not only her disappernce but other illegal activite's. He join's force's with a reporter that had been tearing him and the company down for years to help find the truth.
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    The Divine Three

    Plot: Three elementary school kids (ages 9-12 and one a girl) of a place called Nexus City, USA, accidentally stumble upon a box with three strange items; a belt with a lightning bolt on the buckle, a golden Tiara and a necklace with a raven pendant. These items posses ancient power, power to transform the wielders into demigod-like beings. Fortunately for the three kids, the ancient and powerful Oracle of Delphi was in their city in disguise and has taken upon herself to train them on how to use their new abilities. Unfortunately, things also took a turn for the worse, since Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune's moons have all each reached a perfect alignment. At first one might consider this no big deal. But they'd be wrong to think that, for this strange phenomenon causes three things to happen simultaneously. The ancient Greek witch, Circe, rises from the deepest part of the Underworld, Tartarus. At the same time, the ancient Egyptian serpent, Apep, rises from the Nile River and the Norse goddess of Ice and Vengeance, Skadi suddenly feels active after years of dormancy. These three divine beings all had the same thing on their minds - World domination. Now it's up to Zack Salmoneus, Ivy Gizza and Neil Gardas to master their powers and protect the world from destruction and chaos.

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    in quahog peter walk in the kitchen see chris standing in front of the oven peter start silently laughing asks chris what he is doing stupidly annoying chris, chris get upset at peter turns around throws' the freshly half bitten cookie at peter's face hitting him in the eye while saying why are you annoying me all stressed, the angered peter then says woa woa woa do you know where you just hit me? chris then replys i don't care! peter says NO No no what the hell did you just hit me with? chris says a cookie?, peter reply's a cookie, a friggen cookie you wasted half a cookie to shut me up, chris says you were hurting me while in anger, peter whispers shame on you i could of eaten it while forgetting what he was doing then stupidly made fun of chris again, chris then runs to his room, while peter wondering why.......

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